Croton Magnificent: 7 Beautiful Alternatives To Check Out!


Croton Magnificent: 7 Beautiful Alternatives To Check Out!

The Croton Magnificent is one of the most stunning houseplants you’ll encounter, with thick, colorful leaves and a unique pattern that’s all it’s own. This artsy, exotic plant looks like a stunning museum masterpiece that will elevate your decor!


This Croton species is fairly simple to care for despite its tropical looks and origin once you have the right information. We have everything you need and more to ensure that your Magnificent Croton is healthy, vibrant, and stunning all year long — whether kept indoors or outdoors!



What is a Croton?

Croton Plants are a varied collection of perennial evergreen shrubs native to India and Malaysia. The Croton Plant came from the Greek word for “tick” since their colorful leaves have the same shape as pesky insects.



This tropical species of plants have thick, leathery leaves that come in various colors and shapes. As the Croton Plant matures, you may notice that the color darkens. Some even appear completely black.



Croton Plants are very resilient and are considered hardy and tough to kill. But there are some care tips to keep in mind if you want to keep your plant healthy and happy.






What is a Croton Magnificent?

There are several hundred Croton Plant varieties, but the Magnificent Croton Plant has become one of the most popular due to its beauty.



The Croton Magnificent has thick leaves light green and yellow, with splashes of bright colors, like red, orange, pink, and purple. This has made the Croton Magnificent popular with plant lovers who want to boost their decor, whether as a permanent living room staple or part of a seasonal display.



Does the Croton Magnificent Flower?

The Croton Magnificent very rarely flowers when kept indoors. You might see a flower during the summer if the Croton Magnificent is grown outdoors, but this isn’t a promise. Luckily, this plant’s leaves more than make up for the lack of flowers, thanks to their unique shape and abundance of colors.



How Tall Do Croton Magnificents Grow?

The Croton Magnificent does not have rapid growth. It’s considered a slow-growing plant, but with patience, your plant can reach four to six feet tall and three to four feet wide. The leaves are four to six inches each.


Other Popular Varieties Of Croton 

The Croton Plant collection is varied in shape, color, and appearance. Crotons are part of the spurge family, making them a distant relative of Poinsettias. While the Magnificent Croton is one of the most popular varieties, many others to consider!


Zanzibar Croton

This Croton variety features long, sproingy leaves that are green, red, purple, orange, and yellow. The narrow leaves have a bouncy look and can create quite an impact due to their contrasting colors. This plant can grow up to three to four feet tall, making it good for indoor or outdoor growth.


Yellow Iceton Croton

This plant stands out due to its vibrant yellow variegation. Some leaves are green with yellow stripes, while others are completely yellow. This plant reaches about three to four feet tall.


Victoria Gold Bell Croton

This stunning plant is one-of-a-kind. It has a distinct leaf structure, with a mix of long and short leaves dangling off of a tall, thin stem. The leaves, which are spread out along the stem, are orange, red, and green. The color can sometimes change depending on the plant’s amount of light.


Superstar Croton

Growing up to three to five feet tall, this magnificent variety features bright green leaves with splotchy yellow spots. It looks like someone took yellow paint and flicked it haphazardly onto the plant, giving it a dynamic look like a rockstar.


Red Iceton Croton

Thanks to its fiery leaves, this is probably one of the most eye-catching Croton varieties. This large plant looks similar to a burning bush thanks to bright red leaves with pink hues. Each leaf has bright veins, making the design distinctive and bold. Outdoors, this plant grows up to eight feet tall.


Mother and Daughter Croton

This is a very exotic and rare Croton variety. It has long, oblong leaves that are either deep green or dark purple. Each leaf is splashed with yellow, making this plant a very artistic addition to any decor. While desirable, this plant is very hard to come by.


Iceton Croton

This is a gorgeous plant that almost looks like origami. The paper-like leaves are delicate and colorful, ranging from green to yellow to red. This stunning plant grows up to six feet tall with proper care.



General Croton Magnificent Care

The Magnificent Croton is often picky, but once you know the general care requirements of this beautiful plant, you can watch it thrive with ease.


When it comes to light, this plant loves the full sun. The more sun this plant gets, the more colorful the leaves will become. Without enough light, the Magnificent Croton can become lanky and have fewer leaves. You will also notice that the colors are not as deep and rich.


Temperature-wise, the Croton Magnificent likes warm weather. Below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, this plant can start to suffer. The Croton Magnificent may lose its leaves at around 45 degrees. More importantly, the Magnificent Croton loves humidity (not surprising for a tropical plant).


The Croton Magnificent prefers moist soil. You should water this plant before the soil becomes completely dry. When too dry, you’ll notice leaves starting to drop. However, this can also happen when the plant is too wet, so don’t overwater.


Do Magnificents Grow Indoor or Outdoors?

The Magnificent Croton is often grown indoors due to your ability to more easily control the environment. This is often important for tropical plants, which need a certain temperature and humidity level. But the Croton Magnificent can be grown outdoors if you live in the right area!


Indoor Growing Tips

If you live in a home that doesn’t seem to get a lot of light, you can still grow the Croton Magnificent in partial shade. Just don’t expect as many vibrant colors and leaves. Place the plant near a window that gets a lot of sun or keep it in a room that often has bright lights on.



You should also ensure that you never place the Croton Magnificent near any drafts. This means keeping this plant away from doors and windows that are often opened. A cold gust of wind can significantly hurt your plant.



Once your colorful Croton is placed in a bright, warm area, boost humidity with a humidifier. If you don’t have the means of installing a humidifier, place your plant’s pot on a tray full of pebbles filled with water. The pebbles will keep the pot above the water level, allowing the vapor to reach your plant, keeping it moist and humid. You can also mist your Croton Magnificent.


Pruning is important indoors. Pluck off dead leaves and remove fallen leaves. A few leaves dropping when you change temperature or humidity levels is normal. You can also use a wet towel to dust off the leaves now and then.


If your plant outgrows its container, transplant it into another pot that’s one to three inches larger than the previous one. When moving to the new pot, be careful with the root ball. Separate the roots with your fingers before planting again.


Outdoor Growing Tips 

You can grow this Croton outside if you live in a USA hardiness zone that’s between 9B and 11. These parts of the United States are quite warm and don’t ever reach under 40 degrees in the winter months.


If you live in the right zone, you can focus on the soil. The soil you choose should have a pH level between 6 and 6.5. The soil should be rich and moist and have good drainage.






Can Croton Magnificent Flower Year-Round?

The Magnificent Croton will likely never flower if kept indoors, which is most common for people to grow this plant. Outdoors, you might be able to see a few flowers in the summer but not year-round.



This Croton’s blooms are small, star-shaped flowers that are white and yellow. To see these flowers, make sure your plant is in one of the right USDA hardiness zones, with the right soil, water, temperature, and humidity to thrive.



Final Thoughts

The Magnificent Croton is one of a kind. This stunning plant has gorgeous leaves that stand out no matter where they are placed. This is a plant that will always steal the show. And it’s quite easy to care for this exotic beauty. Just make sure its soil stays moist, and its atmosphere stays humid. You’ll be able to tell something is w wrong if the leaves are dull or if they are falling off, so always keep your eyes on its artsy leaves for clues.



Looking for more information on Croton species that are right for your home? Planted Pot has a team of devoted plant lovers and experts to help you pick the right plant for your specific preferences and needs. We know that plants are more than just a decoration. They are part of the family!

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