Gifts for Plant Lovers [There Are More Options Than Plants!]

gifts for plant lovers

Gifts for Plant Lovers [There Are More Options Than Plants!]

We all have that plant lover friend. You know, the one who refers to themselves as the “plant parent” and has a living room packed with plants, floor to ceiling. Your friend even knows precisely which species each one is (they may even have nicknames for some). You might just know plants as “spiky one,” “hanging one,” and “the one with big leaves,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick out the best gifts for plant lovers. 


Plant lovers can occasionally be picky about soil, nutrients, room temperature, humidity, and the amount of sunlight each of their babies gets. This can make shopping for plant lovers a challenge. This article will help you pick the best gifts for plant parents. But first, let’s consider the reasons behind plant obsession.



Why Do People Love Plants?

Are plant parents onto something? Plants aren’t as in-your-face cute as a puppy, but more and more people are realizing the allure of plant ownership. Here are a few reasons why plants are on the up and up: 


  •  They’re a relatively easy companion to take care of. If you meet their needs (which aren’t that many), they’ll grow and thrive. Compared to pet ownership and parenthood, plants require considerably less responsibility.
  • Plants are the best decoration. They’re natural, beautiful, and constantly growing. The splashes of green and other natural tones can do wonders for your home or workspace.
  • Just being in the presence of plants can subtly improve your state of mind, lift your spirit, and bring feelings of vitality. If you’ve ever felt refreshed after a hike in the mountains, you know how nature can positively affect your mind and outlook on life.






What Are the Benefits to Owning Plants?

Don’t just take it from me, though. Research on the fantastic benefits of plants has helped people realize how plants can improve their mental states. Being constantly surrounded by concrete buildings, cars, and screens can be detrimental to mental health and could be doing more harm than good. No matter what people think of plant parents, science proves that plants help us.



Productivity and Concentration. 

Studies have shown that plants have a positive effect on people with ADHD. Work in an office? An office plant can spruce up a drab environment. Work at home? Place a few plants around your desk and living area. You never know, maybe your next promotion will be because of your new plant friends — and your hard work, of course. 


Stress and Anxiety

Whether it’s work, relationships, social situations, or some other existential crisis, life tends to pile stress on your shoulders that we need to learn to shrug off. Plants can help with that. Tending to a plant and watching it grow is not only beautiful but calming and rewarding for the soul. 



In a rut? Not feeling your best? It happens to all of us. Plants might be able to dig you out of that rut. They have been known to improve mood, help with depression, and even increase creativity. When you think about it, plants are struggling just as much as you are, and if they can persevere and grow into something beautiful, you can too. 


Cleaner Air

Don’t forget photosynthesis. Plants are the perfect companion because they take what we don’t need (carbon dioxide) and turn it into something we desperately need (oxygen). Just by growing a plant, you can purify the air and physically improve your quality of life. 



Plants add life (literally and figuratively) to an otherwise sterile desk or home. Our day-to-day is way too packed with human-made, environment-killing things, so why not add life and natural beauty instead? 



Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

What gift do you get a plant lover who has it all? You can’t just get them any old house plant because they likely have the most popular choices. You could go with an incredibly rare beauty, but then you run the risk of spending large amounts of money on something a plant lover may not even like. 


Don’t worry; we’re here to help. Plant lovers still need things other than plants. Let’s take a look at a few of these.


Pots, Planters, Globes, Oh My!

Even if you have a lot of plants, there are endless ways to house them. Pots and planters come in many different sizes, colors, and materials, so there’s no shortage of options for you to choose from. Glass globes and mason jars are way more interesting than the ordinary clay planter.   


Grow Kits

A grow kit is an excellent gift because it’s the perfect size for a gift, includes everything you need, and often highlights unique plants. Plant lovers may have a fiddle-leaf fig, but do they have a bonsai redwood tree?


Potting Soil

Plant parents will always need potting soil. Their plant children need to eat, so potting soil is a necessity. Lucky for you, different plants require different soil, such as potting mixes for:


  • Indoor plants
  • Outdoor plants
  • Succulents
  • Cacti


Find out what soil your plant lover uses and get them a bag or two!


Watering Accessories

Watering plants is a daily ritual for most plant lovers, so much so that it can become tedious. Nowadays, there are ways to help with watering so that you have more time for everything else. Nifty new accessories like a self-watering planter, watering stakes, or a retro-styled Fletch watering can take the mundane out of daily watering.   


Plant Displays

Plant displays can organize and add flair to a cluttered plant room. If there isn’t much more room for plants or anything else, a plant display may be the perfect gift. Consider a garden wall hanger to consolidate up to 18 plants on a chic wall display, a stylish Macrame hanger, or an out-of-this-world air planter. 


Nutrients & Pesticides 

Chances are your plant lover friend is also a green thumb. You can’t become a true plant parent without knowing the details of what plants need to flourish. This includes recognizing the importance of plant food and pesticides. Plants often cannot get everything they need from sunlight, soil, and water, so additional nutrients are needed.


Also, since the dawn of time, pesky critters have been the bane of healthy plants. Therefore, pesticides (with natural ingredients) are a must.     






Give the Gift of a Plant!

It’s safe to say that plant lovers might enjoy a plant or two. While it can be tough to find a plant that your friend doesn’t already own, we at Planted Pot love a good challenge. 


As plant lovers ourselves, we put together a list of our favorite plants. Even if you get your friend a plant they already have, the more, the merrier! Here are some unique and essential plants that never get old:   


Air Plant

Air plants are the ultimate low-maintenance plant. They are charming, small, and the perfect decor for small spaces. With over 600 different species of air plants, you’re bound to find one that’s unique enough for your plant-loving friend. Extra points if it’s gifted in a glass globe or terrarium!



Along the same vein as air plants are succulents! They don’t require constant tending and succulent types come in a surprising variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from the familiar Aloe Vera and Jade Plant to the exotic String of Dolphins Plant.  



Ferns are unique enough that plant lovers don’t usually have too many of them. Some have the traditional drooping look ferns are known for, but others don’t resemble ferns at all (check out the Bird’s Nest Leslie). They’re especially beautiful when their leaves have room to breathe, such as in a hanging plant display.     


Fiddle Leaf Fig

The broad leaves and deep green colors of the Fiddle Leaf Fig have made it the iconic modern and common houseplant. Your plant lover friend probably has one already, but another doesn’t hurt. Two Fiddle Leaf Figs allow for symmetrical interior design and an even more impressive Instagram post. 


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Spider plant

These plants are another instant classic. Spider plants easy to care for, look great in a hanging plant display, and are particularly effective air purifiers. Spider plants come in a wide variety. If you want to get a spider plant that’s a little different, check out the Bonnie Spider Plant — it has curls instead of spikes.     



Final Thoughts – Gifts for Plant Lovers

House plants are here to stay. Your plant lover friend, although challenging to shop for, may not be so weird after all. Yeah, they might have a few too many plants, but in a way, they’re caring for their health more than the average person. The appeal and benefits of plants are real; they not only purify the air and produce oxygen, but their presence can improve one’s mood, reduce stress, help with depression, and increase productivity. 


When getting gifts for plant lovers, don’t think too hard. Their plants have needs — soil, water, sunlight, nutrients, to name a few. If your gift helps them provide these needs, the plant parent will be happy. If you’re feeling confident, you can even get them a plant, such as a unique air plant or a classic Fiddle Leaf Fig. While you’re at it, get yourself one too. Don’t worry; this doesn’t automatically make you a plant parent…yet!

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