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NJoy Pothos



The NJoy Pothos is one of the most uniquely beautiful house plants available. It has a variegated (striped) appearance featuring white and green colors. It’s no wonder this plant is called the NJoy, because it sparks happiness with its quirky good looks. The NJoy Pothos may be an eye-catcher, but it also won’t dominate the layout of whichever room you place it in. Throw your NJoy up on a windowsill to accent the area’s natural light, or use it to add some color and variety to a bookshelf. This Pothos “njoys” bright, indirect light, but you can also grow it under a fluorescent light. The possibilities are truly endless with the NJoy Pothos!

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NJoy Pothos

As the name suggests, the NJoy Pothos is a gorgeous and truly unique houseplant that promises plenty of enjoyment and tranquil vibes with its waxy dark green leaves and abundant foliage. The NJoy Pothos plant is versatile in that it can be grown in a stationed pot on a table, or you can hang it from the ceiling and let its multicolored leaves be free.

Coming from the Epipremnum genus family, the NJoy Pothos has many relatives, such as the Marble Queen Pothos and the Snow Queen Pothos. Let’s take a closer look at the NJoy Pothos, how to care for this plant, and why you should choose an NJoy plant for your home.


What is a NJoy Pothos?

Originating from certain areas of Australia and Southeast Asia, the NJoy Pothos is also known as the “Pothos N’Joy.” No matter what you call it, this plant promises plenty of enjoyment in whatever household it is in.

From the Epipremnum Aureum genus family, NJoy Pothos plants are characterized by their bright, distinctive green and white leaves and their potential length (up to 10 feet). The NJoy Pothos is a unique specimen that can bring any living space joy and bliss.

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The NJoy Pothos can range in size depending on the environment it grows in. If in the wild, a Pothos plant can grow up to 50 feet tall. But as a houseplant, NJoy Pothos can reach up to 10 feet tall.

The NJoy’s leaves are green with a cream or sometimes yellow variegation. The leaves of the NJoy Pothos are typically smaller than other Pothos plants.


NJoy Pothos plants prefer bright, indirect lighting rather than partial shade. Direct sunlight can cause damage to the leaves and change the variegation.

If growing inside, NJoy plants do well with fluorescent light. So if you keep your plant in an office or reception area, they will adapt to the lighting perfectly.


NJoy Pothos plants prefer having moist soil, but they do not like being overwatered. Maintaining a weekly schedule for watering to ensure that the soil stays wet should suffice.

Pothos plants are susceptible to a condition known as “wet feet,” which is caused by poor drainage and overwatering. To prevent this from happening, only water the plant after the top one and a half to two inches of soil has dried out.

To tell if you are underwatering or overwatering, place your index finger at least one inch below the soil’s surface and determine the moisture level. If it’s too dry, you need more water, and if it is too wet, you may be overwatering. Finding the right balance can be difficult, but your Pothos should be in good hands with a bit of patience and practice.


The best temperature for your NJoy Pothos indoors is right at 50°F. But generally, Pothos plants will thrive in temperatures ranging from 65°F to 85°F. To maintain a consistent room temperature, keep your plant away from large appliances and air conditioning units.

NJoy Pothos does not mind low humidity levels but can stand tropical climates from Australia and Southeast Asia. If you can maintain a humidity level of about 50% to 70%, your Pothos plant will be happy.


NJoy Pothos plants are usually light feeders. This means that they can do without fertilizer. Some of the potting mix bags you may find lack essential nutrients that your Pothos needs to grow. So make sure you find a well-balanced fertilizer designated for houseplants. Feed your plant about once or twice a month, and they should grow at a healthy rate.


Why Choose a NJoy Pothos for Your Home?

As with any houseplant you choose, they can add a bit of color and lively ambiance to your home. The NJoy Pothos is no exception as it promises plenty of character with its overflowing foliage and deep green leaves. Here are a few other potential benefits of having a NJoy Pothos in your home.

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Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that having indoor plants can help reduce your stress levels significantly. Just adding an indoor plant such as Pothos into any room of your home will provide you with a more comfortable and soothing environment.

Sharpens Your Attention

Not only can houseplants make you feel relaxed, but they can also help with sharpening your attention and increasing productivity. A study conducted by Konkuk University found that participants studied better in the presence of a real plant rather than a fake one.

Being in the presence of indoor plants helps boost your brain functions and can help with productivity levels. Many studies have found that houseplants give students more confidence in working and overall less stress.


Indoor plants are also known to provide therapeutic benefits. The process of growing an indoor garden can help practice patience and soothe an overstimulated mind. In Manchester, England, medicinal experts provided potted plants as therapy for patients with signs of depression and anxiety.

Improve Air Quality

One major role that houseplants play is being air purifiers. By having plants inside your home, the air you breathe improves because the plants intake all toxins such as carbon monoxide and convert it into clean, breathable air. A NJoy Pothos plant is one of many plants that can clean the air inside our homes.


Are NJoy Pothos Plants Good Indoors & Outdoors?

NJoy Pothos plants are excellent for both indoors and outdoors.

Naturally, Pothos plants thrive in tropical weather such as Australia and Southeast Asia. They are used to the humidity and outside temperature and can grow up to 50 feet. When growing outside, Pothos plants are susceptible to direct sunlight and can generate brown spots on their leaves. Pothos can also be exposed to certain pests such as mealybugs and aphids.

However, under the right conditions and placement, Pothos plants can live happily and healthy outdoors.

Alternatively, NJoy plants can also make for perfect houseplants. They prefer to be in a spot with indirect sunlight or fluorescent light. You can place your NJoy in a pot on a table and have the leaves sprawl out all over, or you can place your plant in a hanging pot and watch the leaves hang out.

The NJoy Pothos plant is versatile and can thrive in all sorts of living conditions and environments.


Are NJoy Pothos Plants Pet and Children Friendly?

Because NJoy plants contain calcium oxalate crystals, they are considered toxic to both pets and children. It is best to keep this plant away from your loved ones, preferably hanging, so it isn’t easy to reach.

The NJoy may also cause skin irritation for some sensitive individuals, so it is best to always wear gloves when handling this plant.


NJoy Pothos Family Relatives

The NJoy Pothos plant comes from the Araceae family and the Epipremnum Aureum genus.

Araceae plants are borne on a type of inflorescence called a spadix. A leaf-like curved bract usually surrounds the spadix. Many of the plants in the Araceae family are thermogenic, which means that they produce heat. With this increased temperature, the plants can attract insects to help pollinate.

Epipremnum Aureum plants are native to many tropical areas such as South Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia. These plants are usually vine-like and can vary in length and size. The leaves are typically heart-shaped and can be different sizes depending on the type of plant.

Plant Types That Are Similar to the NJoy Pothos Plant

If the NJoy plant is not for you, here are several similar plants that share the similar aesthetic of the NJoy Pothos:

  • Cebu Blue Pothos
  • Golden Pothos
  • Hawaiian Pothos
  • Jessenia Pothos
  • Manjula Pothos
  • Marble Queen Pothos
  • Neon Pothos
  • Pearls and Jade Pothos


Final Thoughts – NJoy Pothos

The NJoy Pothos is a vibrant and extraordinary houseplant that will bring you plenty of joy. With the proper care and a little bit of patience, your NJoy plant can live a long and healthy life.

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