Rabbit Foot Fern


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Details :

Down on your luck and want to turn things around? The Rabbit’s Foot Fern is one of the luckiest plants around! This eye-catching tropical plant is easier to take care of than other ferns. The base of the plant is covered with fuzzy white rhizomes that resemble a rabbit’s foot. This plant thrives in high humidity. It is also low maintenance and very resilient. Keep it somewhere with indirect sunshine and a steady watering schedule. This unique, luscious plant makes a fantastic accessory to any home, especially as a hanging decoration!

Care :

Bright, indirect, or filtered light

Water the plants lightly but often to keep the surface of the soil lightly moist. Daily misting helps keep the surface rhizomes from drying out.

60 – 75°F

Also Known As :
Davallia fejeensis, Hare’s Foot Fern
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Rabbit Foot Fern

Ferns are already beautiful on their own, but the Rabbit Foot Fern has an extra something that makes them even more stunning: little fuzzy rhizomes that hang below them. Some people believe these rabbit foot-like rhizomes are lucky. Others just love petting them!


The Rabbit Foot Fern is hardy and easy to care for, making it a common addition to many indoor gardens. It’s often found in a hanging basket so the rhizomes are easier to see. Here’s a bit more about this one-of-a-kind fern.


What is a Rabbit Foot Fern?

The Rabbit Foot Fern is an epiphytic species, which means it often grows on trees and rocks. Similar to the iconic Philodendron, the Rabbit Foot is a tropical plant. It’s native to the Fiji Islands of Oceania, found on the forest floor beneath a thick canopy. This plant gets nutrients from the air, rain, and debris that falls from the canopy above.


This lucky species has become a very popular houseplant since its natural environment and nutritional needs make it easy to care for inside. It’s also visually pleasing, with its dazzling green, lace-like fronds. Although these leaves are quite different from the Aglaonema, they have a similar fanning shape.


This plant’s scientific name is Davallia fejeensis. Its nickname, Rabbit Foot Fern, is thanks to the brown-haired, furry rhizomes that hang below the plant. They are said to resemble a rabbit’s foot. Rabbit Foot Ferns are often kept in hanging baskets so the rhizomes can be seen dangling below.


rabbit foot fern


Plant Size

This Oceanic species typically grows to about 3 ft. tall. The lacy fronds (leaves) are about 12 inches long and six inches wide.


Light Requirements

Like most ferns, this plant should be protected from direct sunlight. If your plant is in direct sunlight, the fronds can become scorched and the rhizomes will turn dark brown. Plant experts advise that the fern never be placed directly in the sun.


Watering Requirements

This plant has small roots, taking water and nutrients from the topsoil and then storing them within the hanging rhizomes. To mirror their natural environment, keep this plant’s soil moist at all times in the spring and summer. Just be sure to avoid soaking the soil. The top inch of soil should be dry before watering again.


Temperature & Humidity Requirements

The best temperature for this plant is between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Your home should never be lower than 55 degrees. The room you place your fern in should have increased humidity if possible. Try using a humidifier if the air is not moist enough. You can also mist your plant regularly.


Why Choose a Rabbit Foot Fern for Your Home?

This beautiful houseplant is very low maintenance. This has made it a popular plant to have in the home. Place your plant in a well-draining pot with well-draining soil, hang it in the kitchen away from direct sunlight, and keep the soil moist to see their vibrant fronds thrive.


The Rabbit Foot Fern is also beautiful. It’s one of the most stunning ferns you can have in your home thanks to its lacy appearance and the fuzzy rhizomes that hang below it. Despite its delicate looks, this fern will make a statement in any room you place it in.


And here’s an added bonus: it may bring you good luck! That’s thanks to the fuzzy, tan rhizomes that look like a rabbit foot. Even if you don’t believe in luck, there’s no harm in petting these soft, pet-like rhizomes!


hanging fern


Rabbit Foot Fern Plant Family Relatives

The Rabbit Foot Fern is part of the Davallia genus, which contains 40 species of ferns. These are ferns that grow on trees and rocks. They all get their nutrients from the moisture in the air. Many ferns in this genus also have rhizomes.


Three plants related to this species are the White, Black, and Dainty Rabbit Foot Ferns. They are quite similar but with different colored foliage. The Dainty variety is another Davallia plant with a similar appearance to the Rabbit Foot Fern but with a more delicate look.


Final Thoughts – Rabbit Foot Fern

If you’re looking for a houseplant that’s easy to care for, has little care requirements, but still has a gorgeous appearance, the this fern is right for you. With its delicate, lace-like fronds and fuzzy rhizomes, this plant is the perfect addition to any room that needs a plant in a hanging basket. Once you’ve got your houseplant, be sure to check out our in-depth guide on Rabbit Foot Fern care.


Make sure you keep your Rabbit Foot Fern away from direct sunlight, keep their soil moist, and give them a humid environment if possible. This will allow your plant to thrive, giving you stunning green fronds and lucky, fuzzy rhizomes to admire.


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