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If you’re new to growing indoor plants, sometimes it can seem a bit imposing to keep track of watering, temperature, misting, feeding, and all the other requirements needed to keep a plant healthy and thriving. Fortunately, several low-maintenance indoor plants take a lot of the pressure away because they don’t require excessive care.


Check out our list of some of the hardiest, versatile, and low-maintenance houseplants out there and see if one of these beautiful and easy-to-care-for plants is right for you!



What Is an Indoor Plant?

Indoor plants are essentially houseplants that can easily thrive inside. They are able to endure a variety of atmospheres, whether your home is dry or humid, warm or shady. You’ll often find indoor plants inside homes, apartments, and even offices.


Houseplants are often purchased for decorative purposes. They come in a multitude of appearances, including:


  • Geometric shapes
  • Vertical leaves
  • Colorful foliage
  • Stunning flowers
  • Trailing vines / hanging plants
  • Spiky cacti
  • Succulents with thick leaves


If you want to add some life and color to your home instantly, there are countless indoor plant options. Whether your goal is to cover an entire corner in nature, adorn a desk with some vibrancy, or fill your home with life, there’s a low-maintenance plant for you.


Indoor plants can provide even more than a pop of color. These plants are known to purify the air within your home, which will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Plants are also said to have positive psychological effects, which is why they are often kept on office desks. Research supports plant owners’ claims that they feel more focused, energized, and creative when plants are around!



What are Low Maintenance Indoor Plants?

Low-maintenance indoor plants are houseplants that require less work than others. These are plants that don’t need to be closely monitored and will still thrive even if you make a few mistakes. Low-maintenance indoor plants often don’t need regular watering and can adapt to multiple lighting situations.


Even though some plants are known to be hardy and low-maintenance, they still need some amount of care to thrive. This often means watering the plant when its soil gets dry and providing it with its preferred temperature, humidity level, and light levels.


Each low-maintenance has its own specific requirements. Though, once you get to know them, it’s incredibly easy to stay on top of their needs with minimal effort.



row of potted plants



What are High Maintenance Indoor Plants?

On the other hand, high-maintenance plants often have a lot of specific needs that take a bit more focus and care than low-maintenance plants. These plants can’t be ignored as easily and can be very sensitive to any little mistake or change.


Because of their more specific requirements, these plants need a bit more attention to thrive. This means they are likely not the best choice for new plant owners or people who are often away from home. Their requirements may include frequent misting (or a humidifier), complex watering routines, or particular lighting demands.



Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Low-maintenance indoor plants are easy to care for because they don’t need to be checked on constantly, and their care routine is quite simple and easy to manage. These are plants that can thrive in a wide range of temperature and lighting conditions in your home.


Moreover, these plants don’t need a lot of water to remain healthy. These are essentially plants that are forgiving if you make a mistake. You don’t have to worry about them dying if you forget to water them one time or don’t have a humidifier in your house.


Do these low-maintenance houseplants sound like just what you’re looking for? After all, with a busy schedule, it can be tough to water a plant consistently. The following plants are perfect for busy people, those new to indoor plant growing, or folks who just want something simple!


Snake Plant

The Snake Plant features vertical, bright green leaves that add a vibrant pop of architectural color to any room it’s placed in. They do fine in bright, indirect light and can go weeks without watering. These are very hardy houseplants that are great for beginning indoor plant owners.


Aloe Vera

This plant is perfect for people who often forget to water their plants. That’s because the Aloe Vera is very durable and survives even if you only water it once a month. Make sure it is always completely dry between watering. They don’t like constant watering or misting. It needs bright, indirect light, and that’s really it!


ZZ Plant

This is another plant that doesn’t mind a lack of watering. The ZZ Plant won’t leave you worried if you forget to water them. The ZZ Plant can be kept in the corner of your room as it’s a great low light indoor plant, relaxing between monthly waterings. Make sure it is completely dry before watering again, and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning, exotic plant.


Spider Plant

This is often boasted as one of the best starter plants because it’s so resilient. They are often kept in hanging baskets in front of a window but can thrive in most lighting. Water them weekly and mist occasionally.



This Chinese evergreen is perfect for indoor gardeners who can be a bit too heavy on the watering. This hardy plant can withstand some excess watering. It is also beautiful, coming in a variety of colors from green and pink to white.


Jade Plant

This stunning plant has round waxy leaves on top of a unique, thick trunk. The round leaves retain water, allowing the plant to survive longer than usual without watering. Of course, watering them regularly will allow them to thrive and grow. Place this plant in a sunny spot and provide water when the soil feels dry.



This plant is sometimes called “Devil’s Ivy” due to its resistance to death. This is the kind of plant you can ignore for weeks, and it will still survive. Of course, if you want your Pothos to truly thrive, it should be given bi-weekly waterings and bright, indirect light. Pothos are vibrant and beautiful, ranging from neon yellow-green to green and white.


Peace Lily

Do you accidentally overwater your plants? The Peace Lily basically grows in water, so you’ll have a hard time overwhelming this plant with moisture! Place it in indirect light, and it will grace your home with beautiful flowers throughout the year. They look quite striking for the minimal effort they require, making them an excellent choice for first-time indoor gardeners.


Lucky Bamboo

This zen and exotic plant is the perfect addition to any home. You can get some lucky vibes without much maintenance. Stick the plant in water and go about your business for a few months. You’ll want to replace the water every two months. Place the Lucky Bamboo in bright, indirect light to see them flourish.


Monstera Deliciosa

This exotic plant features large, bright green leaves with swiss cheese-like holes. This is a very resilient and hardy plant that can thrive in various lighting conditions and won’t mind a few missed waterings here and there. If you are able to consistently water this plant, give it a drink each week and regular misting. This will encourage the Monstera Deliciosa to grow big, healthy, and head-turning.


Asparagus Fern

We don’t mean asparagus the food. This is not actually a fern, either, which is most likely why it is a lot more durable than most ferns. This fluffy, light green plant can thrive in both bright areas and dark corners, meaning it can go anywhere in your home. Just keep the soil moist.


Chinese Money Plant

The Chinese Money Plant got its name for two reasons: The shape of the round, flat green leaves and because it’s said that placing a coin in the soil will bring your household luck with finances. Water this plant weekly and place it in a shady spot, and you’ll have a happy plant that makes any room dynamic. Who knows? It may even bring you some good luck!


Air Plant

This is a unique plant that doesn’t even require potting soil! Instead, soak it in water for about two to three hours every 10 days. The Air Plant’s appearance is truly unique, and many compare it to exotic sea animals. They have curled, pale green leaves and are often placed inside globes and other containers to inspire creativity.



up close pothos plants in a bunch



What is the Most Low-Maintenance Indoor Plant?

The award for most low-maintenance indoor plant belongs to the Snake Plant. It’s often at the top of every list of easy-to-care-for plants. These are some of the toughest and hardiest plants you can find. So how do you make sure your Snake Plant is thriving?


This tall, green plant with vertical leaves doesn’t need a lot of water. In fact, too much watering can cause root rot (roots starved of oxygen). Always make sure the soil is completely dry before watering. This usually means watering your Snake Plant once every few weeks.


The Snake Plant prefers medium light but can tolerate low and bright light. The only thing to remember is to keep your Snake Plant out of direct, hot sunlight, as this will cause it to burn.


Whether your home is dry or humid, the Snake Plant will thrive. This versatile plant also tolerates a wide range of temperatures (50-85°F). If you pick up one of these beauties, be sure to check out our guide to Snake Plant care.


What is the Hardest Indoor Plant to Kill?

The Pothos is one of the hardest indoor plants to kill (not that we’ve tried). That’s even how it gets its nickname, “Devil’s Ivy.” This trailing plant with heart-shaped leaves comes in yellow, white, and green. The Pothos thrives in indirect light, but they can easily grow in low and even artificial light.


The Pothos doesn’t need special potting soil. They also don’t require specific household temperatures. Wait to water your Pothos until its soil dries out. If you’re worried about remembering to keep your houseplant hydrated, the Pothos gives you plenty of flexibility!



Final Thoughts – Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Low-maintenance indoor plants are perfect for countless people, especially those new to growing houseplants. These plants have minimal care routines and don’t have a lot of specific environmental requirements. They can thrive with sparse watering and virtually any household conditions.


Not only that, but these low-maintenance indoor plants are all beautiful, exotic, and vibrant. Each brings a unique look that adds a pop of color and life to any room. Spice up your decor and inspire creativity with these stunning plants that take very little care to thrive.

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