About Us

Houseplants, Reimagined

Planted Pot is rooted in the healing power of plants. It’s why we’re on a mission to deliver the beauty and health benefits of life-sustaining greenery directly to your home and office. By honoring and offering both popular and provocative plants and providing people with the resources needed to maintain healthy plant relationships, we hope to deepen the appreciation and stewardship of our essential plant family and expand our collective understanding of what is and isn’t a worthy “houseplant”.

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Plants Make Us Better

By sustaining their lives, plants help sustain ours. Besides adding beauty and vitality to our personal and professional spaces, they regulate air quality and humidity. In fact, plant roots and their associated microorganisms have been shown to destroy pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and other organic chemicals, eventually converting these air pollutants into new plant tissue. As if that wasn’t enough, studies have shown that plants reduce stress and anxiety, while increasing focus and performance. In other words, green is good.

Let’s Grow Together

Planted Pot is a place of discovery, education, and personal connection that shines a growlight on the many benefits and joys of indoor gardening. A trusted hub for amateur and experienced plant lovers to share knowledge and experience, we provide support and resources meant to inform, demystify, and simplify the care and management of your Planted Pot. We hope you’ll join our community of dedicated plant enthusiasts to discover all the ways we can keep growing better together.

woman examining a snake plant