House Plant Delivery [Convenient Ordering Straight to Your Door]

house plant delivery

House Plant Delivery [Convenient Ordering Straight to Your Door]

When you picture shopping for plants, you probably think of a nursery. Walking through a plant nursery is the traditional experience, but many have found that house plant delivery is a great alternative in recent years.


But is it safe to get plants delivered? Will they get damaged? We have everything you need to know about ordering plants online below. But the short answer? Yes, you can get plants online delivered to you safe and sound! Here’s how!



Can I Order House Plants Online?

Yes! From the small, dainty Purple Anthurium to the large-leafed Philodendron, you can find all the best indoor plants online — and they can all be safely shipped right to your front door. House plant delivery is safer and quicker than ever, with fresh flowers arriving in just a few days after ordering.



What Are the Benefits of Ordering From House Plant Delivery Services?

Shopping for plants online is a new experience for many gardeners and plant lovers. It’s becoming an increasingly popular way to find the perfect plant for various reasons. Here are some of the reasons to use house plant delivery services for your next flower, succulent, or herb:



planted pot plant ready to ship




Did you ever think you would be able to find the perfect plant without even leaving your bed or desk? Online shopping is much more convenient than getting dressed, leaving your home, traveling to a nursery or two, and spending time walking down the aisles.


Sometimes our schedules don’t allow us to spend all those hours looking around a nursery. Maybe we have a lot of meetings or don’t feel like bringing our kids with us. Maybe you’re sick. No matter the reason, nothing beats quickly browsing for plants online. Shopping online is a lot less time-consuming, and you can still get your plants in the next few days!



Shopping for plants online opens up a lot more possibilities. You’ll be able to find an abundance of plant varieties, some of which are not available at your local plant nurseries. There are indoor and outdoor plants from all over the world on the internet, allowing you to find a plant that perfectly matches your aesthetic and care requirements.



Some people don’t want to buy plants online because you can’t physically check out the plant before purchasing it. But online nurseries are no different than the local shops you usually go to. They have experts working behind the screen who want to ensure that the plants they sell are healthy and beautiful.


Less Expensive

Because online shops don’t have to pay rent for a physical location and there is more competition online, you’ll notice plants online are a lot cheaper than your local nursery. You can also find coupons and discount codes online or sign up for deals.


Positivity and Nature

Having indoor plants in your home comes with many benefits beyond the plant’s appearance and scent. Studies have shown that having a touch of nature in your home can reduce anxiousness and stress, allowing you to feel positive, creative, and motivated. Many people keep plants on their desks at the office to boost productivity.



Is It Safe to Buy House Plants Online?

Yes! It can be overwhelming to purchase plants online at first. But there are some ways to immediately narrow your search to trusted online plant retailers with house plant delivery services. Here is what to look for when buying house plants online:


  • Look for details. Trusted online retailers will include information about their plants on each product page, including plant care tips and details about the variety.
  • Check out the “about me” section. You want to look for online plant sellers that have a passion for plants. Look at their stories and background to ensure they are experts in the field and care about the products they are selling.
  • Read reviews. Always pick a plant seller that shares customer reviews. Sellers that share reviews are confident in their products and care about the customers’ experiences. Make sure the reviews are positive, including a healthy appearance and fast, safe shipping.
  • Check for guarantees. Online plant sellers should have a health guarantee for their plant, offering free exchanges or money back to customers who are not happy with the plant they receive.
  • Variety. Don’t settle for plant sellers that don’t have a variety of plants. Trusted sellers will have hanging plants, air plants, indoor plants, garden varieties, and everything in between.



Are All Plants Safe to Ship?

Yes! Any plant can be shipped with the right care, whether it’s a big-trunked plant like the Ponytail Palm or the dainty String of Dolphins with its long and delicate stems. Cactus, orchids, roses, ferns, and more can safely arrive at your home with proper packaging procedures.


A trustworthy house plant delivery service will start by preparing the plant for shipping. They will remove the plant from the soil and shake off any excess dirt. The plant’s roots are not washed to ensure there are familiar microbes still attached. Packaging technicians then wrap the plant with several moist paper towels and placed into a plastic bag. For long trips, they will give plants a few teaspoons of polymer moisture crystals.


When it comes to the shipping method, an online nursery will choose a box sturdy enough to handle some rough treatment. The packaging team will keep in mind that handlers might drop some boxes or even throw them in transit. The box should not leave much room for the plant to move around during this kind of handling. Any extra space will be given some cushioning, like newspapers or foam.


Plants that come with a pot are also wrapped in bubble wrap to protect the pot and roots. The plant is stood upright, and the box is labeled “this end up” to ensure that it’s not tipped over. Nurseries will sometimes label “live plant” on the box, so handlers treat the package with extra care.



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Why Choose to Have House Plants Delivered Over a Nursery Visit?

House plant delivery is often more convenient than shopping at a nursery since you don’t even have to get dressed or leave the house. You don’t have to spend hours browsing the isles of a nearby nursery. But that’s not the only reason to order houseplants online.


Often, the houseplants you find online will be healthier due to better care while they await a new home. That’s because many online plant sellers are experts in the field and passionate about their business. Unlike a cashier at a retail store that happens to have a garden section, you’ll be able to talk to the experts who run online businesses, asking them questions and getting advice about your purchase.


Online plant sellers also have reviews that you can read. Sometimes you will take a plant home from a nursery only to find that it has root rot or aphids. You can save yourself the hassle by reading online reviews that discuss the business’s ethics and the plants’ health, ensuring that your plant will arrive healthy and safe.



Why is Planted Pot the Best Choice for House Plant Delivery?

Planted Pot cares about plants. We believe they are more than a “houseplant.” Plants are part of the family, regulating air quality, adding beauty to our homes, and reducing negative emotions. It’s important to have plants around, and we want ours to arrive healthy, happy, and ready to improve your environment immediately.


That doesn’t only mean safe and sound house plant delivery. It starts much earlier than that. Planted Pot is a community for plant lovers to connect and learn, to share their knowledge with others. Our goal is to create an educational hub where you can learn all about plants and give you all the information you need to help your plants thrive once they arrive.



Final Thoughts – House Plant Delivery

Buying plants online is a great experience. You don’t have to leave the house, you can find a ton of variety for a lower price, and you can get them delivered to you the next day! The key is finding a trusted online plant seller with a variety of healthy, vibrant plants that they know how to ship properly.


Planted Pot is all about transforming your home with the power of plants. Houseplants can make you feel positive and add a touch of life to your decor. The first step is getting a plant delivered to you safely. With the right technique, you’ll get healthy plants delivered to you ASAP without ever having to leave your room!

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