Tillandsia Velutina Air Plant


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Details :

The Tillandsia Air Plant Veluntina is not only one of the most versatile houseplants, but it is also one of the prettiest too! The Tillandsia Air Plant Velutina is an epiphyte, which means it attaches itself to other surfaces for support using its small roots. Besides adding flair and personality to wherever they’re displayed, this plant acts as a natural air purifier. Some filtered sunshine and the right amount of water will ensure that your air plant has a long and healthy lifespan. This cute and tiny plant makes the perfect gift for someone looking to become a first-time plant parent!

Care :

Bright, indirect sunlight. East or west facing windows are best.

Soak twice a week in a bowl of water for 10 minutes. Mist leaves if more water is needed.


Also Known As :
Tillandsia veluntina
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Tillandsia Velutina

The Tillandsia Velutina is a unique and beautifully constructed air plant with its olive, dark green leaves and deep reds when in bloom.


This medium-sized air plant is easy to care for, making it a perfect plant for any beginner plant parent. The Tillandsia Velutina is even easier to care for than a succulent plant because there is no need for soil or a pot. This is because air plants can virtually grow anywhere due to the fact they thrive off of the air. So you can place your Tillandsia Velutina air plant on a desk, hang it from a wall, put it in a seashell, or whatever other creative place you choose!


Let’s take a closer look at the Tillandsia Velutina air plant, how to care for these plants, the benefits of having an air plant, and much more!


What is a Tillandsia Velutina?

The Tillandsia Velutina air plant is an inviting-looking plant with dark green leaves that can potentially bloom into a colorful pink or red color. The Velutina air plant is a part of the Tillandsia genus and was first described by Renate Ehlers in 1994.


Tillandsia Veluntia air plants are native to Chiapas and Guatemala and can be found in dry forests between 1,200 to 2,200 meters above sea level. For many years, this air plant was wrongly sold under the name T. brachycaulos var. multiflora when it is actually a hybrid between T. brachycaulos and T. caput-medusae. Even to this day, it is still sometimes marketed under this name.


Air plant care is rather easy and typically very minimal. Here are a few specifics to take care of your Velutina air plant.


Tillandsia Velutina Plant Size

The Tillandsia Velutina air plant is a medium-sized epiphyte plant reaching about 2 to 3 inches wide and 2 to 3 inches tall. One or two short ears pop up on each flower when in bloom.


There are bracts of flowering that resemble leaves and are typically a bright red color. The main bracts are usually red and soften in color near the ears of the plant. The non-fragrant flowers are tubular and can grow roughly 2 inches long.


Light Needed for Tillandsia Velutina Plants

The Tillandsia Velutina air plant can thrive as an indoor plant, but it typically enjoys bright, indirect lighting. If kept outside, keep this air plant away from direct sunlight because it can develop burn marks. When kept inside, air plants such as this one do best near a window to experience plenty of indirect lighting.


You may sometimes see brown coloration at the bottom of this plant, but know this behavior is normal for these types of air plants. The brown is not an indicator of rotting or being exposed to sunlight. If there is any rotting, the brown coloration will stem from the central area of the top of the plant where new growth comes out.


How Often to Water a Tillandsia Velutina Plant

Watering your Tillandsia Velutina air plant is relatively simple. Soak your Velutina air plant twice a week in a bowl of water for about 10 minutes each time. You can also use a spray bottle to mist your plant about 3 to 4 times a week if your air plant needs a bit more water in between its weekly baths.


These air plants absorb water through their leaves instead of roots, so it is necessary to shake off any excess water on the leaves to avoid overwatering. When finished watering, place your plant in an area with good air circulation to dry off the leaves. However, do not place your air plant in the sun or near a heater or air conditioning unit because the intense temperature can cause damage to the plant.


Safe Temperatures Tillandsia Velutina Plants Thrive In

Because the Velutina air plant is native to Chiapas and Guatemala, this plant is used to surviving warm weather. Usually, these air plants do best in environments ranging from 50° to 80° Fahrenheit.


These air plants can survive most indoor living situations as long as they have access to indirect lighting near a window. If growing outside, these air plants will do fine in an area with plenty of heat, but it is best to bring your air plant indoors once the temperature dips under 50°.


As far as humidity levels, these air plants enjoy some moisture in the air to keep their plants wet. However, good aeration is required for the plant to dry up quickly.


tillandsia velutina


Why Choose a Tillandsia Velutina Plant?

Besides being an excellent decoration piece, there is a wide range of benefits to having air plants, especially the Tillandsia Velutina air plant.


Reduces Stress

Whether you have had a stressful day at work or the everyday struggles of life, have been bringing you down, having air plants like the Tillandsia Velutina are known to significantly reduce stress levels. According to a study done by Scientific American, surrounding yourself with more nature will help you be more happy, calm, and optimistic.


Purify Air

Like many other indoor plants such as Snake Plants, Spider Plants, and many others, air plants can also purify the air we breathe. Typically, many toxins are floating around that are harmful to our health. However, by adding a few air plants inside your home, they can absorb the pollutants in the air for their own growth.


Easy to Propagate

One unique benefit to air plants is that they are incredibly easy to propagate, even more so than other plants. They are so easy to move around because they do not need any soil to grow. All you have to do is move the entire plant, and it will easily situate itself in its new environment.


Are Tillandsia Velutina Plants Good Indoors & Outdoors?

Just like other air plants, the Tillandsia Velutina is extremely versatile and can survive in many environments. Although they do prefer to grow in the warm, they will have good indoor and outdoor plants. And because they are easy to propagate and move to a new area, if weather conditions are not ideal, moving your Velutina inside is as simple as carrying a few leaves.


Are Tillandsia Velutina Plants Pet and Children Friendly?

Many house plants can be toxic to our pets and children. Fortunately, the Tillandsia Velutina air plant and many other air plants are not toxic to dogs and cats! Although it can be a nuisance when our pets get into our plants, at least you don’t have to worry about them getting sick from nibbling on the Tillandsia Velutina air plant.


Tillandsia Velutina Family Relatives

The Velutina air plant is a part of the Tillandsia genus, known as bromeliads, also members of the pineapple family. These air plants are native to the Americas, ranging from the southern United States through Central America and into the northern half of South America.


As with other air plants, the Tillandsia air plants do not need soil or a pot to grow in. These air plants can thrive in almost any condition and any propagation. They generally need regular watering and moderate indirect light, but other than that, Tillandsia air plants are incredibly easy to care for.


Plants That Are Similar to the Tillandsia Velutina

If you find yourself not interested in the Tillandsia Velutina air plant, there are plenty of other air plants that may be up your alley. These air plants are similar in aesthetic, air plant care, require the same type of light, and other similarities. Different types of Tillandsias include:


  • Aeranthos
  • Bulbosa
  • Bergeri
  • Capitata
  • Leiboldiana
  • Juncea
  • Streptophylla
  • Stricta


Final Thoughts – Tillandsia Velutina Plants

The Tillandsia Velutina is just one of the many amazing air plants that can bring a sense of peace and relaxation to any room of your home. These air plants are easy to propagate and can be used in countless creative decorations.


Even if you do not have the best luck with plants, the Velutina air plant is simple to take care of. You don’t have to worry about what kind of soil it needs to grow because it doesn’t need any! If you want to pick up your very own Tillandsia Velutina air plant, check out Planted Pot’s online shop today!


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