Spider Plant Reverse


Details :

The Spider Plant Reverse takes the iconic house plant and gives it a gorgeous twist. This plant is called “Reverse” because its leaf patterns are the opposite of the Spider Plant Vittatum. The Vittatum has leaves with green edges and a white stripe in the center, while the Reverse’s leaves are white on the outsides with a green middle. The options for home decoration are endless, and the Spider Plant Reverse can even be hung! You can set up an alternating pattern with the Vittatum and the Reverse, or get really wild and establish an entire plant corner. Show us how you spice up your space with the Spider Plant Reverse!

Care :

Spider plants can survive in light ranging from semi-shade to partial direct sunlight, but do their best when they receive bright, indirect sunlight. The only type of light you want to avoid with your spider plant is hot, direct sunlight, which will scorch the plant’s leaves, causing the tips to turn brown.

Throughout the summer, you should water regularly and keep soil evenly moist. During the winter months, the soil should be allowed to dry out briefly between waterings.

65°-75°F during the day, 50°F-55°F at night

Also Known As :
Chlorophytum comosum, Spider Plant Reverse
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