ALL SMILES: An interview with DJ-Producer & Plant Mom Smiles Davis

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ALL SMILES: An interview with DJ-Producer & Plant Mom Smiles Davis

The multi-hyphenate talent known as Smiles Davis has been making things happen in Los Angeles and beyond for years. DJ, producer, and music curator, the Grand Rapids-native has shared the stage with Erykah Badu and Janelle Monáe, produced for artists Bosco and Tabi Bonney, and is renowned for throwing parties and creating experiences for a rotating cast of who’s who in the music industry, including Miguel, Mark Ronson, Rita Ora, & Leon Bridges.


Named by as one of the “Most Creative Women in Los Angeles,” Planted Pot is proud to have teamed up with the mother, music maven, and plant lover to create our very first playlist for “The Plant Pulse,” where she’s pulled together a selection of upbeat, inspirational, contemplative tracks to set the perfect atmosphere for your next plant party. You can also check out the exclusive video that covers the artist’s favorite plants and hard-earned garden wisdom.



Being a Plant Mom is a State of Mind

Being a plant mom is about much more than simply boosting the aesthetic of your home decor. Whether houseplants are improving your air quality or bringing new life into a room with flowers, they can uplift our spirits and soothe our minds.


In addition to the best deals on houseplants, we at Planted Pot want to educate people on the healing power of our leafy friends. So we decided to combine music with plants to help you become the best plant parent you can be. We talked with Smiles Davis about the importance of plants, music, and more. Check it out below!



smiles davis putting on a bucket hat



Smiles Davis: Hi I’m Smiles Davis and I have a green thumb. I am a Dj and a Musician and producer, and I also like to grow my own plants around the house.

Planted Pot: What are your favorite plants?

Smiles Davis: Some of my favorite plants are the Philodendron and the Pothos, Pilea is pretty awesome too. I really like the Philodendron because it sort of meanders through the space and you know collects on the wall and vines its way all over, you know it’s beautiful.

Planted Pot: Did you always Have a Green Thumb?

Smiles Davis: Oh yea, I used to kill all my plants, I used to over water them. I was notorious for under watering them because I didn’t realize you really need to have a set schedule with plants. That you need to feed them kind of basically the same time every week and give them generally speaking the same amount of water each time that you do it. Some of my plants I’ve had for many years and I don’t know how they survived that but there are a few plants that I’ve R.I.P.-ed over the years for sure.

Planted Pot: Have plants helped you through the pandemic?

Smiles Davis: I definitely have acquired a few extra plants along the way since the beginning of the pandemic. I’ve tried keeping it to a minimum because you can really go overboard on collecting the plants and tried to just like make sure there is a little in this corner and a few in that corner, and a few over there and a few over here and not let it take over my whole life. I have gotten more into outdoor gardening, so now I have growing tomatoes and things like that in the yard so it’s good.

Planted Pot: Are we in the middle of a plant renaissance?

Smiles Davis: I think a lot of people turned to the nurseries during the pandemic. I know that there were a couple of times that I went and there was a line around the corner to get inside. So it was very telling, you know that people wanted to connect more with nature even if it meant that they had just this one little plant inside their house. I think it’s beautiful that we’ve turned towards a green thumb as a society, if that’s the one thing that comes out of this pandemic. It’s great right?



artist and plant mom smiles davis



Planted Pot: Are plants and music connected?

Smiles Davis: I think there is a connective tissue between music and nature for sure. Music is sort of this like glue to keep people engaged and have this sort of collective experience and I think nature does the same thing. When you are outside, especially when you are all just enjoying a hike or something like that you’re having this same thing, collective experience where you’re bonding under the same theme nature music. It’s all great, it all does wonders.

Planted Pot: Can you tell us about the playlist?

Smiles Davis: The playlist that I’ve made is one that I feel like you know spoke to me in terms of being a plant mom. You know the vibe that I catch when I am inside and watering my plants and just taking it easy. I really like making a playlist in general because I feel like you can create one set vibe and this one is pretty good. You can bump this when you are watering your plants, when you are taking a shower, or you know going for a walk. I think it is good for a lot of things; it’s multipurpose for sure, so enjoy it!


Peep our Reel with Smiles Davis on Instagram, check out the custom playlist she made for us on Spotify, and if you haven’t already, sign up to the Planted Pot newsletter for the latest plant news, features, and promotions!

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