Dracaena Brown Tips [What This Means & Ways To Help Your Plant]

dracaena brown tips

Dracaena Brown Tips [What This Means & Ways To Help Your Plant]

A telling sign that your Dracaena Plant is in distress is the development of brown leaf tips. There are many different reasons why Dracaena brown tips occur. But just because crispy, burnt tips now replace your plant’s lush foliage doesn’t mean that your Dracaena is at death’s door.


With proper care and treatment, your brown Dracaena leaves can be a thing of the past and the elegance of your plant restored. Read our expert guide on Dracaena brown tips to find out why Dracaenas develop these tips and what you can do to help prevent them from occurring!



What Is A Dracaena?

Named after the Greek word “drakaina,” meaning female dragon, Dracaena is a sturdy plant hailing from subtropical and tropical regions of the world. Although they come in various forms, a Dracaena’s typical appearance consists of long, thin upright stalks punctuated by expanding, sword-like leaves that resemble exploding fireworks.


These tropical plants can grow anywhere from 2 to 10 feet tall and up to 2 feet wide, depending on the variety. Outdoor varieties can grow up to 20 feet tall and 20 feet wide!


Dracaenas are hardy plants that tolerate bright, indirect light, and low light conditions and can go up to two weeks without water. The Dracaena Plant’s hardiness, coupled with its showstopping beauty, has made it into an iconic indoor plant found in many homes and offices around the world. In addition to adding indoor elegance, Dracaenas also help to purify the air of indoor environments.


Here are some varieties of Dracaena plants popular with indoor plant lovers:


spraying dracaena plants with water



Is It Common For My Dracaena Leaf Tips to Turn Brown?

It is very common to see browning leaf tips in Dracaenas. Brown spots on leaves cannot be reversed and indicate the death of the plant tissue. This is a common issue in older leaves. However, brown tips can also occur in newer leaves and signify serious problems with a Dracaena Plant.



Why Are The Tips of My Dracaena Turning Brown?

There are several reasons why your Dracaena’s leaves are turning brown. Brown leaves can signify something as simple as underwatering to something more nefarious like an insect infestation. Here are some of the most common problems why your Dracaena leaf tips are turning brown.

Moisture Levels

The most common cause of Dracaena brown tips is underwatering, while too much water can cause plant death. Watering Dracaenas is a fine balancing act. If watering is inconsistent, then it can hinder the plant’s development.


Make sure your Dracaena has well-draining potting soil and sits in a pot with good drainage. Water Dracaenas only when the top layer of soil is dry to the touch. Give the plant a thorough watering until you see water seeping out of the drainage holes on the bottom of the pot. Use a saucer to collect the excess water, but do not let the plant sit in it since it can lead to root rot and death.


Dracaenas use less water than most indoor plants but shouldn’t remain dry for extended periods. Water Dracaeneas every 10-14 days. They can go slightly longer without water during the winter months.


Water Quality

Your tap water might be the reason why your plant’s leaves are turning brown. Depending on where you live, your tap water might contain impurities harmful to your Dracaena Plant. Fluoride and chlorine are commonly added to municipal drinking water supplies and can lead to toxicity in Dracaena leaves.


Watering Dracaenas with purified water can help replenish their leaves. Using pure water like rainwater, bottled water, or distilled water can limit your Dracaena leaves from turning brown. It’s highly recommended to install a water filter if you plan on using tap water to water your plants.


Dry Air

Since Dracaenas are common houseplants, they are subject to the fluctuations of indoor environments. This is especially pronounced during the colder winter months.


Heating a home will reduce the humidity in the air and lead the plant to lose large amounts of water through transpiration. Because the tips are furthest from the stalk, they do not receive adequate moisture and start to turn brown.


Humidity Issues

A low humidity level can cause Dracaena leaves to brown. A simple misting of Dracaena leaves can increase the humidity level and prevent brown tips.


For a long-term humidity solution, you can place a pebble tray underneath your pot to collect excess water after watering. The surrounding humidity will increase as the water evaporates.



Like all living things, plants need to be fed. Fertilizer provides plants with the nourishment they need. Fertilizing your Dracaena will help strengthen it and make it thrive. However, too much of a good thing can be bad.


Excess fertilizer can cause a build-up of unused chemicals in the soil, leading to toxicity of the plant and those dreaded brown tips. Fertilize Dracaena Plants only once a month during their active growing season. Use a balanced liquid fertilizer specific to house plants to prevent brown leaves.



Pests pose a significant problem to Dracaena plants and can affect more than just the leaf tip. Pests usually take advantage of nutrient deficiency or unacceptable moisture levels in Dracaenas. These infiltrates usually reside on the leaves, where they slowly eat away at the leaf tissue.


Fusarium leaf spot is the most common fungal disease afflicting Dracaenas. This disease thrives in moist environments with warm temperatures. Spider mites are common pests that can infest your Dracaena Plant and drain it of moisture. Other pests such as aphids, mealybugs, and soft scale are typical of indoor plants and can overrun your Dracaena, given the opportune conditions.


There are many ways to manage a Dracaena’s pest problem. But the best way to avoid pests altogether is to be vigilant of them and keep your Dracaena plant healthy and thriving.


Natural Processes

New growth occurs at the top of Dracaena Plants. The shedding of older leaves at the bottom of their stalks provides the energy needed for new growth.

If you notice yellow leaves and brown leaves at the bottom of your plant’s stalk, then it’s nothing to worry about and a natural process in your plant’s growth cycle.


The characteristic striations found across Dracaena stalks are the result of older leaves falling off.



holding leaves of browning houseplant



Can You Revive Brown Leaf Tips on Dracaena Plants?

Unfortunately, brown tips on your Dracaena Plants will not recover. Brown tips are a result of a lack of care and signify the death of leaf tissue.


This is why every plant owner needs to take routine care of their Dracaenas to prevent the leaf tips from turning brown. Although you cannot reverse brown leaf tips on Dracaena leaves, they can, however, be prevented.



How To Prevent Dracaena Brown Tips From Forming

There are simple steps you can do to make sure your Dracaena’s leaves never turn brown. Implementing these solutions can prevent your Dracaena leaves from forming brown tips and keep your plant leaves a healthy color!


Here are 6 simple steps to prevent Dracaena brown tips from occurring:


  1. Increase humidity: Increase the humidity of your plant by using a room humidifier, occasionally misting your plant, or placing a pebble tray underneath your plant’s pot.
  2. Wait before watering: Wait until the soil is dry before watering. You can find out if your soil is dry by simply sticking your finger into the first one to two inches of soil. If the soil feels moist, wait until it’s dry to water.
  3. Use pure water when watering: Always use water free of chlorine, fluorine, and other impurities. Refrain from using tap water that isn’t filtered. Use distilled water, bottled water, or rainwater instead.
  4. Do not overwater: Give your plant a thorough watering when the soil is dry. Stop when you see water running through the drainage holes on the bottom of your pot. Soil should be moist but not soggy.
  5. Fertilize sparingly: Only fertilize a plant during its active growing season with a balanced liquid fertilizer. Apply only the recommended amount of fertilizer to prevent overfeeding.
  6. Periodically leach your plant: Leaching plants helps replenish potting soils and aids in getting rid of impurities detrimental to plant growth. It’s recommended that you repot your plant every year and change out its potting mix to prevent your plant’s potting soil from becoming stale.



Should I Cut Brown Tips Off Dracaena Plants?

The choice is entirely up to you if you want to cut the brown tips off your Dracaena Plant. These unsightly Dracaena leaf tips are just as useless as they look. Brown tips are dead plant material and can be cut off with a clean, sharp pair of scissors. Use caution since this can cause irregular-shaped leaf ends and give your Dracaena an uneven and aesthetically unpleasing look.


Avoid cutting into healthy leaf tissue when snipping brown tips off. It’s best to leave a small margin of the brown leaf next to the healthy leaf tissue to avoid overcutting the leaf, which can lead to further browning of the leaf.



Final Thoughts – Dracaena Brown Tips

A worrying sign that your Dracaena needs immediate attention and proper care is the development of brown leaf tips. Dracaena brown tips are a common sight for every Dracaena owner and normally occur in older leaves. But these nefarious brown tips can signify much more than older leaves meeting their timely demise.


Brown leaves indicate the death of the leaf tissue. There are many reasons why Dracaena leaves turn brown, all of which can be easily averted. By understanding why Dracaena leaves develop brown tips and the steps you can take to prevent them, you can help your Dracaena Plant live a long and healthy life free of unwanted brown tips.

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