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Tillandsia "3 Ionantha Guatemala Air Plants"


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The Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala Air Plant is one of the most iconic air plants. Its thin, spiky leaves give the impression of a tuft of grass. It’s often covered in fuzzy hair that gives it a slight silvery texture. And just wait until it blooms! When flowering, this air plant transforms from green into a sunset-like red-orange color. It even sports a purple tubular flower on top! Air plants are hardy and require minimal care. Simply mist it every few days and soak the roots once every 1 to 2 weeks.

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Ionantha Guatemala Air Plant

With stunning purple blooms, fiery red leaves, and an exotic, spiky shape, the Ionantha Guatemala is one of the most beautiful and unique Air Plants to have in your home. Ionantha Guatemala Air Plants are as hardy as they are beautiful, requiring minimal care to thrive.

Looking to brighten up your room with a one-of-a-kind plant? Here is everything you need to know to grow an Ionantha Guatemala Air Plant in your home, whether it’s hanging in a glass orb in your room or climbing your bookshelf in the study.


What is an Ionantha Guatemala Air Plant?

This Air Plant grows much differently than other houseplants, which can be tricky to get the hang of at first. Even though it’s slightly different than others, it is still incredibly easy to care for like other Air Plants. Here are some things to keep in mind if you want your Ionantha Guatemala to thrive!

Plant Size

This is a small species of Air Plant. They are usually about 2 to 3.5 inches tall. They start with all green leaves but will become pink and purple over time.

Each Ionantha Guatemala Air Plant will flower once in its lifetime. The flowers last from several days to multiple months, starting around mid-winter.

This species also develops pups you can propagate. Pups are individual plants that also bloom. Remember to remove dried leaves from the mother plant, allowing the gap to be filled by other plants that are growing and spreading.

Light Requirements

Like most plants, Ionantha Guatemala Air Plants thrive in bright, filtered light. They can be kept in sunnier spots if kept indoors, but this may require daily misting or weekly soaking.

Artificial light is okay as well. Fluorescent is considered the best option. If you go this route, your Air Plant should be no further than 36 inches from the fluorescent tubes. They can be as close as six inches. Using a timer, have the light on about 12 hours per day.

Water Requirements

You should wet your plant about two to three times each week (or more if you live in a hot, dry environment). Without proper moisture, the Ionantha Guatemala will struggle. You’ll start to notice them becoming fuzzy as they become covered in trichomes. If you notice this, that means your Air Plant is trying its best to absorb water and nutrients to survive, so give your plant more water.

You must never use distilled or softened water. Filtered and bottled water are your best options. Always make sure that your Air Plant is never sitting in water. After watering your plant, you should turn it upside down to remove excess water.

Temperature Requirements

The ideal temperature for Ionantha Guatemala Air Plants is between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Humidity is welcomed. You can mist your plant to recreate a tropical environment or put them in a room that has a humidifier.

Other Important Notes

DO NOT put this plant in soil. Air Plants don’t require soil to grow. Instead, most Air Plants are placed in glass globes. Don’t put the globes right in front of the window. Air Plants can attach to rocks, seashell, pottery, wood, and virtually any other natural surface.

Make sure your plant dries in four hours or less after watering. This means it has enough light and air circulation to thrive. But keep in mind that you shouldn’t let your plant overheat.

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Why Choose an Ionantha Guatemala Air Plant for Your Home?

Ionantha Guatemala Air Plants are excellent additions to any home. The first reason is the most obvious but can’t be denied: they are beautiful. These plants have long, spiky, stiff leaves that curve downward. The colors are often green and red and have a soft, fuzzy surface. Air Plants may look like underwater vegetation or even a space creature, but they’ll look at home no matter where you place them!

Even better, Ionantha Guatemala Air Plants are blooming plants! It has purple tubular flowers that are stunning against its spiky green leaves.

Ionantha Guatemala Air Plants look even more unique because they don’t have to be grown in soil. Like most Air Plants, the Ionantha Guatemala can be placed inside various wall containers, like glass orbs. This creates a unique vibe that most other plants can’t give your decor. The Ionantha Guatemala can be attached to most surfaces, giving you a multitude of design options.

The presence of the Ionantha Guatemala can also greatly improve your mood and overall wellness. Studies have shown that plants can improve concentration and productivity by 15%. Place the Ionantha Guatemala near your office to give you a boost during work. Having a bit of green in your indoor environment will help you feel more positive and relaxed as well.


Are Ionantha Guatemala Air Plants Good Indoors & Outdoors?

This interesting Air Plant can be grown inside and outside! But if you want to put your Ionantha Guatemala outside, there are different care requirements to consider.

Put Air Plants in a shaded area if possible. Avoid direct sunlight because too much exposure will burn your plant and dry out its soil. You will also still need to water your plant if you live in an environment with dry air. You’ll need to water them even more if it’s windy since it can also dry out plants. You can mist your plant to increase the humidity.

Ionantha Guatemala Air Plants do not enjoy cold weather and will die in frost. Make sure the plant’s environment does not drop below 40 degrees at night. This is especially important if it’s warm during the day, since dramatic temperature shifts can make the problem even worse.


Are Ionantha Guatemala Air Plants Pet and Children Friendly?

Ionantha Guatemala Air Plants are non-toxic to pets and children. This means you can freely place these Air Plants wherever you’d like without worrying if a curious kitty wants to take a chomp of its fuzzy leaves.


Ionantha Guatemala Air Plant Family Relatives

The Ionantha Guatemala is a type of Tillandsia (or Air Plant), an epiphyte that uses its roots to cling to surfaces like trees and rocks. Here are some other types of Air Plants that will look great in your home!



This variety has light green leaves with a silvery cast. You can see a purple hue in brighter light. The foliage is pointy and stiff, creating a rosette shape that can reach six to eight inches. When the Aeranthos blooms, elongated stems will grow full of blue-purple petals.



This plant has dark, fleshy leaves that are yellow-green. They have a foliage pattern much like a fir tree, creating a distinct pattern that combines the desert look of a succulent with the forest flair of a pine tree. They bloom for a week-long, featuring bright red flowers that hang downward.



The Bulbosa has unique leaves that are fleshy, dark green, and squiggly. They look like long tentacles! They reach 8 to 18 inches long, and their flowers are red. It’s important to keep in mind that this plant often has ants living in its bulb-like base.


This Air Plant has leaves resembling a Spider Plant: long, straight, and pointy. However, it has a silvery cast due to the trichomes on its surface. Their color ranges from green to purple. This variety can grow up to 10 inches.


This plant has a cluster of light green leaves that look a bit like balsam fir needles. They are soft to the touch despite their spiky appearance. Funckianas have a flower that’s long, red, and tubular. It emerges at the tip of each leaf.

ionantha guatemala air plant


Plant Types That Are Similar to the Ionantha Guatemala Air Plant

Looking for Air Plants that are similar to the Ionantha Guatemala? Check out these popular Air Plant varieties:

  • Xerographica: This is a large Air Plant that has a full, round shape. This hardy plant from Mexico can take a lot of sunlight and does alright with a lack of water, making it stand out from other Air Plants.
  • Stricta: This plant has striking green leaves and beautiful pink flowers. It’s found in a variety of climates, meaning it is quite adaptable.
  • Capitata: This Air Plant has soft leaves and can grow quite large with the right care. It’s often grown on the side of trees and rocks.


Why Planted Pot?

When looking for Air Plants, check out an Air Plant shop that can guarantee healthy plants, like Planted Pot. Adding new plants to your home is always exciting, but you want to ensure the new Air Plants are healthy and free of pests before purchasing. A trusted Air Plant shop will also carefully and thoughtfully pack your plant and offer fast shipping to ensure it’s completely safe on its journey.

All the plants (including the Air Plants) at Planted Pot are well cared for. We understand that plants are family! Healthy plants can impact your home and your wellbeing. If you have any questions about how two care for Air Plants — or how to purchase wholesale Air Plants — contact our dedicated and knowledgeable customer service team! Have your plants arrived already? Then head over to our blog page to start learning more!


Final Thoughts – Ionantha Guatemala Air Plant

There are not many Air Plants quite like the Tillandsia Ionantha Guatemala Air Plant. Its pointy, green-and-red leaves look stunning in any room. It only gets better when the Ionantha Guatemala blooms, and you see its amazing purple tubular flowers.

But the Ionantha Guatemala Air Plant is more than just a beautiful blooming plant with purple flowers. It also provides you with positivity and productivity. And in return, Ionantha Guatemala Air Plants requires very little care. General Air Plant care applies here: Just make sure it gets the right amount of humidity, water, and light to thrive. In return, you’ll get a one-of-a-kind, adored Air Plant.


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