Plant Decor [How Houseplants Can Add Magic to Your Home]

Plant Decor [How Houseplants Can Add Magic to Your Home]

Do you love being surrounded by nature, but lush forests and greenery are a tad out of reach? We feel you, because everyone wants to spice up their environment every once in a while. If you’ve got a desk job or other daily responsibilities that keep you from the natural world, plant decor may be just what you need.


If weekly excursions to national parks or forest trails aren’t manageable for your schedule, you may find that filling your space with plants scratches that same itch. After all, our minds crave natural plant life. Plant decor is an easy, affordable, and beautiful way to add that splash of green you’ve been missing in your space and your life!



Can Plant Decor Enhance Your Environment?

Absolutely! Decorating your house, office, or personal space with plant decor is a fantastic way to liven up any environment.


Besides aesthetic appeal, adding plants to your space can help reduce tension and stress. They create a tranquil environment, help reduce background noise, significantly improve air quality, and boost a person’s overall well-being and mental health.



room with plant decorations



How Do You Beautify a House With Plant Decor?

Adding a bit of lively greenery to your home or workspace can be a refreshing change of scenery, but how can you use indoor plants to add that splash of nature that you’ve been looking for while still retaining your unique style? We’re here to offer a few tips!


Hanging Plants

When it comes to space conservation, you might want to try hanging or wall plants. Utilizing your wall and ceiling space can be a great way to add some flair while making the most of the area you’re trying to spruce up.


Unique Pots

Unique or customized pots are a fantastic option for those who want one-of-a-kind decorations. Artisan-crafted and hand-painted pots can often be found in local thrift stores or garden shops. With these beautifully designed pots, you get the double benefit of finding one that suits you and your space while also supporting local artists! If you find yourself short on cash, feel free to paint and design your very own pots. After all, nobody knows your space and your style better than you do.


Fun Arrangements

If you’ve already acquired a few plants in different sizes, you may want to consider arranging them in specific ways. Arranging your plants by height, color, or pot similarities can be a fantastic way to create a distinct atmosphere wherever you place your plants.



Plant Decor Ideas

While having a garden can be pretty fulfilling, livening up your interior with indoor plants can be a wonderful and equally fulfilling move for those of us that prefer the comfort of our indoor spaces. Window plants are stunning, but there are endless indoor garden ideas.


Succulents, potted flowers, and other forms of plant decor can make a space feel calm, breathable (literally), and comfortable. A few ideas to add that pop of greenery to your space are listed below. Our tips may even inspire you to create your own creative techniques for displaying your plant collection!


A Large Plant beside the Sofa

Unless there’s an end table next to your sofa, this is an area that may be a bit neglected or empty. A sizeable ornamental plant will take up that space and look fantastic as it stretches out its fronds. Here are a few larger plants to try placing next to your sofa:



Floating Greenery

Rather than utilizing the entire plant, you may find it satisfactory to simply place a shoot or branch in a vase. You’ll want to choose a plant (or plants) that won’t need soil to sustain itself. Simply place it in a bowl or glass vase along with the appropriate amount of water.


Floating greenery can give your space a delightful modern or bohemian character. Feel free to place your plants near windows, inside shelves, and above tables.


Decorate That Corner

Every room has that random, empty little corner that could benefit from some light decoration. Here are few options for turning that unnoticed little space into an eye-catching environment:


  • A floor planter
  • Varying types of smaller plants
  • A stand for your plant supplies (misters, fertilizer, etc.)


Pick a Shelf

Decorating your living room shelves with small potted plants could add some character to blank wall space. You can dedicate an entire shelf to your plants, or you might want to mix it up! We can use shelves for keeping decoration pieces, books, and so much more. Shuffle your knick-knacks around until you find the best look.


Use a Bench

Benches are, of course, made for sitting. Though let’s be honest, we’ve all seen those garden benches that no one ever uses. If you’re planning to brighten up a bench, remember that there is strength in numbers. The more plant varieties, sizes, and pot designs you can add, the more fun and lively your bench will become.


If you don’t have a bench, it’s time to get inventive! Perhaps utilize an unused chair or another surface capable of accommodating your little green friends.


Fun & Customized Pots

Quirky, custom-made pots are readily available in a wide variety of sizes. You could paint planters, stick adhesive decorations on them, or go exploring for some beautiful designer pots. It’s an enjoyable and straightforward way to demonstrate your style through your plants and environment!


Fake It!

If you absolutely, positively do not have the time, patience, or the green thumb to be successful with any living plant, are there still options? Yes! If you still want to add a touch of nature to your space, we’ve got even more plant ideas for you.


Fake plants are a good choice for people who want plants’ aesthetics without worrying about keeping them alive. You can even use decorative items that feature plants in their design. These include floral pillows and landscape paintings. These options can give your space that natural feeling you have been looking for.






Wall Plant Decor Ideas

Keeping plants on the floor is not a necessity to enjoy your indoor greenery. These are some methods for getting your plants out of their typical locations.


  • Hang Plants From the Ceiling: By hanging small planters from the ceiling, you can keep a large variety of great plants that won’t only beautify the space but may also help to add a dash of freshness and breathability to it. Hanging plants can also protect pets and children from leaves that could cause an upset stomach if eaten.
  • Mirrors with Dangling Vines: The reflection of the dangling vines in the mirrors is sure to look quite striking in any space that you place it in.
  • A Wooden Branch to Hang Your Pots: Looking to add a hospitable country vibe to your space? You can utilize a wooden branch to hang your various potted plants from! Simply lay the branch across two sturdy points and hang the planters (similar to a curtain rod). 
  • Hanging Metal Rack: Affix 2 or 3 metal shelves to the wall and use them to feature plants of your choice. This will give your space a sleek and modern look while still allowing for a splash of natural greenery. Spilling houseplants (those that “spill over” their pot, such as the String of Dolphins) are highly recommended for this look.
  • Try a Pegboard: Not only is this look modern and fresh, but using a pegboard is a great way to customize your display. It’s also incredibly easy to rearrange plants if you can’t make up your mind. Most hardware stores will sell pegboard that you can then cut to fit any space you want.
  • Pots, Lights, and a Wooden Frame: With only a simple wooden pallet board, you can create a humble yet practical candle and plant holder that is sure to bring cozy, rustic energy to your space. Decorate the pallet board however you wish, and consider wrapping some string lights around it for added pizzaz!



Where Can I Buy Plant Decor for My Home?

We’re sure you are wondering, “Now that I have these great ideas for displaying all the plants that I don’t have, where do I get my hands on some houseplants?” Well, that’s precisely why we’re here!


Featuring the most eye-catching plants that are great for home or office decoration, Planted Pot has got you covered. Here at Planted Pot, we aim to spread natural beauty and wellness to people everywhere.



Final Thoughts

Some studies have suggested that having indoor and desk plants can improve productivity and concentration by up to 15%! A few floral friends in your space can boost your mood and reduce stress levels — making them perfect for your home and workspace. Using indoor plants as decor can serve both a practical and an aesthetic purpose and may potentially improve your overall quality of life!

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