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himalaya care tips

Himalaya Care: Simple Tips & Tricks for a Unique Succulent

The Senecio Himalaya plant is a unique flowering succulent that you can grow almost anywhere under any conditions. It’s an extremely durable plant that’s easy to grow, making Himalaya care simple for new and experienced plant owners alike! This winter-blooming

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dracaena plant care tips

Dracaena Plant Care [Avoid This Common Mistake!]

Stunning? Check! Tropical and bright? Check and check! Easy to care for? You bet it is! The Dracaena Plant is growing mighty popular in households worldwide due to its beauty and low maintenance needs. This is a gorgeous plant that

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string of dolphins care

String of Dolphins Care Guide and Fun Facts

The String of Dolphins may just be the most adorable house plant you’ll ever come across. The lush little leaves on this succulent variety perfectly resemble tiny, leaping dolphins — and they’re not always easy to come by! Everyone who

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pilea care

Pilea Care: How to Look After The Native Himalayan Plant

Looking for a beautiful, bright plant with eye-catching round leaves? Looking for luck? The Pilea Plant is most definitely the plant for you! Despite its exotic looks, Pilea Plant care is surprisingly easy. This is a low-maintenance plant that provides

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