Office Plants: How To Instantly Improve Your Workplace

office plants

Office Plants: How To Instantly Improve Your Workplace

Decorating can be thrilling. The freedom to pick and choose how something looks allows the creative juices to flow naturally. Blank workspaces provide employees the opportunity to add personality to their offices. Office plants can transform a desk from boring to the center of attention.


Office plants can be beneficial in many ways, and most are very easy to care for. There is a long list of various office plants that can significantly upgrade any workspace. Keep reading to find out all the best office plants you can use to revamp your work area!



Are Plants Good for an Office Environment?

Yes! Plants are great for office environments because they can brighten up any space!


Plants and humans thrive off each other. Indoor plants can elevate a room to another level. A dull conference room or desk cubicle can instantly turn vibrant with unique shades of green, red, silver, or yellow leaves.


Anyone entering the building will feel more at ease and experience an increase in concentration and creativity!


Many people dread going to work or cannot stand certain aspects of their jobs. Having an office plant helps bring about a sense of serenity and peace that can distract from the stressors of work. People are constantly seeking to connect with their inner selves and can find that with indoor plants.


A thriving indoor plant can turn a lifeless setting into a vibrant space for innovation and creative thinking. Feeling good at work increases productivity and instills a person with a sense of pride in their occupation.






What Are the Benefits of Having Office Plants?

There are many fantastic benefits of having a few plants around the office! Plants can improve the health of your body and mind in many ways. Check out some of the most important benefits of office plants.


Stress Relief

Work-induced stress is one of the main contributors to the decline of a person’s health. A 2015 study suggests that plants can significantly reduce physiological and psychological stress at work. Office plants can help lower stress hormone levels and can decrease the chance of cardiovascular issues.


No matter what office plant you decide to add to your office, it will provide you and your co-workers some much-needed stress relief!


The plant’s different shades of green may help trigger a feeling of peace and tranquility within people. Some jobs are more demanding than others, and having a couple of office plants around can help people stay calm. Being able to stay composed at work can even lower blood pressures and heart rates.


Purifies The Air

Having an office plant is like a breath of fresh air. Through photosynthesis, plants absorb carbon dioxide and turn it into fresh oxygen for us to breathe. Indoor plants also purify the air by collecting dust and other pollutants, which can cause allergies in some people.


Some offices have poor air conditioning circulation, and having an indoor plant helps regulate airflow. In 1989, NASA did a study on plants with air-purifying properties. If astronauts trust indoor plants to keep their air clean in space, imagine what they can do for your desk and office!


As cities around the world continue to expand, more and more people are spending their time indoors. People are more likely to inhale pollutants such as mold and asbestos inside a building than outside. Owning a few indoor plants can counteract that by absorbing those harmful toxins and leaving behind clean, fresh air.


Improves Health

Working alongside plants has been shown to improve health and speed up the recovery of illnesses. People with Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) experience fatigue, poor concentration, and other aches and pains due to inadequate office conditions. Indoor plants help combat SBS by regulating the airflow and increasing the body’s ability to recover.


People are less inclined to take sick days if they are always in good health and can bounce back from minor colds and fatigue quickly. High blood pressure is one of the main symptoms of stress. People working surrounded by plants feel calmer, which reduces stress and may lower the risk of heart issues.


Indoor plants can also increase humidity in an office through a process called evapotranspiration. Staying refreshed in dry, hot offices can improve your ability to stay focused and attentive.


Boosts Productivity 

People are more likely to finish their tasks if they work in a more relaxed setting. According to a study by Washington State University, people are more productive when plants are present. Since plants can remove the toxins in the air, you might focus and concentrate better.


Attention to detail and improved focus are common byproducts in office spaces with indoor plants. You’re probably also more likely to stay at a job that encourages relaxation provides a motivating workspace!


Low Maintenance

There are some great low-maintenance plants that you can keep around the office! Many people are attracted to the ease of care and affordability of plants like succulents or small cacti.


Most indoor plants only need minimal indirect sunlight to thrive. There are even some plants that can thrive in low-light settings and minimal watering!


Low-maintenance plants are great for those that aren’t in the office everyday. If you go on vacation, you won’t need to worry about missing a watering or feeding!



Where Should Plants Be Placed in the Office?

The type of plant best suited for a workspace depends on the layout of an office floor. The plant’s size or type can determine whether it can be placed on a desk or positioned along a wall.


Some plants, such as Tillandsias or Air Plants, are small and can be placed almost anywhere. Larger floor plants require bigger pots that can fill a corner in nicely.


The location of the windows is another essential factor to consider when deciding where to place a plant. Some plants like succulents are better suited near a window to enjoy receiving hours of indirect sunlight without any harm. Some indoor plants like the Snake Plant require very little indirect light and are perfect for desks in dark areas.


Placing the plant in the wrong location might lead to it dying due to insufficient exposure to light. You can adjust this by moving the plant closer to indirect sunlight and, depending on the plant, letting it soak up natural light for a few hours.






The Best Office Plants

Researching indoor plants can be difficult due to the countless types of plants available. Some plants are more popular than others based on their low maintenance and appearance. Here are some of our favorite office plants to decorate our workspaces!


These are just some of the popular plants included within the Planted Pot family. Other popular plants include the Pothos (Devil’s Ivy), Zebra Plant, Spider Plant, Peace Lily, and Philodendron.



Succulents are typically native to deserts and dry areas where heat from the sun is constant. They are popular office plants that are small enough to place on desks or shelves. Succulents are also extremely durable and drought-resistant.


You can find thousands of beautiful succulent varieties that can match the decor or add to the ambiance of an office. Some of the most popular succulents include:



Peace Lily

Peace Lilies are stunning tropical plants that grow beautiful white flowers — perfect for stylizing your desk! They can bloom twice a year, gracing you with months of amazing flowers. Both small and large versions of the Peace Lily make them fantastic office and house plants.


Peace Lilies can also filter more toxins and chemicals than most other plants. They can break down harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde to clean the indoor air. As tropical rainforest plants, Peace Lilies require frequent watering and plenty of shade to grow!


Air Plant

Tillandsias, or Air Plants, are perfect for first-time plant owners because they are extremely easy to care for. Air Plants don’t require any soil to grow and only require moderate amounts of indirect sunlight. They can be watered about once or week, with a bit more hydration during drier seasons.


Air Plants are also small and versatile, which means you can literally place them anywhere around the office. You can place them around your desk for a splash of color or in the break room to absorb the odors and gasses in the air!



Also known as Dragon Trees, these plants are popular because they thrive with little water while placed in low-light areas. The leaves on this plant are a bold green color and can wilt if exposed to direct sunlight. It works best with rich soil and in a pot with excellent drainage. It is watered by misting its leaves and soil with water.


Some varieties of Dracaenas are as small as 3 feet, while others can grow up to 8 feet! There are over 100 different types of Dracaenas to suit your every need.


Some of the most popular Dracaenas are:


  • Striped Dracaena
  • Gold Dust
  • Song of India
  • Snake Plant


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When it comes to visual beauty, ferns are the center of attention. Rabbit’s Foot, Lemon Button, and Bird’s Nest Ferns are some of the popular members of this family. These plants thrive in low light conditions and grow best at room temperature.


The bright green leaves of the ferns make it the perfect centerpiece on a desk or large conference table. The long, hanging leaves of ferns also make them great as hanging plants!


What is the Best Plant for an Office with No Windows?

When it comes to thriving in windowless offices, Snake Plants are among the best. Even for the first-time plant owner, Snake Plants are one of the hardiest plants out there. Its striped-patterned leaves can also add color to any dull office space.


This plant can survive neglect and go weeks without water. Direct sunlight or low light, this plant is durable and meant to last for a very long time. You can even use fluorescent or artificial light to help them grow!


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Final Thoughts – Office Plants

The color green symbolizes freshness, renewal, and harmony. Office plants provide a long list of benefits with low maintenance and cost-effectiveness. They are easy to care for and make going to work something to look forward to instead of dreading it. To find out which plants are the best, visit Planted Pot for more information!

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