Money Tree Near Me: Sometimes True Wealth Grows On Trees

money tree near me

Money Tree Near Me: Sometimes True Wealth Grows On Trees

Money Plants purify the air, promote overall wellness, and reduce nervousness. You’ll want to have this stunning plant around your office to promote productivity or in the bedroom to bring good luck and increase positivity. Some even say Money Plants can help mend relationships! Don’t have one? You’re probably wondering, “Where can I find a Money Tree near me?”


If you want a Money Plant of your own, you can easily track one down using a variety of tips and tricks, either purchasing one at a local shop or finding one online. No matter your process, we’ll help you come out of it with a healthy, happy Money Tree that leaves your home stunning and your heart smiling!



Using Local Maps on Google to Find Money Tree Near Me

Though native to Mexico and northern South America, most Money Trees actually come from East Asian countries. You can still find this popular houseplant near you no matter where you live if you have access to Google Maps!


Money Plants can be found in nurseries, plant shops, greenhouses, and other local plant sellers. The trick is finding plant sellers that are nearby. Luckily this is easy to do with Google Maps. Most businesses are listed on Google these days, making it very easy to search for a certain product or company. If you need to find plant care products like liquid fertilizer or specific plants themselves, Google is your best bet.






Here’s How to Use Google Maps on a Variety of Devices:


  • Open Google Maps.
  • Type your address into the search bar.
  • Press “enter” or click on the magnifying glass icon next to the search bar. This will reveal your location on the map.
  • Use the lefthand pane and click “nearby” to look for stores.
  • Type “Money Tree” or “Money Tree plant” into the search bar.



There is also a Google Maps app that you can download onto your phone. Here is how to use it if you prefer this method instead of or are not near a computer.


  • Open the Google Maps app.
  • Type “Money Tree” into the search bar.
  • Hit “enter,” “search,” or “return” on the phone’s keyboard.
  • Use your finger to drag the map to the area you’d like to look at a bit closer. You can double-tap the area to zoom in even more.
  • Press “search this area” and Google will look for plant shops in that specific part of the map.


Filter those results by distance, hours of operation, and customer rating for the absolute best results. You will be able to see each place’s phone number, allowing you to call them before heading out to the store. When you call, ask them if they carry Money Trees!



How To Find A Money Tree Online

Not enough plant shops coming up on Google Maps? There is luckily an alternative! You can find a Money Tree online. There are thousands of plant stores online that carry Money Trees so you are bound to find one that’s perfect for you!


Here’s how:

  • Open your preferred search browser, like Google Chrome.
  • Type “” in the search bar.
  • Search “Money Plant” or “Money Plant for sale.”
  • The websites displayed on Google will often start with Ads, which means the business is advertised. Skip over those for the top Google searches based on your search keywords.
  • Look at some websites that stand out to you and look at their Money Plants and the information on the sales page!


What Are the Benefits of Buying Money Trees Online?

Buying Money Trees opens up an entirely new world of plants! There is an abundance of reasons to buy a Money Tree online instead of a local store.


First, there are a lot more options! Most people are lucky to have a few plant shops near them. And even if you have more than one, there might only be a handful of Money Trees at the shops. This leaves very few options to find a good quality Money Tree.


A lot of physical locations are also more expensive than online stores. Due to supply and demand and paying rent for a storefront, shops often charge more than a plant is worth to make a better profit. You will often find that Money Trees online are much cheaper.


Another benefit of shopping online is to find retailers with plant knowledge. You’ll find plant enthusiasts with a lot of experience who can answer all of your questions. Sometimes general retailers don’t have plant experts who can offer the specific information you need about Money Plants or similar items in the plant section. Online shops that specialize in plants have a passion for what they do and will provide you with the advice you need to help take care of your new plant.



What To Look For When Buying Money Trees

While choosing to purchase a Money Tree online is a smart move, you have probably noticed the overwhelming amount of stores you have to sift through. How do you find the right Money Tree for you? Narrow down your search with a few of these tips.


Always check the information on the product page. Does the company tell you where or how the plant was grown? You’ll often want to stay focused on local plants that didn’t have to go through a strenuous shipping process to get to the store (and then to you). Imported plants can end up damaged, diseased, or filled with pests.


While looking at the information on the site, check for general plant descriptions and care instructions. Never go with a site that doesn’t seem knowledgeable about the plant you’re looking to purchase. This may point to the company itself not being aware of the information, meaning they might not care a lot about the plants they are selling.


Look at the photos provided by the company. Does it seem like photographs were taken by the company itself or are they using stock photos? You want to look for companies that take professional photos of their plants so you can have a better idea of what their plants are like.


Check customer photos and reviews as well. Customers will reveal if the plant was healthy when it arrived and share photos of their new houseplant. Look for browning leaves, droopy leaves, and other telltale signs of an unhealthy Money Tree. Avoid Money Plants from websites that have an abundance of one star reviews!


Check Out Their Return Policy

See if the store has a return policy or health guarantee for their plants. You only want to purchase from a company that cares about their plants and their customers, not someone looking to make quick cash. Most reputable companies will give you money back if the plant arrives damaged or sick. Others will replace them.






Where to Find the Best Money Tree

If you’re looking for a healthy, vibrant tree that’s full of good luck and positive energy, look no further! Planted Pot has an abundance of Money Trees that are ready for their new homes.


All of our Money Trees are healthy and pest-free. They are shipped carefully and as quickly as possible to avoid damage and to ensure you can start caring for them sooner. We provide plenty of information about Money Trees on the product page and our dedicated customer service team will answer any questions you may have!


At Planted Pot, we believe in the healing power of plants. We don’t just sell plants willy nilly, silly. We respect each plant and want the world to know more about its many benefits. Through our products and our blog posts, we aim to help people maintain a healthy relationship with plants and learn more about what they offer. This is a place to share and gain knowledge about plants and create a community that truly understands the important impact plants have in our lives.



Final Thoughts – Money Tree Near Me

Ever just looked at a blank spot in your home and thought, “That area could really use a plant?” Yeah, same! That’s why we want to tell you how to find Money Trees and similar items right at a shop near you! By using Google Maps, you can find a plant shop that carries Money Trees with ease.


Want to broaden your search? You can also purchase Money Trees online! Look for websites that have a deep understanding of plants, offer plant services, and have an abundance of availability when it comes to plant varieties. You’ll have a Money Tree for your indoor garden in no time.

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