Low Light Succulents: 8 Unique Plants That Thrive In The Shade

low light succulents

Low Light Succulents: 8 Unique Plants That Thrive In The Shade

Succulents come in various shapes, colors, textures, and sizes, making them extremely exciting to accommodate in your lovely home. Anyone interested in this plant species should know: succulents love light. But are there any low light succulents if your home isn’t that sunny?


Luckily, many low light succulents can thrive in low light, indirect light, and partial shade. These succulent plants are fun and vibrant without needing to be placed in direct sunlight. This makes a succulent a great option for any room regardless of their light source. Read on to find out the best low light succulents for your home!



What Are Succulents?

Succulent plants are defined by their ability to store water in their leaves. This gives them thick, fleshy leaves that come in a variety of shapes and colors. Due to their ability to store water, succulents thrive in dry climates. Succulents are hardy and drought-resistant, meaning they won’t immediately die if you forget to water them here and there.


While succulents don’t need as much watering as other plants, some watering is still necessary for these plants to flourish. Most succulents prefer warm temperatures and may not survive freezing weather because of the high water content in their leaves.


Succulent plants will often tell you something is wrong by changing color. You’ll notice them “blush” when they are in shock, often due to drastic changes like too much or too little sunlight or water. When succulents don’t have enough sunlight, they will often dull in color. So do all succulents need light?






Do All Succulents Need Light?

The short answer is: No! Certain succulent plants may thrive in low light or indirect light.


Succulents love light, even direct sunlight. It’s often recommended that succulents get six hours of sun per day, depending on the type and age. For newer, younger plant babies, slowly introduce them to bright light because their newer leaves can’t handle the heat (literally). Set up a little plant routine of just one hour of sun exposure per day to ensure optimal growth.


Succulents enjoy being in sunny locations and will even start to reach and bend to search for a nearby light source if they are not getting enough light. But it’s a common misconception that every type of succulent needs intense, bright light for hours a day. Some succulents thrive in low light, which is great news for plant lovers who have shadier homes with fewer light sources.



Are Low Light Succulent Easy to Care For?

Almost all succulent varieties are easy to care for! Succulents are hardy and versatile plants that are great for beginners due to their ability to survive most situations. Low light succulents, in particular, are incredibly low maintenance. 


During warmer months, water your succulents whenever their soil is completely dry. In the winter, you may only need to water them once every few months. Simply put your finger into the first few inches of the soil to feel if it’s still moist, and only add more water if you don’t feel any water in the soil anymore.


Succulents are also not picky about temperature. As long as it’s not freezing, succulents can often thrive just fine. They also don’t prefer humidity, meaning misting their leaves and using humidifiers isn’t necessary. Most succulents are easy to propagate, meaning you can easily add succulents to your home or give them as gifts without buying completely new plants! 


How To Propagate Succulents 

  • Gently twist a damaged or browned leaf off the stem, making sure nothing is left on the stem
  • Let the stem dry out for one to three days, and then set the plant on top of the soil and begin watering it daily. 

It’s as easy as that! With a bit of consistency and patience, you’ll likely see new rosettes and roots within a few weeks.



What Succulents Need the Least Amount of Light?

Some succulent varieties need more light than others. In general, succulents thrive in medium to bright light, but some don’t mind the shade (as long as they get some sunlight each day). Here are some succulents that can survive with minimal light:


  • Kalanchoe Tomentosa
  • Jade Plant
  • Rhipsalis
  • Holiday Cacti
  • Cotyledon Tomentosa
  • Burro’s Tail
  • Ponytail Palm
  • Gasteria


Which Low Light Succulents Are Best For My Home?

Looking for popular succulents to add to your decor that doesn’t need a lot of light? Here are the best low light succulents for your home if you live in an area with less sun.


Snake Plant

The Snake Plant, also known as the Mother in Law’s Tongue, is very popular due to its durability, adaptability, and resilience. They will essentially flourish in any room, no matter the light level! And, Snake Plants only needs to be watered once a month, so they’re great for new growers!. In return, you’ll get a striking green plant with stiff, upright leaves that expertly cleans the air in your home. It never hurts to have a Mother In Law’s Tongue in your home, whether it’s in partial shade or low light.


Zebra Hawthoria (Hawthoria Attenuata)

This succulent may be fine in low light, but it will surely brighten your home with its boldly striped leaves. These long leaves grow upwards, resembling thick lizard tails. The Zebra hawthoria is from South Africa, preferring to soak in bright light for a few hours a day. But it will tolerate low light if needed, making them a great decoration for any room and anyone.


Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera garners a lot of love in the plant community for its healing capabilities, typically a home remedy for sunburns and as a treatment for minor skin conditions. But the Aloe Vera is also popular due to its striking, dark green leaves serrated around the edge. The Aloe Vera is easy to care for, with flexible watering demands and an ability to tolerate low light.



The Echeveria has a beautiful rosette shape, although the leaves can come in various colors, ranging from green to pink. They grow a center stalk that’ll elongate while searching for the sun. Keep this succulent in front of the sun at least four hours a day, mindfully adjusting the pot around to keep them from stretching too far to one side. Aside from that, the Echeveria doesn’t need a lot of attention, making them the perfect companion in any bedroom or office.


Panda Plant

The unique physique of this succulent makes it a pleasure to keep around. Its reddish-brown ends are fuzzy and soft! The green stems are thick, and they can grow up to 18 inches. Simply put: the Panda plant is a great addition to most rooms looking for a burst of personality. Or maybe you just want a plant to pet!


String of Hearts

Looking for low light succulents that are great for hanging in a basket? The String of Hearts can tolerate low light, making it a beautiful addition to most rooms. It has tiny, heart-shaped leaves along string-like stems that cascade down the side of any basket. This delicate succulent can reach up to three feet long with the right care and might even produce tiny pink flowers.


String of Pearls

This is another low light succulent that looks amazing in a hanging basket. The leaves look like small green bubbles attached to slender stems that dangle off the side of hanging planters. They thrive in brighter light but can tolerate low light just fine.


Jade Plant

The Jade Plant looks beautiful in partial shade, making it a popular addition to any office or living room that needs a simple, bold pop of nature. You’ll notice that the Jade Plant has leaves that change colors from green to red depending on the amount of sunlight, but it remains sturdy and versatile. This change of color is often harmless, though we recommend giving your Jade up to 6hrs of sunlight per day for optimal growth. 






Where Can I Buy Low Light Succulents Online?

Planted Pot carries healthy, happy plants that are awaiting their new home. We always make sure to ship them safely, keeping them beautiful and healthy upon their arrival. We believe that plants improve our lives, add beauty to any space, clean the air, destroy bacteria, and decrease general nervousness. That’s why Planted Pot continues to educate plant lovers everywhere about the importance of plants!


You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the best low light succulents for your home. Planted Pot carries a variety of succulents that will thrive in indirect sunlight and low light with ease. This includes the Jade Plant and the Snake Plant, two popular succulents that make excellent indoor plants no matter your room’s light source!



Final Thoughts – Low Light Succulents

There are over 10,000 species of succulents, most of which prefer direct sunlight and are often found growing in full sun. But succulents are versatile and hardy, meaning they don’t need direct sunlight all day to thrive.


Even if you have a room that’s a bit shadier, you can add certain types of succulents without problem, giving the room a vibrant pop of color and unique beauty with little to no effort!


To learn more about succulents and our other favorite plants, visit Planted Pot’s Learn section.


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