Air Plants Near Me: How to Easily Find Your Perfect Tillandsia Plant

air plants near me

Air Plants Near Me: How to Easily Find Your Perfect Tillandsia Plant

In the trending hobby of green thumbs, have you found yourself googling the phrase, “Air Plants near me” in an attempt to find a cool, unique plant to add to your collection, but weren’t sure where to start? Many people look for Air Plants because they’re whimsical and easy to grow anywhere. Hobbyists use them to make creative glass terrariums that add an interesting touch to any space.


There are many plant sellers, but it can be hard to figure out where to go to buy quality Air Plants for your home. Read on for tips and advice on how to look for healthy Air Plants online and in shops near you!



Using Local Maps on Google to Find Air Plants Near Me

Using a search engine is an easy place to start looking for Air Plants. Google Maps will locate nearby local shops and nurseries that supply live plants and plant care products. However, it’s important to keep in mind that using certain keywords will narrow the results to more specific results.


For instance, typing in “Air Plants” can yield any results for websites that mention the word “plant” on their pages, which might not necessarily include Air Plants. The official name for Air Plants is “tillandsia,” under the family Bromeliad. Searching for those terms in Google instead will direct you to local nurseries and garden centers that will be more likely to sell varieties of these plants.



air plant in fishbowl

How to Search for Places on Google Maps

If you’re unfamiliar with using Google Maps to find local businesses near you, here is a step-by-step approach to the process:


  1. Open your browser and head to Google.
  2. Click the Google Apps icon in the top right corner (it looks like a square made of dots).
  3. In the top right “Search Google Maps” bar, and enter your address or current location.
  4. Next, click the “Nearby” option under the Google image of your location.
  5. Type what you are looking for in the search bar (in this case, keywords like “Air Plants,” “plant nurseries,” or “tillandsia” will do).
  6. Hit enter or the magnifying glass icon next to the search bar to see your results.


Locations will be listed from closest to furthest away from you unless you change the filter to display according to ratings or hours of operation. You can do this by selecting the “more filters” option when your results populate to change how you would like them displayed.


After this, all you need to do is click a location to find directions or see a link to their website. If one keyword doesn’t yield satisfying results, you can try another to see if you get better options or more specific shops.


Buying Locally

When buying in-person, you have more advantages when it comes to picking out the perfect Air Plant type for you. An important advantage is that you get to browse the selection of plants in person and will be able to inspect them yourself.


A second advantage is that you get to take your Air Plant home the same day and won’t have to pay a separate shipping fee. This ensures the health of your plant and the immediate satisfaction of decorating with your newly-found greenery.



popular tillandsias on table

Are There Risks to Buying Air Plants from Local Merchants?

There are always risks when purchasing any product. When you’re purchasing plants from grocery stores, keep in mind that people will likely not be taking care of these plants as they would at a nursery. They are indoors, away from sunlight, not being watered properly, and often damaged during restocking or customer handling.


Purchasing plants from local merchants specializing in plant care will provide proper conditions for their stock, limiting buyer’s remorse. Nurseries sell in-season plants and they are well-equipped and dedicated to keeping those plants in good health. Plus, buying locally helps support the local economy!



How To Find Air Plants Online

With their growing popularity, Air Plants have become easy to find everywhere online. The obvious advantage to ordering online is that you can shop from the comfort of your couch, though you sacrifice the opportunity to browse through the inventory yourself.


Keep in Mind

Online orders usually arrive quickly and give you a chance to find plants that may not be available locally. But because they are being shipped, shipped plants can wilt or be damaged in transit. Not to mention that plants that do well in one region might not thrive in another.


The good news is, Air Plants are lightweight and easy to ship, so the risk of damage is minimal, and because they aren’t planted in soil, they can live almost anywhere as long as you provide the right environment for them.


Caring for Newly Delivered Air Plants

When your plant first arrives in the mail, check for potential damage or signs of dehydration. Soak your new guest in fresh water for about 4 hours to let them replenish, and then let your plant air dry for a few hours before displaying. Allowing the plant to drain properly will prevent water rot and, obviously, from dripping water all over your home.



spraying leaves of air plant

What To Look For When Buying Air Plants

Whether buying online or at the store, you should always examine the health and quality of your Air Plants. But how can you tell if an Air Plant is in good shape?


Examine the Leaves

The biggest giveaway of an Air Plant’s health will be its leaves. First, look at the coloring: are the leaves yellow, brown, or lackluster? This may be a sign they are dried out from lack of water or too much sunlight. Healthy leaves should be green and firm, not shriveled.


Next, gently feel the leaves. They shouldn’t be too soft or mushy, as this indicates overhydration and rot. If the leaves feel crumbly or crunchy, they are dried out and are in serious need of a soak.


Check for Glue

Some sellers glue Air Plants to the bottoms or sides of their containers or displays. While this helps keep the plant in place, it makes it difficult to soak it, and you will not be able to transfer it to a new container without possibly killing the plant.


If you’re okay with keeping your plant in the same container forever and are only being able to hydrate the plant through a bottle misting instead of soaking it, then there’s no problem here! Otherwise, you should look for free-moving plants that haven’t been glued down.


Reputability of Seller

Buying online leaves quality and handling care in the hands of the seller. You should check reviews, ratings, and return policies before buying an Air Plant online. Knowing where plants are sourced is also important, as non-native breeds can cause ecological strain on the environment through foreign species and carbon emissions given off during transport.


The same goes for in-store purchases. Knowing how a business fertilizes and waters its plants can tell you a lot about how the health of your plant will be. It’s also a good idea to make sure their plants are sourced ethically and safely from farms.


Where to Find the Best Air Plants

High-quality Air Plants are for sale in many parts of the internet! Major retailers that sell house decor and greenery will likely supply Air Plants and list them on their websites.


Smaller sellers on sites like Etsy feature independent artists and hobbyists that cultivate and sell their air plants. Often these sellers will also offer care kits, custom displays, or rare varieties of Air Plants, making their stores perfect for a unique gift or centerpiece. Planted Pot is another great source to find well taken care of, quality Air Plants. We deliver hand-packaged plants from small, tropical farmers straight to your door.


Final Thoughts – Air Plants Near Me

Air Plants are easy to find and widely available on the market today. Online and local retailers offer many varieties of Air Plants, providing endless options and choices to make your plant hunting easy and fun!


If you’re looking for a unique plant that requires minimal clean-up and care, an Air Plant is the perfect candidate for you. And be sure to check out Planted Pot for great deals on Air Plants and more!

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