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Anubias Congensis Mini


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Details :

One of the coolest aquatic plants available, the Aquatic Anubias Congensis Mini, is the perfect starter plant. It may be small, but it’s far from fragile. Its long and slender dark-green leaves ascend beautifully on any surface the rhizomes attach to. This plant grows submerged in water and thrives in low to moderate lighting conditions. If you’re looking for an aquarium plant or a pond-dwelling beauty, the Aquatic Anubias Conensis Mini is for you!

Care :

Low to medium light. 1 to 2 watts per gallon provided by a fluorescent fixture with daylight bulbs (5000-7000°K).

This plant grows submerged in water.

72°-82°F (water temperature)

Other Names
Anubias barteri var. congensis ‘mini’
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