Monstera Deliciosa Near Me: Your Guide To Finding Great Plants


Monstera Deliciosa Near Me: Your Guide To Finding Great Plants

Please be advised that Googling “Monstera Deliciosa near me” will not yield yummy results. While the word “deliciosa” is a direct translation of “delicious” in Spanish, that’s not what we’re using it here for. Monstera Deliciosa is just the name of this funky plant! Even though it’s often referred to as the “Swiss Cheese” plant.


Want to know where to find this delicioso Swiss cheese plant near you? Keep reading! 



Using Local Maps on Google to Find Monstera Deliciosas Near Me

Through Google maps, you can find plenty of the best nurseries around! Monstera Deliciosas may not be found just anywhere. This plant is one that you may have to go out and look for versus finding it at your local Target or Walmart. Most times, plants not sold at a nursery are not in the best shape when purchased. It is important to consider their growing conditions before they make it into your home! 


Follow these steps below to find the best place to purchase houseplants from! 

  • Open your browser, then Google.
  • Click the Google Apps icon that looks like a square made of dots.
  • Enter your address or current location in the top right “Search Google Maps” bar.
  • Then, click “Nearby” under the image of where you are located.
  • Type in the search bar (in this case, keywords like “Monstera Deliciosa,” “plant nurseries,” or “Swiss cheese plant” will do).
  • Lastly click enter or the magnifying glass icon next to the search bar and some results should follow.






This search should list some locations nearest you, and as you scroll, there will be ones farther from you. It’ll even show you hours of operation, including business ratings. Then select different filters when your results populate. Click on a location to access their website, Yelp reviews, and address. To yield better results, try a variety of different keywords. This way, it’ll narrow down your results, so you’re able to find your new leafy friend!



How To Find a Monstera Deliciosa Online

Millennial culture is buying plants instead of getting married or having children. Hey! We’re not judging; it’s just what we read on Buzzfeed. Besides the point, finding a Monstera Deliciosa online is easy nowadays. With so many young people looking to buy plants online, many sites offer plants on delivery. Luckily for us, these sites offer a wide variety of plants. You may want to narrow down your search as much as possible. 


 Online shopping lets anyone shop anywhere — even from the comfort of your home. That’s right! You can surround yourself with plants AND never have to interact with people! Although, we do recommend getting some fresh air now and then. Humans are basically like plants with feelings. 


Due to the high demand for plants, you will find tons of plant sites selling Monstera Deliciosa. This house plant is a beauty! It adds color to any home and is also an eclectic decor piece. The Monstera Deliciosa, known famously as the Swiss cheese plant, has heart-shaped leaves and signature holes. It is highly revered within the plant community, just like Swiss cheese is loved among cheese enthusiasts! 


Below are a few things to watch for when caring for your own Monstera Deliciosa! 



This beautiful indoor plant thrives in medium indirect light. Avoid any intense, direct sunlight, but it can become acclimated and withstand it. 



We reccomend you water this plant every 1 to 2 weeks. Doing so lets the soil to dry out in between waterings, which is good. You should expect to water more often in brighter light and less in lower light. It is best to underwater your Monstera than over water! Keep in mind that both of these can be detrimental in the long run! 



Monsteras require good well-draining soil. Remember how we mentioned that their watering schedule allows the soil to dry out a bit before having to water again? Overwatering is the silent killer for these plants! It can cause your plant to become waterlogged in turn, causing root rot. 


What Are the Benefits of Buying a Monstera Deliciosa Plant Online?

There are many benefits to purchasing a Monstera Deliciosa plant online! One of them being availability. 


As mentioned before, with the sudden surge in online plant sales or plant sales in general, there may or may not be a shortage of the plant you were looking for at your local nursery. For that reason, buying a plant online may benefit you! There are tons of online plant services to choose from. 


This brings us to our next point. Pricing! With the many places to choose from comes competitive pricing. Prices may vary depending on location and where they are shipping the plant. Some vendors may offer free shipping, while others may charge due to the extra care required to ship a live organism! No, we’re not talking about puppies here. 


What To Look For When Buying Monstera Deliciosas 

The internet is full of pretty, aesthetically pleasing pictures. What’s nicer than a picture of a nice, green, healthy plant? Sometimes, what you see is not what you get. We’ve all been there. We ordered that blouse that looked fantastic on the model! Only to receive it and have it fit two sizes too big on you. The look of dismay that you give the mirror is what we’re trying to avoid here. Some things to consider when purchasing plants in general:



The first thing to look for when considering one of these plants is the state of their leaves. If the leaves are curled or browning on any part of the plant, it is best to avoid purchasing that plant. Signs of a healthy Monstera are deep green, waxy leaves. As your plant ages, its older leaves eventually turn yellow and die off, so some discoloration is normal. 



An important component of any plant is the soil. After all, it is technically their home and where they sprouted their roots! You may eventually change your plant’s soil from the soil they arrived in, it is important to note what kind of environment they were living in before getting to you. The Monstera Deliciosa does best in a good quality potting soil with peat moss that drains easily. It thrives in nutrient-rich soil! 



Where to Find the Best Monstera Deliciosas 

Planted Pot offers hundreds of plants. The more, the merrier! We offer variety and quality too! We take care of your plant for you. Consider it plant sitting. It is well taken care — from it’s flowers to the stem — of from the minute it leaves our facility to when it arrives at your door. We ensure that the stem is safe with other indoor plants or alone. Think of the stem as the spine of your plant! You must protect it at all costs! 






Final Thoughts – Monstera Deliciosa Near Me

Monstera Deliciosas may not resemble Swiss cheese, so don’t try to take a bite out of it! They do have something in common! Their holes! While we don’t recommend using slices of Swiss cheese to decorate your apartment, we do recommend going online and possibly purchasing a Monstera Deliciosa of your own!


You never know; maybe you’ll find yourself in a Monstera Deliciosa support group online and get out of your apartment every once in a while! Don’t forget to water your plant! 

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