Monstera Deliciosa for Sale [How & Why to Shop for This Tropical Beauty]

monstera deliciosa for sale

Monstera Deliciosa for Sale [How & Why to Shop for This Tropical Beauty]

We know you’ve already planned and plotted your leafy-green living room. Your shelves are overflowing with foliage and flowers, and your indoor garden is near perfect. But something is missing…an empty seat is waiting to be filled next to your favorite bookshelf, and you’ve yet to find the right flora to fill it. You’ve searched far and wide through online nurseries galore when in walks your dream plant (and we’ve got her ready for you) — a Monstera Deliciosa for sale.


The Monstera plant is a tropical beauty who commands the room with her heart-shaped leaves. We swear it’s not too good to be true — read on to learn more about the Monstera Deliciosa and why she’s the perfect new addition to your plant family!



What Are Monstera Deliciosas?

Monstera Deliciosas are gorgeous vining plants that are ever-changing in shape and size. They’re a part of the Araceae plant family (lillies are a part of this family, too) and feature big leaves with natural holes that unfurl and morph as the plant matures and ages. The first sign to look for when considering a Monstera Deliciosa for sale is the overall health of the leaves. Avoid purchasing a Monstera with curled leaves or any browning on the plant.


Aside from being known for their vivid personalities, they’re also known for how long-lived they are (many can live up to 40 years or more!). They’re also pretty easy to maintain for tropical plants, but we’ll discuss specific care instructions below.



Monstera Deliciosa with black pitcher



Basic Plant Facts

Origins: Monstera plants are native to Central America and grow naturally from Southern Mexico down to Panama.

Native Habitat: Being that they’re a tropical plant, Monsteras love to grow in the rainforest!

Proper Name: Monstera Deliciosa, or less commonly, Monstera Pertusum. Monstera Borsigiana is a sub-species of the Monstera Deliciosa that’s also referred to along with the latter two, but it has slightly smaller leaves and isn’t the same.

Nicknames: Because of how its leathery leaves split off and form holes, this Monstera is also referred to as the “Swiss-cheese plant.” They’re also sometimes called the “split-leaf Philodendron,” even though they’re not a part of the Philodendron family. Other nicknames include Mexican Breadfruit, fruit salad plant/tree, Ceriman, Monster Fruit, Monsterio Delicio, Monstereo, Windowleaf, Balazo, and Penglai Banana.


Did You Know?

The Monstera Deliciosa comes in variegated forms, too! When plants are variegated, that means that they grow leaves that have patches of different colors. Variegated Monstera plants lack a regular amount of chlorophyll in their leaves, which results in stunning ivory stripes and dots. Because they’re so unique, these are an especially expensive and hard-to-find kind of Monstera Deliciosa to look for sale.


They can also grow fruit! In the wild (where they have unlimited space to grow and flourish), Monstera Deliciosa plants bear edible fruit. These fruits are poisonous for about a year until they ripen, at which point they’re reminiscent of pineapples and bananas. Those sensitive to oxalic acid should be cautious in trying this fruit, though, as it can be physically irritating to some.


Forbidden Fruit — And Toxic Foliage?

If you plan to purchase a Monstera Deliciosa, it’s important to know that their leaves and stems are toxic to humans and pets. We recommend training your pets to keep away from your Monstera and making sure your children don’t play with or around it, either.


Ingestion of any part of the Monstera Deliciosa can cause facial or throat swelling and immediate burning pain. If you believe your pet or child has ingested any part of your Monstera plant, contact your local Poison Control Center or another licensed healthcare professional for immediate medical care.


Care Tips & Instructions

Plant Size

These houseplants can grow 10-15 feet tall and about 8 feet wide, with leaves that can measure up to 18 inches across or more. They like to vine and have aerial roots in the wild (this means they have roots that grow above ground) and enjoy having something to climb up, like a rooted pole or trellis.



Monstera Deliciosa plants do best in bright, indirect light. Try placing yours a few feet away from an east, west, or south-facing window. If your Monstera begins yellowing, that means you’ve allowed it to have too much sun. If it begins sprouting leaves that reach for shade (this phenomenon is called negative phototropism), you’ve likely left it in the sun for too long. Look for any yellow leaves on Monstera Deliciosas for sale that you are considering to buy.



Monsteras prefer consistently moist soil. We recommend you water your plant pal once weekly during warmer growing seasons, just when its soil begins to feel dry to the touch. Be careful not to overwater your Monstera, as this can lead to root rot and stunt your plant’s growth.



The Monstera Deliciosa will thrive in rooms that are kept between 60-80℉. Note that they don’t do well with sudden temperature drops or in temperatures below 55℉. If you live in a region that becomes colder in the fall or wintertime, you might want to plan to move your Monstera indoors during chillier months.



Like most tropical plants, Monstera Deliciosas love humidity! If you don’t own a humidifier, try misting your plant’s leaves once weekly in the morning to help it maintain its shiny disposition. Alternatively, place other plants near your Monstera to help increase the humidity around it.



tropical houseplant on table by window



Why Choose a Monstera Deliciosa For Your Home?

Why wait to experience nirvana on vacation when you can build your green utopia at home? Monstera Deliciosa plants will quickly transform your home into a tropical paradise that you’ll never want to escape from. Aside from how stunning they are, these plants:


  • Can be easy to propagate so that you can share the wealth with your fellow green-thumbed friends. When trimming your Monstera, save any stem cuttings that occur after a leaf node. Let them sit in water for a few weeks to root before planting your new plants in their potted homes.
  • Are drought-tolerant, so you don’t have to spend your precious time worrying if you’ve watered them enough.
  • Will boost the air quality in your home – according to a study that began in the ’80s, Monsteras are one of the best plants for removing known carcinogens from the air. Though it does take a significant amount of plants to drastically improve air quality, they’re still beneficial to keep in your home!



What Are the Benefits of Looking for a Monstera Deliciosa for Sale Online?

Why bend over backward searching for the perfect plant in stores when you can save time, peace of mind, and money by researching ahead of time? When you look for Monstera Deliciosas for sale online, you’ll be able to:


  • Do quicker research, so you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for without any settling.
  • Save your energy for decorating and preparing your space for your new plant instead.
  • Avoid confusion in nurseries, and find the Monstera of your dreams with the click of a button.
  • Save gas money, and avoid driving around to search for your rare beauty.
  • Buy right away, and have your new pal delivered right to your door. How convenient is that?



Why Buy Monstera Deliciosa Plants Online?

When you shop for plants online, you’re allowing yourself a more comfortable and clean buying experience. You’ll also be able to shop for a lot more options! Because of their popularity and rarity, Monsteras can be hard to find in brick-and-mortar stores. By looking for Monstera Deliciosa plants for sale online, you save yourself the hassle of having to call around to see if your leafy friend is even in stock.


If you’ve ever shopped for plants in person, you also know how messy and dirty of a process it can be. It’s almost impossible to bring home plants yourself without leaving winding trails of dirt and leaves in your car. Now imagine this struggle, but with a massive Monstera. That’s another reason we recommend looking for your Monstera Deliciosa for sale online — so that it can be delivered to your door without any stress or added disarray!



Does Planted Pot Have Monstera Deliciosa Plants For Sale?

Planted Pot carries a wide variety of plants — succulents, air plants, snake plants, you name it — and the coveted Monstera Deliciosa too! Visit our Plants section to find your Monstera Deliciosa for sale today and shop all of our other potted pals. We offer both Ground and Express shipping, so your new plants will arrive in perfect time!



Final Thoughts – Monstera Deliciosa For Sale

We think you’d agree that there’s no easier way to liven and brighten up your space than with a new houseplant. Monstera Deliciosa plants are a tasty slice of the tropics that you can grow indoors, right in the comfort of your own home.


With minimal effort and attention, you can elevate your indoor garden into a lush, domestic jungle. Bring home a Monstera today to make a stunning new plant friend that’ll root by your side and flourish with you for many years to come!


Visit Planted Pot’s Learn section today to discover more of our favorite plants and learn how to care for them!

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