Indoor Garden Ideas That Anyone Can Try

indoor garden ideas

Indoor Garden Ideas That Anyone Can Try

Whether you live in the city or country, apartment living can sometimes lack a yard. That means less room for a garden and landscaping. Many people compensate by bringing the garden inside! Indoor garden ideas range from lining plants up on your window sill to creating a fun bookshelf for your plants. 


The fun of indoor gardens is that the possibilities are endless. There are various ways to create a fun indoor garden space in any size room, providing much-needed life and vibrancy to the environment’s decor. You’ll often see people transform a wall with hanging plants or create an artsy escape with some unique, colorful pots. 


Here are some fun ideas to get you started on an indoor garden that elevates your home and offers endless inspiration and fun!



Are There Benefits to Having an Indoor Garden?

Indoor gardens have many benefits since you’re essentially bringing the life and color of an outdoor garden into your home. They are a creative and fun way to add vibrant, green life to your living space, no matter its size or style. It’s an exciting way to spice up the decor in an imaginative way.


Whether you add colorful pots on the floor of an art room or create some fun shelving in your office, an indoor garden can improve any room’s look.


Though, indoor gardens aren’t just for looks. They can provide benefits for your physical and mental health. Certain plants purify the air, helping you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Put an indoor garden in your bedroom to remove stale air and contaminants. You’ll wake up feeling renewed and well-rested.


Studies have also shown that plants can provide focus, inspiration, and creativity. Placing an indoor garden in your office can help your work improve. Put an indoor garden in your study or living room to help you finish that book you’ve been reading for the past few days.






Is an Indoor Garden Easy to Maintain?

The difficulty of maintaining an indoor garden depends on the plants you choose and how you plan to set up your garden. Some are easier to maintain than others.


There are indoor gardens that feature potted plants that only require some watering. Then there are succulent gardens that need even less watering! Hanging indoor gardens might need a bit more specific requirements when it comes to their temperature, humidity, watering, and feeding.



Indoor Garden Ideas 

Creating an indoor garden can be a fun project. There are unique ways to fit an indoor garden into any room, whether you take advantage of an empty window sill or create a bookshelf that houses your favorite plants.


Hanging Gardens

If you have a smaller space, a hanging garden might be a great solution. Hanging plants free up floor space that standard planters/pots can take up. There are a few fun ways to create a hanging garden in your room.


The first is to simply place hanging baskets at different heights to create a whimsical look that makes any indoor space look like a mystical forest. A popular space for a hanging garden is in the kitchen. Place some plants in hanging baskets, positioning them to get the light they need to thrive.


Another fun way to create a hanging garden is to make some space on one of your walls. This is an excellent option for people with limited space who still want a touch of nature added to their decor. 


You can either hang baskets against your wall or create custom shelves to place your plants on. Place the plants against a plain or wood backdrop to instantly transform your room. This will make guests feel like they are in a tropical paradise or a woodsy escape.






Utilize Bookshelves

Indoor gardens don’t have to be limited to your walls. You can create a unique addition to any room’s layout by decorating a bookshelf with plants. Place the plants between books and other decorations to give that area a touch of variety and vibrancy.


Many stunning bookshelves are specifically made to show off plants. Some are straight up and down, providing even shelves for you to put plants on. Others have creative designs that spice up your room and make it feel artsy and inspirational. Try a fun shape that fits into your space and turns your plants into the focal point.


Window Sills

Window sills make for a great indoor garden location, thanks to the abundance of natural light. Though, keep in mind that some plants can’t be in direct light for very long, or they will get burned. Window sills are the perfect spot for plants like succulents.


There are a lot of fun ways to create succulent gardens. You can place multiple succulent types in one container for a very creative and vibrant look. Try picking succulents of different quirky colors, such as pale green or purple.


There are also unique succulent containers that add an extra layer of fun. Look for cute containers that fit on your window sill and match your decor. This will add a pop of life to your room and utilize the natural sunlight in that area of the home.


Matching Pots

If you don’t have the space, resources, or energy to hang plants from the ceiling or walls, you’ve still got fantastic indoor garden options. Simply place plants on the ground in different pot styles to add some variation. If you have a larger space and enough light, you can fit various pot sizes in the corner of a room. Plants that have a decent spread like the Calathea Rattlesnake are especially ideal for corner areas. Get pots similar in style and color for a uniform look, or mix-and-match to get really wild! Either way, this can give your plant decor a considerable boost. 


Looking for consistency? Let’s say you have a white and blue room. Consider pots that are dark blue and light blue to add dimension to the room. It will also add another layer of material that makes an impact against the room’s other materials, like the rug and couch.


Interested in shaking things up? Place a few hanging baskets above plants that you keep on the floor. This will create a vibrant, layered area that looks like a fanciful garden that inspires daydreaming and offers an escape.



Final Thoughts – Indoor Garden Ideas

No matter your home’s size or style, an indoor garden is a great way to add another element of creativity and life to your space. Relaxing on a sofa nearby a wall of flowers and greenery will make you feel like you’ve been teleported to a private garden oasis. Painting in an art room with a uniquely shaped bookshelf will make you feel refreshed and inspired.


Indoor gardens don’t have to be hard to maintain. If you don’t have a “green thumb,” consider a cactus or succulent garden. These low-maintenance plants will still provide a beautiful touch of life without the need for excessive care requirements.


Whether you want a desert getaway or a delicate, flower-heavy escape, indoor gardens are a great way to add life to any room. There are no rules for indoor gardens, so feel free to be as creative as you want to be. You’ll always find a fun way to add plants to your space that’s perfect for you and your style!

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