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how to get rid of thrips

How To Get Rid Of Thrips: 5 Common Signs Of Plant Pests

Everyone is jumping on the houseplant trend because most indoor plants are inexpensive, easy to care for and provide people with plenty of joy. Homes look nicer and feel more welcoming when there is a collection of houseplants available. However,

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best potting soil

Best Potting Soil [How To Pick the Right Mix for Your Plants]

The best potting soil for your plant depends on where your leafy friend lives! Indoor and outdoor plants need different living environments. Different potting soil can provide your plants with various nutrients depending on their needs. Considering placement, light, and

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pink plants

Pink Plants [Bring Natural Rosy Color to Your Home]

Pink is more than just a combination of red and white; it also represents compassion and, on a deeper level, also symbolizes the love of life. Nothing can embody those attributes more than pink plants. Pink houseplants are a great

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