String of Dolphins


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Details :

We may not be ready for pet dolphins, but the Succulent String of Dolphins gets us pretty close. This cute plant is named after the small, curly leaves that grow off its vines. The leaves look like arched dolphins jumping around the container you place the succulent in. Different plants are better suited for certain purposes (or, should we say, “porpoises”). While some plants add class, elegance, or multiple colors to an area, the String of Dolphins brings a sense of whimsy and charm wherever you place it!

Care :

6 hours of bright, indirect sunlight per day. Direct sunlight may give it a slight sunburn, but it won’t dramatically harm these resilient desert plants.

During growing season (Spring/Summer), slowly soak soil evenly until water drips from the drainage holes. Allow excess water to flow out. Before watering again, allow your Dolphin Plant’s soil to get fairly dry (between bone-dry and damp, roughly one week). During late Fall and Winter, reduce watering to about once a month.


Also Known As :
Senecio peregrinus ‘String of Dolphins’, Dolphin Necklace, Flying Dolphins, Dolphin Plant, Senecio Hippogriff
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String of Dolphins

The String of Dolphins is a succulent that has captured the attention of plant lovers all over the world due to its one-of-a-kind appearance. Its leaves actually look like little dolphins diving through the water! But they are not only fun to look at. The String of Dolphins Plant is easy to take care of and quite beneficial to have around.


What Are String of Dolphins Plants?

The String of Dolphins Plant is a hybrid between the String of Pearls plant and the Candle Plant. It’s a trailing succulent in the Asteraceae family. It has long tendrils with shapes that are just like dolphins, hence the name!


This plant is often kept in hanging baskets thanks to its long tendrils. The String of Dolphins Plant has delicate blooms, but they are known for their one-of-a-kind, uniquely shaped foliage rather than the flowers.


The String of Dolphins Plant is considered a low-maintenance succulent. They are grown indoors and outdoors, but they can’t tolerate frost. So always pick a location that meets its needs. Here are some growing requirements below.


dolphin plant



Plant Size: This small succulent is usually about six inches tall.


Light Requirements: This plant gets sunburned easily, so don’t give it too much direct sunlight, especially when it’s hot out. When growing them outside, the String of Dolphins Plant should be put in a shaded spot. As a houseplant, this succulent should be given no more than six hours of sunlight per day.


Water Requirements: It’s easy to water the String of Dolphins. Give it a good soak until you stop seeing water run out of its pot’s drainage hole. Always allow the soil to dry completely before watering again. You’ll notice that’s about once per week during the spring and summer and only once per month during the winter.


Temperature Requirements: This unique succulent loves cool air. Your home can even be as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit! But any colder than 30 degrees, your plant will freeze. They cannot survive a frost. Keep them indoors when the weather gets cold.


To grow your String of Dolphins Plant in the summer months, try to have it in an area that’s 72 degrees Fahrenheit or more.


Humidity Requirements: This plant doesn’t need any special humidity requirements. Your household’s normal humidity levels should be fine.


Durability: This succulent is quite hardy when given the proper care. This is a great plant for forgetful waterers and people who are new to taking care of a plant. It doesn’t require as specific care as other plants and isn’t fussy if you move it.


Why Are String of Dolphins Great House Plants?

The Strings of Dolphins Plant is a great addition to any home. They are often added to succulent gardens or given their own hanging basket. No matter where you decide to place them, this is a plant that adds a unique appearance to any room. You can improve any decor with the String of Dolphins Plant.


The String of Dolphins Plant is also a great houseplant because it’s so low maintenance. Like most succulents, this plant doesn’t need a lot of care to thrive. They are fine in most temperatures and can tolerate most humidity levels. They also don’t need a lot of water. This makes them a great starter plant for people new to growing indoor plants.


The String of Dolphins is more than just a fun string of diving dolphins. These plants can provide a lot of mental and health benefits. Place one on your desk for a boost of energy, inspiration, and creativity. Studies have shown that plants can make you feel focused. Having a touch of nature in your work area will make you feel closer to the outdoors and give the area a rejuvenated touch of life.

close up of little tiny dolphins


String of Dolphins Plant Lineage

The Asteraceae, or aster family, has more than 1,620 genera and 23,600 species of herbaceous plants, shrubs, and trees. Here are some common plants from the aster family.


Dandelion: This is a common plant with yellow flowers. They are considered herbs, and some people use the leaves, stem, and root for medicinal reasons.


Coneflower: A perennial that blooms for months, showing off bright, beautiful flowers that attract birds and bees. They come in pink, orange, yellow, and red.


Pot Marigold: This is an annual herb that produces vibrant flowers ranging from orange and yellow to pink. You’ll see the plants from early summer through the fall. The pot marigold can grow up to 24 inches tall.


Sunflower: A tall perennial that can grow more than 120 inches, the Sunflower has a thick stem and a large, bright yellow flower at the top. Their seeds are edible.


Safflower: An annual plant that’s often cultivated for vegetable oil. The early Spanish colonies used it as a substitute for saffron. It’s bright yellow and vibrant, making it fun to look at.


Ragweed: This plant actually causes half of all pollen-related allergy cases in North America. They are distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the Americas.


Final Thoughts – String of Dolphins

The String of Dolphins started off popular in homes in Japan due to the adorable dolphin-like appearance of its leaves. But succulent lovers worldwide have started adding this cute plant to their succulent collection, whether it’s in a garden or a hanging basket.


Keep a String of Dolphins Plant near your desk for a touch of life and a boost of energy and focus. This is a fun plant that will increase your creativity and make you feel more connected to nature.


This plant is easy to care for, even more so than other succulents, because it doesn’t need hot temperatures, humidity, or a lot of watering. The String of Dolphins is easy to maintain, and you’ll see it thrive if you learn its few care requirements. This is definitely a plant that’s easy to have around and offers a variety of benefits with very little effort.


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