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There’s a reason Pothos plants are so iconic: they’re easy to care for, do well in low-light environments, and look absolutely gorgeous. The Neon is one of the many Pothos varieties, and it gets its name from the bright green color of its leaves. The Pothos Neon is a popular choice for offices and apartments with just a few windows because it can still grow in fluorescent light. The Neon grows in temperatures between 70-90°F, and it should be watered when the top 2 inches of soil become dry. If you want a pop of neon green color to add that extra “wow” factor to your room, look no further than the Pothos Neon!

Care :

Neon Pothos can adapt to low light but prosper in bright, indirect light throughout the year. Harsh, intense sunlight will burn the leaves, while too little sunlight will cause the leaves to turn pale green and smaller.

Water your Neon Pothos just enough to maintain the soil moist, but not soggy or saturated.

70°F – 90°F

Also Known As :
Epipremnum aureum
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Pothos Neon

Is your home or workspace looking a little dull and lacking in color? The Neon Pothos plant is one of the best choices for making your surroundings more colorful and impactful! This attention-grabbing plant is widely regarded for its neon leaves that add an added layer of pop to any room or office.


The Pothos Neon epitomizes beauty in the form of a tropical trailing plant. The best part about it is how easy it is to maintain this plant. It is perfect for first-time plant owners! Before you go out and adopt your own Pothos Neon plant, it is essential to know what exactly it is, why it belongs in your home, and all the other interesting information that will make you fall further in love with this plant.


What is a Pothos Neon Plant?

The Neon Pothos plant is a tropical, trailing plant native to French Polynesia. Considering its incredible versatility, the Pothos Neon is common in most homes worldwide! The plant is easily recognizable by its heart-shaped neon green leaves. The leaves look lovely as they hang at the ends of the vine-like stems of the plant.


This plant is a cultivar of the Epipremnum Aureum, which is part of the Araceae family. If the botanical name does not ring a bell, it’s cool. As a variation of the Epipremnum Aureum, they are known as Pothos plants.


Golden Pothos, Devil’s Ivy, Marble Queen, Taro Vine, and Money Plant are common cultivars for Pothos plants. The difference is the variegated leaves of each plant. The Pothos are popular as houseplants due to their low-maintenance plant care requirements.


The Neon Pothos is among the more popular Pothos plants because of how spectacular their neon leaves stand out in a room. Check out these quick care tips and information on the Neon Pothos.


green pothos black pot living room


Care Tips For The Neon Pothos


  • Size: Under the right conditions, the stems of this plant become vines and expand outward a few feet. In their natural habitats, the Neon Pothos may grow as tall as 20 feet. Because of this plant’s growth expansion, this plant is often found dangling in baskets, or some plant owners also trim their plant to keep it at the desired length.


  • Watering: Water is one of the most important factors in plant care and prosperity. The amount of watering requirement depends on the time of year, but it is usually best to allow the soil enough time to dry before watering your Neon Pothos. It will be fine being watered once every week or two, but make sure not to overwater the plant!


  • Light Requirements: This plant has easy-to-understand lighting requirements. It can do well in low light to bright indirect light. It is important to avoid leaving it directly in the presence of sunlight, or else it will slowly kill the plant.


  • Temperature and Humidity: The Neon Pothos will thrive if kept somewhere with temperatures ranging from 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Just like its natural habitat, this Pothos plant enjoys warmer temperatures with good levels of humidity. This plant can develop brown leaf tips due to a lack of moisture in the air. Simply address this through regular mistings with fresh water.


Why Choose a Pothos Neon Plant for Your Home?

The Neon Pothos’ role in your home is not just as a botanical ornament. It has many positives uses in your home.


The relationship between you and your Neon Pothos will extend beyond just being a cosmetic upgrade to your home. You will be amazed to find out about how it can further benefit your overall life.


Purifies the Air

Doesn’t it feel amazing when you are out on a hike, and you catch yourself taking a giant inhale of the fresh, clean air? That is possible thanks to the science behind how plants purify the surrounding air.


The Pothos plant was one of the plants NASA used in a study conducted on which plants clean the surrounding airborne toxins. Many older homes and office buildings have poor ventilation and more pollutants than outside. Keeping one or more Neon Pothos in your home will improve the air quality for you and your family.


Eases Nervousness

Something about the act of gardening tends to help people unwind from their daily lives. Plant care is a great therapeutic way of easing any unwanted thoughts that may be plaguing your mind.


More people are staying indoors, but the yearning to connect with nature is as strong as ever. Caring for a Pothos Plant will promote calmness within your mind as it feels closer to Mother Nature.


Promotes Clarity

A majority of people have trouble staying focused on a task. According to a study, when plants are placed in a classroom, students had a higher concentration level than the kids without plants near them.


With so much going on during the day, it can be difficult to concentrate on completing household chores. A couple of Neon Pothos around your home will help keep your mind clear and help your kids focus better when completing their homework.


Are Pothos Neon Plants Good Indoors & Outdoors?

Pothos Neon plants are capable of thriving indoors and outdoors. Its care requirements are similar but also different. One of the first things to consider before deciding if you want to leave your Pothos outside or inside is what the weather is like.


Too much sun can damage your outdoor Neon Pothos if you live somewhere extremely hot, like desert areas. Your Pothos plant will not be able to stand freezing temperatures outside. If you want your plant to survive outdoors, it should be kept in a shaded area where it can receive bright indirect light.


The Neon Pothis is easy to grow indoors. All you need is a pot with drainage holes and a good soil mix. It is a sturdy plant that can do well in bright indirect and low light conditions, allowing you to place it almost anywhere indoors.


It is better to keep your Neon Pothos as a houseplant where it can tolerate a little neglect. An outdoor Neon Pothos might require extra time, care, and supplies like a walk-in greenhouse.


Are Pothos Neon Plants Pet and Children Friendly?

The Neon Pothos is a beauty to see but a different story to eat. Pets, children, or adults should never ingest this toxic plant. The leaves in this plant are a lovely sight but are toxic to common household animals and people.


It is not just the leaves, but any part of this plant is considered harmful. The Neon Pothos carries a chemical that may cause mild symptoms such as mouth and stomach irritation.


It is treatable as long as you consult with a medical professional. Ingestion is avoidable by placing this plant somewhere away from small hands and paws.


Pothos Neon Plant Family Relatives

The Pothos plants come in different varieties and color schemes on their leaves. They are all low-maintenance plants and pair up nicely with Neon Pothos plants. Mix and match your Pothos plants to add another layer of beauty to your home!

bright vibrant plant white room


Golden Pothos

One of the most popular houseplants for beginning gardeners, the Golden Pothos is a hardy plant that is almost difficult to dangerously neglect. Its leaves are shades of green with splashes of yellow. It also likes to expand its stems.


The Golden Pothos’ foliage adds more color to the living room. Hang this plant from a pot so its leaves can trail down like a vine. Also, try and keep your precious Pothos in the dark corner of a room with a totem in its soil so it can attach itself and grow upwards.


Marble Queen Pothos

Most Pothos have some variation of green with some mixed of yellow. The Marble Queen stands out for its silver and cream-colored leaves with blots of green. When it comes to unique color combinations, few plants stand out like the Marble Queen Pothos.


It shares plenty of characteristics with other Pothos plants. You can expect a beautiful hardy plant in exchange for easy plant care.


Pearls and Jade Pothos

Although the leaves are slightly smaller than other Pothos, the Pearls and Jade Pothos plant is visually stunning. It grows a little slower than other Pothos varieties, but it is very hardy. It can handle neglect and still thrive.


The foliage on this plant is green to dark green with creamy white or grayish silver spots of colors on the edges of the leaf. This plant stands out and will look great growing next to your Pothos Neon.


Plants That Are Similar to the Pothos Neon

Pothos are unique both visually and botanically when compared to other plants. These plants may look different from the Neon Pothos, but they are all great plants for beginners!


  • Philodendron: This plant contains numerous amounts of cultivars that are classified into non-climbing or vining plants. It also purifies the surrounding air and is easy to grow.
  • Snake Plant: This houseplant is cleverly known as Mother-in-Law’s Tongue plant; this houseplant is loved for its resiliency to survive neglect and still stand tall. The leaves on it stand upright with an evergreen pattern.
  • Spider Plant: This plant looks amazing with its spider leg-like green leaves hanging from a basket or as a centerpiece. It also doesn’t require much maintenance, making it sought-after by first-time plant owners.


Final Thoughts – Pothos Neon

In recent years, owning a houseplant became a popular trend. Demanding jobs and tasks at home are keeping busy people from connecting with nature. Luckily, owning a couple of Neon Pothos should fill that void.


Next time you consider redecorating your home’s interior, consider adding the Neon Pothos plant to your house. If you are interested in having one for yourself or any other houseplants, check out PlantedPot!


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