Dracaena Variety Pack (x3)


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Stunning? Check! Tropical and bright? Check and check! Easy to care for? You bet they are! Dracaena Plants are growing mighty popular in households worldwide due to their beauty and low maintenance needs. These are gorgeous plants that will look stunning in any room. Dracaena also don’t have demanding needs to grow healthy, happy, and vibrant. They need water every 10-14 days and filtered indoor light. Dracaenas of all types are incredibly versatile, so you can put each one in different areas of your home.

Care :

Filtered indoor light (such as through a sheer curtain in front of a sunny window) or a semi-shade spot is an ideal location. Never place a dracaena plant in direct sun, as the rays will scorch its foliage.

Dracaena require less water than most indoor plants. Keep them hydrated by misting the leaves with water and keeping the soil lightly misted (never soggy) as well with good drainage. Always allow the top soil to dry out before watering.

65-75° F, sensitive to extreme heat or cold (nothing below 55° F)

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Details :

You stand out from a crowd, and your plants should do the same. While some species consist of plants that all look exactly the same, each Dracaena is incredibly unique. There’s no better example of the Dracaena’s variety than the plants in this bundle. The Song of India, Colorama, and Elegance are low-maintenance and air-purifying like all Dracaenas, but they each have a distinct look. The Song of India’s green-and-white stripes, the Colorama’s excited bundle of reddish-purple leaves, the Elegance’s bamboo-like stalk and relaxed leaves — each one is more special than the last!


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