Gifts For Gardeners [The Best Plants, Tools, & Accessories to Buy!]

gifts for gardeners

Gifts For Gardeners [The Best Plants, Tools, & Accessories to Buy!]

Do you find it hard sometimes to buy gifts for friends and family? One of the best ways to choose the perfect gift is to appeal to the giftee’s hobbies and interests. If your friend or family member is an avid gardener, we’ve got some of the best gifts for gardeners that you can buy. From custom-made garden accessories to one-of-a-kind plants, follow this guide for gardening gifts to make someone’s day!



Gifts For Gardeners

The gifts you buy for your favorite gardener will depend on their level of gardening knowledge and experience. If they’re relatively new to the gardening world, you might want to start them off with a simple plant. If they’re more experienced, they’ll probably enjoy a useful gardening tool a little more.


You’ll also need to know which plants and gardening tools they already have. But no matter what, you can’t go wrong with these presents, and your loved one will appreciate that you thought of their favorite hobby. Ultimately, you’re helping add to their gardening collection to spruce up their life.



woman gardening outdoors




Plants make great centerpieces and lie at the heart of every beautiful garden. There are many different plant varieties to choose from, meaning you can find one that perfectly matches your friend’s style and care preferences. Indoor potted plants can make beautiful decorations, while larger plants are perfect for an outdoor garden. Here are some of the most popular plant gifts that we love!


Snake Plant

Snake Plants are one of the most popular plants in the world for their resilience and hardiness. They’re perfect for any plant enthusiast, but they are best suited for beginning gardeners. Snake Plants can adapt to many different environments, both indoors and outdoors, and adjust to inconsistent care. The Snake Plant features bold, upright green leaves with yellow outlines that will give any room an exotic boost right away. It can even be used as a small desk or office plant!


Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a beautiful succulent renowned for its healing and therapeutic properties. One of its most common uses throughout history is its ability to treat skin conditions like burns or rashes. As a succulent, it thrives in sunlight and doesn’t need to be watered as often. The large green leaves that flair outward can add a touch of beauty to any room. What’s great is that Aloe Vera grows all year round, so you can enjoy it every single day!


Pothos Plant

With its bold heart-shaped leaves, the Pothos Plant is a lovely gift for anyone that will instantly express your love. The Pothos Plant is another low-maintenance indoor potted plant that doesn’t require detailed care. This plant is a trailing vine plant that can reach lengths of up to 10 feet long. It may be perfect for outdoor gardens or as an indoor hanging plant!


Ponytail Palm

Consider a Ponytail Palm if you’re looking to gift a unique plant that will stand out from the rest of their collection. This drought-tolerant plant features a thick, gray trunk and thin, bouncy leaves at the top that spring outwards like hair in a ponytail (hence the name). The versatility and hardiness of the Ponytail Palm make it a great gift for a gardener who loves to travel!


Monstera Deliciosa

Featuring giant leaves with Swiss cheese-like holes, the Monstera Deliciosa is an exotic, tropical plant that adds a splash of color to any room it occupies. Monsteras are unique in that they are great for both outdoors and indoors. If grown indoors, you can manage the plant to stay within about 2-3 feet tall.


However, if grown outdoors, the Monstera can reach heights of almost 6-8 feet! This evergreen plant doesn’t require a lot of watering but may need additional care to keep it growing strong and healthy. Give the Monstera Deliciosa as a gift to gardeners that want to make a statement in their home.




Garden tools can make excellent gifts for someone with a green thumb and plenty of time to tend to their plants. Tools are essential for most gardeners trying to improve their outdoor oasis and make all the difference between a good garden and a great one. Whether it’s maintaining plants, digging soil, or removing weeds, each of the items on our list is helps save time and makes gardening easier overall.


Remember that all gardening tools come in various styles and quality levels. For example, you can buy unique designs on a watering can, like ones painted with flowers or birds. If we’re talking about better quality, spades or trowels will feature different materials, like carbon or steel blades with different shapes or sizes.


Here are some of our favorite tools to give as gifts to friends who love tending to their gardens:

  • Pruning shears
  • Spades
  • Rakes
  • Hoes
  • Loppers
  • Gardening forks
  • Garden hose
  • Flower trays/raised beds
  • Hand trowels
  • Watering cans
  • pH meter
  • Rain gauge
  • Compost bin
  • Wheelbarrow/Gardening cart



gardening tools




Accessories are often overlooked as gifts for gardeners. Especially for someone who is often outside tending to their garden, accessories are great for sun protection or gardening work! Here are some of the must-have accessories that we believe every gardener should have that can also make fantastic gifts:


  • Hats
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Arm protectors
  • Aprons/Overalls
  • Utility belts
  • Sunglasses
  • Garden kneelers


Garden Accessories

Another great gift idea is accessories for the garden. Because gardens aren’t just plants — they need fun decorative pieces to express different styles and personalities. For example, bird feeders or birdhouses can add a bit of life for gardeners who are also bird lovers. Maybe adding some welcome signs or statues could help fill out a cozy garden theme.


You can also create personalized garden accessories! You paint a flower pot or create a stained glass-style art piece. These gifts for gardeners are one of a kind and will make their garden a special place to commemorate their pastime. The great thing is you can find limitless ideas to add a unique touch to every garden!


Here are some ideas to spice up their outdoor space:

  • Herb garden grow kit
  • Pots/Hanging pots
  • Birdhouse
  • Bird feeder
  • Water fountain
  • Signs
  • Statue
  • Wind spinner
  • Outdoor string lights
  • Decorative/engraved rocks
  • Pond decorations
  • Garden stools/seats


Topical Care

If you know your gift is going to someone who’s always outdoors in their garden, topical care products may be the perfect gift. These essential items show that you’re mindful and care deeply about their safety and comfort. The following gifts are perfect complements to any gardener’s necessities:


  • Sunscreen
  • Bug spray
  • Bug repellent bracelet
  • Anti-itch cream
  • Lotion/hand cream
  • Beeswax lip balm



boots and watering can



Final Thoughts

There are many great gifts to buy for an avid gardener, from birdbaths to aprons to bug repellant spray. You can even gift some plants to add to a loved one’s collection! What’s most important is that you put some time and thought into the gift to show how much you truly love them.


Hopefully, this gift guide helped you think of the perfect present for a birthday or the holiday season. If you’re looking to gift a plant, you’re in the right place. Planted Pot carries a variety of exotic plants that are unique, beautiful, and ready for a new home. Check out our collections and find the best plant to gift a gardener (or yourself) today!

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