House Plant Shop: How To Find The Best Plants For You!

house plant shop

House Plant Shop: How To Find The Best Plants For You!

Looking around your local city, neighborhood, or town for a house plant shop can be a tasking process. More often than not, when the urge to purchase a new house plant hits, plant parents already know the kind of plant they are looking to add to their collection. Rather than spending time searching for the one shop in the area with their preferred house plant in stock, many plant owners may wish for a more direct way to get their plants.


If you are in the market for a new house plant or want to encourage a plant expert’s curated collection, you’re going to be in great shape. Read below and find out all there is to know about house plants, their care, and where to find them!



What Are House Plants?

The uninitiated may have skimmed through the intro, wondering what exactly makes a houseplant a houseplant in the first place! Are plants considered houseplants simply by being housed in pots? Do greenhouse plants count? Or is there some kind of incomprehensible definition non-experts are ignorant to?


To be honest, the answer luckily doesn’t need a plant expert to explain. Frankly, a houseplant is a plant that is grown indoors. Surprised? Neither am I; after all, I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone refer to a plant growing outside as a houseplant.


Indoor plants are often contained in planters made of ceramic, terra cotta, or plastic, allowing them suitable housing for their life with you indoors. Some of the most well-known and popular house plants are resilient and adaptable, which make them easy to take care of in an indoor environment.






Why Add Plants To Your Home?

There are so many different reasons why people add plants to their homes. Even those lacking the mythological green thumb find a lot of value in keeping houseplants! Plants have an undeniable, elemental appeal to people, a deep-set connection that is perhaps felt between all living things. This connection expresses itself in various ways enjoyed by plant owners of all kinds, but the reasons for adding houseplants to a home can vary.


Natural Beauty

Plants and people have a special connection that extends even into our sense of aesthetic appreciation. Plants provide a space with their beautiful form, unmatched by an artificial décor. The beauty of a plant is ever-changing, and providing its owners with a constantly evolving companion with a beauty that is sure to inspire.


Clean Air

It’s common knowledge, plants produce oxygen. The often cited NASA Clean Air Study solidified in many people’s minds their ability to purify contaminated or polluted air. This became another reason many people first consider buying plants, especially those who live in cities or apartments.


Natural Humidifier

Suffer from dry, itchy skin and eyes? Or even painful dry sinuses resulting from dry air? Houseplants help humidify a space to help prevent the circulation of stale, unhealthy air. While pushing out clean oxygen, your houseplants will provide your space with a rainforest-like effect, giving you clean, healthy air.



While it may not immediately be understood by those who have never owned a plant, the connection you can build together can provide owners with a strong sense of companionship. Plants are not active in the same way as most pets might be, but plants still play a role in the lives of their owners. They oversee our daily activities, react to the environment around them, need care, and may even enjoy listening to music! After living with one for a while, you may find yourself more attached than you had thought possible!


Stress Relief And Mood

Plants are also known to help promote higher productivity! Keeping a plant can also lower stress, and ease the mind, helping you to maintain a more balanced headspace. Plants can help turn any environment from typical to fantastic and relaxing just by existing!



Which House Plants Are Easiest To Care For?

For beginners and plant experts alike, there is plenty of value in hardy, easy to care for plants. In fact, hardiness and ease of propagation are some primary factors that many plant owners consider regardless of skill level, as pickier plants are not more beautiful than their easy-to-please counterparts! Discover some of our favorite easy-to-care-for-house plants below!


Spider Plant

The spider plant is the quintessential low-maintenance plant. Spider plants have thin, long, downward slanted leaves with light green detailing. These plants often look great hanging from baskets but will also be appealing when placed on a desk or other spots where their leaves can flow over and take up some vertical space.


Spider plants are very good at telling their caretakers what they need by showing if they lack anything necessary. Too little water and the tips of their leaves will go dry and crunchy, too much, and they will appear floppy and weak. One of the fun things about spider plants is if you take care of one for long enough, it might sprout new outgrowths called spiderettes! Gift your friends your spiderettes, or plant them yourself to get even more value out of your little spider plant.


Snake Plant

The Snake plant should show up on any list concerned with hardy plants as it is well known for being able to adapt to even the most neglectful of pet parents. Snake plants are slow growers with long vertical sword-shaped leaves, making a strong impression on a room. More so, snake plants thrive best in indirect sunlight and need minimal watering to maintain a healthy appearance.


Snake plants are toxic, so it’s recommended to be mindful of where you place them in a home where children and animals are present.


Money Plant

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but can it can grow on plants? Unfortunately not, but the money plant can give its owners things that money can’t. Some people believe Money plants are a source of luck for individuals who care for them. 


Fortunately, Money plants are low maintenance, so you won’t ruin your luck by missing a watering session! Like the Spider plant, Money plants also reproduce through budding, so you can be fruitful and multiply your luck!


Prayer Plant

As a low-growing tropical plant native to South America, the Prayer plant is a rhizomatic grower from deep within the Brazilian Rainforests. Prayer plants show their character through patterned, deep green, oval-shaped leaves sometimes detailed with bright red veins. This plant does not need frequent watering, but you should keep the soil damp if you want to keep your Prayer plant happy.


Prayer plants are often bathroom decorations because of their affinity for high humidity and low sunlight spaces.


Peace Lily

These flowering plants are symbolic of innocence and purity, thus garnering the lily its good-natured designation. Peace lilies are tropical evergreens that thrive on low forest floors with dapples of filtered light. Replicating their desired conditions should not be difficult for those who want to utilize its beauty as a houseplant, as low light is easy to come by in an indoor space.


Peace lilies do not require frequent watering, but their leaves should reflect if water is needed by showing browned tips and a wilted flower. Be aware if you are interested in a Peace lily, they are mildly toxic to humans and animals when ingested.


Aloe Vera

A utilitarian powerhouse of the succulent world, Aloe Vera is globally well renowned for its variety of applications. On top of that, it’s easy to grow! Known as true aloe, Aloe Vera gel has been utilized since ancient times to mend warriors’ wounds and promote natural beauty, giving it an important place of historical significance as one of the oldest mentioned plants on record.


All you need to do to take care of one of these is provide it with good amounts of indirect sunlight, occasional watering, and rocky, desert-like soil, and your Aloe Vera plant is sure to grow strong.



What To Look For When Shopping For House Plants

When the time comes to finally buy a houseplant, make sure to consider some practical concerns in tandem with your aesthetic interests. Some things to look out for when shopping for house plants include:


  • Size: How big is the plant in question, and how big is the space you plan to put it in? Also, keep in mind that depending on the plant species, growth may occur at various rates and in varying intensities.
  • Light: Do the plants you want need a lot of direct light? Or are they comfortable with less frequent light exposure? In either case, you want to be sure the plant you are interested in will have an appropriate amount of light when housed in your space.
  • Pets and Children: If you have pets or small children around, they may influence your decision-making when looking for a new plant. Some plants are toxic to humans and animals, making them a poor choice for a house with either of these factors present.


There will always be more factors to keep in mind when shopping for a houseplant. But the rest are up to personal preference or aesthetic choice, so go wild and explore as many options as you can!


Why Shop For House Plants Online?

While visiting an in-person seller might seem appealing for the ability to view plants in person, there are some downsides. Compared to online shopping, shopping in person requires a lot more time and energy spent on what can instead be an easy process. Going to a nursery or house plant store, customers can quickly become overwhelmed by the variety of options and the lack of information provided to go with them.


When shopping online, customers can search for the information they need at will, and more often than not, most of the required information should be present on the product’s description page! In addition to this, purchasing plants online allows consumers to find the exact variety of plants they are looking for faster, without a salesperson nudging them to buy a plant they didn’t even want!


Also, buying online makes it, so you do not even have to leave the comfort of your home! Leave the driving to the professionals, and instead spend more time doing the things you love!






Where Can I Find The Best House Plant Shop Online?

If you’re looking for the best in quality and convenience, Planted Pot is your online houseplant destination! Planted Pot makes it easy to get the best plant you can imagine with lots of different options and plenty of user reviews to help you along the way. So if you want access to the best house plant shop online, our doors are open for business!


What Makes Planted Pot The Best House Plant Shop?

Now that you know who we are, what makes us so great? Besides providing access to some of the most beautiful and exciting houseplants available, Planted Pot is a space for plant lovers to grow together. Planted Pot was founded on a genuine love of the natural world in its various forms, and we extend this love to all parts of our process.


Our customers enjoy fast, free shipping, and our plants come housed in a specially designed protective package. This will help assure they arrive to you happy and as quickly as possible. Planted Pot also offers free returns with proof of damage, so you can rest assured we want to deliver you the best service we can.


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