Indoor Plants Names and Pictures [How To Choose Your Ideal Houseplant]

indoor plants names and pictures

Indoor Plants Names and Pictures [How To Choose Your Ideal Houseplant]

When you’re new to indoor gardening, it can be really hard to find the perfect houseplant. There are so many choices, including an abundance of colors, styles, smells, and care requirements. So how do you narrow it down? We have a list of indoor plants with names and pictures that help you choose the best plant for your unique preferences!



Popular Plants For Beginners

New to the plant scene? Luckily, there is an abundance of hardy plants that are relatively easy to care for, making them perfect for all levels of gardeners and plant lovers. These indoor plants just need a consistent water schedule, the right temperature and lighting, and the right soil to thrive. Here are some unpicky indoor plants with names and pictures to consider:


Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is known for how hardy it is. It’s drought-resistant, able to survive in low light, and can adapt to most indoor environments. The Snake Plant is an exotic and bold indoor plant that will add a touch of the wild side to any room.



girl holding potted snake plant



Philodendron Cordatum

This is an easy-going plant that easily adapts to various conditions despite being a tropical plant from Brazil. Called the Heart Leaf Philodendron, it has dark heart-shaped leaves.


Paddle Plant

Looking for a unique succulent? This indoor plant features big, round leaves with pink tips. This plant can survive if you forget to water them. Place the Paddle Plant on a sunny windowsill, and they will be happy.



Sometimes called the Devil’s Ivy, this plant is known for surviving in extreme conditions, including very low light. Underwatering and overwatering are also not a problem. But the right care will reward you with shiny, light green leaves.


Spider Plant

This is one of the most adaptable indoor houseplants, able to withstand a variety of conditions. The Spider Plant features thin leaves dangle over the side of the hanging basket, making this a stunning hanging plant for any room.



hawaiian spider in decorative pot



Small Plants

A small indoor plant refers to a plant that’s about five to 15 inches. These compact plants are great for any size home, even if you live in a studio apartment. Here are some small plants to add to your home if you’re low on space.


Aquatic Anubias Congensis

This water-loving plant is one-of-a-kind when it comes to care and appearance. It has thick, oval-shaped leaves that are quite unique for aquatic plants. Despite its above-ground look, this plant is meant to be in the water. Durable and versatile, this plant needs to be submerged in water, provided with medium-light, and placed in water that’s between 72 and 82°F.


Purple Anthurium

This exquisite plant features heart-shaped, colorful leaves that look like flowers. This purple plant is bold and majestic, bringing a touch of royalty to any decor. The Purple Anthurium prefers bright, indirect sunlight, watering every one to two weeks (when the soil is dry), and a coco coir-based soil mixture.



woman holding leaves of purple anthurium



Tillandsia Ionantha

This is an Air Plant, meaning it doesn’t need soil. This indoor plant is often found within a glass bowl or inside a seashell. When it comes to care, this creature-like, green plant prefers a warm, humid environment and bright, indirect sunlight. Water the Tillandsia Ionantha once or twice a week, shaking off excess water before setting them out to dry.



This beautiful succulent features a stunning and compact rosette shape, coming in purples, reds, pinks, blues, and even teals. You can often find this plant in smaller pots, making it the perfect pop of color for even the smallest rooms. The Echeveria needs bright, indirect sunlight for most of the day and partial sunlight in the afternoon.


Asparagus Fern

This is a lovely lily that features bright green fern-like leaves. This small indoor plant is often placed in light-colored pots to make an eye-catching statement. Give this dainty plant bright, indirect sunlight. It also needs regular watering, especially in hotter months.


Large Plants

Indoor houseplants come in a variety of sizes. Large plants are indoor plants that can reach up to five to eight feet (or more). While being indoors does keep most plants smaller than they would be outside, there are still some indoor plants that are sure to make a bold statement if you have the room. Here are some of these indoor plants with names and pictures:


Monstera Deliciosa

This is one of the most popular large-leafed plants around. This indoor plant can grow up to 10 feet tall, featuring giant leaves with Swiss cheese-like holes. While quite an exotic plant in appearance, this beauty is pretty low maintenance. It needs weekly waterings, bright, indirect light, and some misting.


Rubber Plant

While big and bold, this plant is great for beginning gardeners looking for a striking houseplant. The Rubber Plant can grow two feet in a single growing season and will continue to grow for as long as you allow it. To keep your Rubber Plant healthy, provide it with bright, indirect light, water every one to two weeks, and a room temperature between 65 and 85°F.



This vibrant beauty reaches up to eight feet outside and four inside. The leaves are huge and colorful, featuring dramatic veining. A whimsical whirlwind of dark green and pale pink, the Croton thrives with bright, indirect light and water whenever the soil becomes dry. Don’t let the soil remain wet too often, or this plant will get root rot.


ZZ Plant

The ZZ Plant is a slow grower but reaches two to four feet tall. It has long, intricate leaves that feature small leaflets along a thicker stem shooting out from the soil. The ZZ Plant is highly adaptable and low maintenance. This plant wants brighter light and water every two to three weeks.



zz in container by window



Other Popular Plants

When it comes to growing indoors, you have many other plants to choose from, whether you want an exotic, tropical plant or a low-maintenance, classic plant. Here are some houseplants to consider, no matter what your style and preferences are!


Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant is also known as the UFO Plant and the Pancake Plant. These nicknames come from the Chinese Money Plant’s uniquely shaped leaves, which are flat and circular. The Chinese Money Plant is known for its good vibes and good luck. Let the soil dry out between watering.


Weeping Fig

Indoors, the Weeping Fig grows up to three to six feet. It features oval-shaped leaves with dark green coloring along thin, dainty stems. It needs bright, indirect sunlight and water only when the first few inches of soil are dry. This giant plant needs well-draining soil to keep it thriving and free of root rot.


Bird of Paradise

This flowering plant is known for its stunning and elegant orange flowers. Spotting this stunning flower inside is rare, but this flowering plant will stand out amongst the other houseplants with or without that added touch. The Bird of Paradise requires humidity, bright, indirect sunlight, and water every one to two weeks.


Prayer Plant

This is a very unique plant to add to any home, thanks to their movement. Yes, this plant moves! The Prayer Plant gets its name from the leaves moving towards each other and upwards every night, looking a bit like praying hands. The plant flattens in the morning, soaking up the sun. Bright, indirect light and moist soil will ensure your Prayer Plant is happy.



striped prayer foliage close up



Jade Plant

This fleshy, dark green plant is a popular houseplant due to its simple look and easy care requirements. Never let a Jade Plant’s soil dry out completely. They also prefer full sun. Keep your Jade Plant in a room that’s about 65 to 75°F.



Final Thoughts: Indoor Plants Names and Pictures

Indoor plants come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It can be hard to find the perfect plant for your specific decor. Luckily there are plants for every style. Just remember that each plant has its own care requirements.


Looking for some low-maintenance plants to add to your collection? Consider the Snake Plant, Spider Plant, or a Pothos Plant! These plants can survive in almost every environment, even if you forget to water them here and there!


If you have a small apartment but want to make a big statement, consider some smaller plant varieties! This includes the Echeveria and the Purple Anthurium. Larger plants can make a bold statement if you have room. Consider the Monstera Deliciosa or the ZZ Plant.


Most of these indoor plants can be found online, including here at Planted Pot. We have a collection of exotic indoor plants that are healthy, thriving, and ready for a new home. We are always here to answer your questions, whether you want to read educational guides on your favorite plants or talk to a customer service team that loves plants just as much as you do!

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