Small House Plants [Little & Beautiful Plants for Every Household]

small house plants little and beautiful

Small House Plants [Little & Beautiful Plants for Every Household]

Houseplants are back in style like never before, and many people already have an impressive indoor plant collection. Some of the most popular plants, like the Rubber Plant, Peace Lily, Fiddle Leaf Fig, String of Pearls, and Ponytail Palm, are eye-catching and beautiful, but large plants aren’t always suitable for modest apartments and homes. Luckily, there are more than a few small house plants that are perfect for homes of all sizes!


Studies have shown that plants can lower stress levels, increase focus, and boost moods. It might even be better to own multiple smaller plants as opposed to a single large plant. To help you get started, we selected a few of our favorite small house plants that you can grow anywhere inside your house!



Are Small House Plants Easy to Care For?

Smaller house plants tend to be easier to care for, but it all depends on which plant you get. Dry plants like succulents and cacti can survive long periods without water, while moss plants may need a little more attention.


Younger plants that start small may require some more care in the beginning to ensure healthy growth. However, most indoor plants have adapted to sheltered life and are relatively easy to care for!






What Are the Benefits of Small House Plants?

Having small houseplants can have many benefits. They save space, you can shuffle them around however you want, and it’s less of a hassle when one of several small plants dies as opposed to a single large plant. You can also mix and match small plants to create all sorts of fun color schemes and patterns. Check out some of the top reasons you should own a few small house plants!


Great for Small Spaces

These miniature houseplants are perfect for decorating small spaces, especially for young adults who may not have much room in their apartment. You can put small plants almost anywhere, from the bedroom nightstand to kitchen counters or on a little coffee table in the living room.


Smaller plants can help you save space while avoiding a cluttered and disorganized look around the house. Instead of placing your trinkets or small random objects on your shelves, try using a succulent for a more relaxing and refreshing vibe.


Beautiful Decorative Pieces

Put a couple of these small plants together, and you have a nice pop of color that can add flair to any room. The great thing is that you can mix and match different colors to spruce up your home.


Dedicated plant shelves or stands can completely transform a corner of your home into a greenhouse. Plants with long-hanging leaves look great in hanging baskets in the corner of the room. They are also perfect for porches. Feel free to get creative and get your house looking green and extravagant!


Stress-Reducing Benefits

Studies have shown that plants can help lower stress levels and reduce anxiety. For example, researchers from Washington State University found that subjects worked more efficiently in the office when they placed plants around them. They also noted that subjects had significantly lower blood pressure and heart rate than the control group with no plants around them.

Active interaction like watering your plants or tending to them can have many therapeutic benefits to help clear your head and keep you focused on more important things. Sometimes all we need is something to give our minds a little break from the daily stressors.


Better Air Quality

Nearly all plants have the amazing ability to cleanse the air of toxins and chemicals. Harmful toxins in the air like formaldehyde or benzene can potentially cause headaches or fatigue when breathed in. These dangerous chemicals can come from outdoor pollution, paint, stoves, or dirty clothes. Once in our environment, they can have a negative impact on our breathing.

Most indoor plants can absorb these toxins and act as a natural air purifier. Plants can also recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen to help us breathe more clearly. Many scientists believe that cleaner air can often lead to other benefits such as increased focus and reduced stress.



The Best Small House Plants

When you’re buying small house plants, consider where you’ll be putting them and plan ahead. Smaller succulents or cacti can be placed on your bookcase or as a small bathroom decoration. Slightly larger ones like the Pothos or Snake Plant can sit on a desk, windowsill, or function as a table’s centerpiece.



Many beginner houseplant enthusiasts opt for succulents because they are small, vibrantly colored, and easy to take care of. These low-maintenance plants come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The best thing about succulents is that they’ll still survive even if you occasionally skip waterings.


The bright, waxy leaves typical of most succulents can hold and conserve water as they grow. Succulents are usually small to medium-size, making them great to place anywhere around the house. Some of the most popular succulent plants are:








Cacti are another stylish, small house plant option that requires very little attention to raise and grow. As desert plants, they usually thrive in warmer conditions but are very adaptable to their environments. Cacti can go for long periods without watering and grow exceptionally well!


Cacti grow best under bright, direct sunlight, either next to a window or outside. Some popular cactus plants you can buy for your home are:


  • Prickly Pear
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Bunny Ears Cactus
  • Fairy Castle Cactus
  • Star Cactus


Air Plant

Air Plants are unique because they don’t need soil to grow. These plants are also very low-maintenance and don’t need excessive attention. They absorb their nutrients through the moisture in the air, but you can spray or mist your Air Plant a few times a week for an extra boost.


You can often find Air Plants sitting in terrariums as decorations because they look great as miniature plants. Other great places to grow them are on a bed of pebbles, in a bowl of sand, or on top of other rocks and branches. As long as there is adequate circulation, your Air Plant will thrive and make a fantastic decoration for your house.



Pothos are cute vine plants that are extremely popular to hang from ceilings or patios. It’s also considered one of the easier plants to care for and can survive in low light conditions with minimal watering. However, for optimal growth, Pothos plants thrive under bright, indirect sunlight.


Since it is a vine plant, you might need to trim it regularly so it doesn’t overgrow. However, the manageable size of Pothos plants makes it great to display on your bookshelf or in a hanging basket.


Spider Plant

Spider Plants are highly resilient, even if you forget to water or feed them. Their long-hanging leaves are perfect for hanging baskets. Spider Plants grow best under natural light away from direct sun rays.


Some maintenance is needed for Spider Plants, but they are typically considered one of the easier plants to care for. At only about 1-2 feet tall, they certainly don’t take up much space.


Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo plants are extremely popular in Asian cultures as a symbol of luck and bringing feng shui into the house. Although the plant resembles bamboo, they are an entirely different plant species and require different plant care than bamboo.


Lucky Bamboos are unique in that they can grow in either soil or water with minimal care. They are very manageable and go great in the kitchen or living room!


Chinese Money Plant

Chinese Money Plants have beautiful round leaves and are prevalent in Chinese culture for bringing luck and prosperity to the home. These perfectly sized potted plants go great with any decor, whether it’s on top of the piano or the living room coffee table.


Chinese Money Plants are usually high in demand for their beauty and ease of care. Get yours today and start decorating your house!


ZZ Plant (Zanzibar)

ZZ Plants are beautiful plants that grow upright as if they are standing at attention. The plant has large, bulbous stalks that store water, so you don’t need to worry about watering it too often. ZZ plants grow best under bright, indirect light.


ZZ Plants make beautiful potted plants and tolerate almost any living conditions. The bright emerald-green leaves can add a nice pop of color to any room. ZZ Plants can be slightly toxic and irritable to the skin, so they should be placed carefully away from children and pets.



Where Can I Find Small House Plants?

You can find all the small plants you’ll ever need at Planted Pot! We offer a wide selection of plants, both small and large, for all your greenery needs. Whether you are looking to upgrade your office desk or add a splash of color to your bathroom, our smaller plants are perfect for any situation!


Final Thoughts – Small House Plants

Consider buying a small house plant if you have limited room or want a more manageable plant to care for. Many of these smaller plants offer enormous benefits that can help keep your space looking bright, clean, and tidy. Browse our blog for more information about our unique plants and great tips for plant care!

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