Succulent Delivery [Fresh Greenery Right to Your Door!]

succulent delivery

Succulent Delivery [Fresh Greenery Right to Your Door!]

If you’re looking for a great gift for someone with a green thumb, be it for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or an anniversary, you might have considered getting them a succulent arrangement as a gift! Or maybe you’re interested in getting one for yourself! No matter your reasoning for getting a succulent, it’s always more convenient to have it delivered! If you are looking for succulent delivery, read further to find out how to identify the best shops providing delivery and all the benefits of succulents themselves!



How Does Succulent Delivery Work?

Succulent plant delivery at PlantedPot is simple, and one of the benefits enjoyed by those who decide to source their plants from us. First, take some time to look around at all the available options since there are many different kinds of succulents to choose from. Once you’ve found your favorites, go through the checkout process, select your preferred shipping, and then hold tight.


Following this, we’ll hand pack your plants and get them nice and cozy for shipping. This can take us anywhere from 24-48 hours. PlantedPot uses USPS and FedEx so our customers can have a wide array of convenient options to choose from.


If you need your plant delivered extra fast, we have you covered: we can put your greenery on the fast track with FedEx express for a small fee. We provide fast and free standard shipping so that anyone can access the perfect addition to any plant collection. After ordering, all you have to do is wait, and you’ll have the perfect gift for any occasion or an attractive and natural home décor for your own space!



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What Are the Benefits of Choosing a Succulent Delivery Service?

Customers can enjoy a wide variety of benefits when choosing a succulent plant online. One of the most obvious benefits of shopping online comes from convenience; when buying online, you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home! Additionally, if you decide to look for one of these desert dwellers online, you’ll have a lot more options to sift through!


Using a delivery service can help you select a plant with less effort on your part while also providing you with a much greater variety of options. Or if you want to provide a surprise, delivery can allow you to send succulents to your loved ones as wonderful gifts! You can let the delivery service handle the hard parts so you can be introduced to your new best friend in no time!


Even when bought in person from a reputable nursery, sometimes plants are still damaged in transit. To avoid this, orders from PlantedPot are shipped in specially designed containers. This way, your unique succulent gifts are delivered in perfect condition. Using a plant delivery service can help you to avoid inconveniences. With a delivery service, you can be sure you get the most beautiful and healthy succulent arrangements available.



How Much Does Succulent Delivery Cost?

Because succulent delivery service is so convenient, consumers who have never used it before might think there must be some drawback! Luckily, you don’t need to fear sneaky fees or overpriced delivery because if you buy from PlantedPot, delivery is completely on the house! PlantedPot customers also enjoy a fast and free delivery time, so instead of waiting for your plants to arrive, you can spend more time relaxing with your succulents!


And if you’re in a rush to get acquainted with your new friends, or you’re squeezing in some last-minute gifts, we have you covered! As mentioned above, for a small fee, we can also provide expedited shipping through FedEx Express. With fast and flexible deliveries, you can take a deep breath of relief knowing your plants are on their way.



Are Succulents a Good Gift?

Succulent delivery is a great way to give your loved ones the beauty of nature in the comfort of their own home. Because they are very beginner-friendly, succulents make great gifts for anyone attracted to natural beauty, even if they lack a green thumb!


Most succulents are very forgiving of a missed week of watering and will not wither or wilt from missing an occasional drink. Additionally, succulents don’t need much access to sunlight to thrive. This makes succulents a great option for those living in spaces without ample sunlight exposure.


Sometimes, gifting a friend rare or more delicate plants can give them more work and chores than stress relief and beauty. This is not as much of a concern with succulents, as they are very tolerant to various levels of attention and can thrive in most environments. Not only will these plants thrive in a variety of conditions, but they will also continue to provide their otherworldly beauty without asking much in return beyond a weekly watering!



Two, or More, For One!

One bonus pro tip you can share with the recipient of your succulent gift or use yourself is that succulents are easy to propagate! As one of nature’s most efficient plants, succulents have adapted in many ways to their environment to become survivors.


One of these efficient survival tools is the ways that succulents reproduce! Some succulents drop mini plantlets, referred to as “pups,” to later spring up out of the dirt and become full-sized succulents themselves! Others survive and spread through their ability to grow new plants from their trimmings!


A way you can hack your succulents to get more plants for the value of one is to cut a few leaves from your plant, making sure you keep them dry as you do so. After that, lay them out without water until they begin to produce roots. After this, replant the leaf and watch it grow into a full-fledged succulent!



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Where Can I Find a Reliable Online Shop That Delivers Succulents?

Using a search engine to find an online plant shop can yield many different resources for succulent delivery. Despite that, it can be tricky to determine which ones are reliable and how to determine this in the first place. If you want to be sure you are purchasing your plants from a reliable source, it is important to base your decision on more than the price.


To find a reliable online shop, try to look out for qualities like:

  • User reviewed: Your vendor of choice should show why they are a good option! So look for positive user reviews to ensure you are purchasing a product from a high-quality company.
  • Fast delivery: Reliable online shops should ship fast so their consumers can get the most convenience and satisfaction from their shopping.
  • Free delivery: No one enjoys paying for their shipping. So be sure you find a company that can do it for you for free if you want the most value.
  • Return policy: You don’t want to get stuck with the wrong choice. Avoid potential frustrations by purchasing from a company with a competent return policy.
  • Sourcing: Try to buy your succulents from a company that is clear on where they source their plants from.


If you can find a company with these qualities, you will have reliable access to high-quality products!



Why Choose Planted Pot for Succulent Delivery?

If you want quick access to the best in seasonal plants and succulents, PlantedPot is your one-stop shop! With plenty of user testimonials, great shipping times, and quality sourced plants, you can be sure you’re getting your plant buddies from a reliable source.


Here at PlantedPot, we pride ourselves on giving our customers access to the healing power of plants. We aim to provide people with the resources they need to maintain healthy plant relationships in a way that suits them. Join our many satisfied customers as a plant parent, and you’ll never look back!

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