Creepy Plants

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Details :

We at Planted Pot believe all plants are beautiful, but who said pretty things couldn’t be creepy at the same time? Live like it’s Halloween every day of the year with this spooky yet special Creepy Plant Bundle. The Pothos and Monstera are house plant staples, but they could use some creepy company, don’t you think? Surprise house guests with something a little different the next time they come over. These Creepy Plants just beg people to inspect them closely, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better icebreaker. Build your plant collection like none other with some Creepy Plants!

Care :

All plants in this bundle benefit from bright, indirect light.

During the summer, water frequently. In the winter, water sparingly.


Other Names
Spider Plant “Bonnie,” Milk Stripe “Euphorbia,” Snake Plant “Stuckii,” Cryptanthus “Pink Star”
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