National Gardening Week: A Weeklong Party Honoring Plants & Gardeners

national gardening week

National Gardening Week: A Weeklong Party Honoring Plants & Gardeners

National Gardening Week is seven days entirely dedicated to plants, gardening, growing, and beautifying your community. Never heard of National Gardening Week? Don’t worry! We have everything you need to know about this relatively new holiday, including when it is, what to do, and what plants to add to your garden!



What is National Gardening Week?

National Gardening Week was founded by the National Garden Clubs eight years ago. The National Garden Clubs promotes the love of gardening and educates on environmental responsibility. They help create local garden clubs across the world.


Now run by the Royal Horticultural Society, National Gardening Week has a different theme each year. A recent theme was “grow your own,” which focused on growing fruit and vegetables. It wasn’t just about growing your own herbs and fruits but helping communities create their own vegetable gardens.


National Gardening Week has become all about the health and well-being that gardening brings. Many people use National Gardening Week as an excuse to start getting involved with gardening, whether it’s joining a local group or finding information online.



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When is National Gardening Week?

National Gardening Week is at a different time each year, depending on the growing season. In 2022, National Gardening Week is June 5-11.



National Gardening Week History

National Gardening Week was created by National Garden Clubs, Inc. This is a not-for-profit educational organization that is creating chapters throughout the world. There are currently 50 garden clubs in the US, totaling 165,000 members. There are 330 international organizations.


The National Garden Club was formed in 1891 in Georgia by the Ladies Garden Club. They established a headquarters in New York City in 1935. It’s now in St. Louis, adjacent to the Missouri Botanical Gardens.


Every year has a different theme, allowing communities all over the world to understand every aspect of gardening. Past themes include:


  • Help New Gardeners to Grow (2017)
  • Plant America (2018)
  • Edible Britain (2019)
  • Grow at Home (2020)
  • Feel-Good Power of Plants and Gardens (2021)


No matter the theme, National Gardening Week is often focused on community. It’s all about educating people on the importance of gardening, bringing gardening to communities all over the world, and encouraging gardeners to try new things and connect with each other.



How to Observe the National Gardening Holiday

National Gardening Week is seven days long, meaning there is a lot of time to explore the theme and try new gardening techniques and activities. You don’t even need your own garden to celebrate National Gardening Week. All you need is an outdoor space or a community that’s environmentally friendly.


Plant a New Plant

Have your own garden? Why not add a new plant! This could be a tree in your yard, a flower in your home, or a shrub in your garden. Try something new and exotic or tasty and fun!


Explore a local nursery to find a plant you’ve never grown before. You’ll be surprised at all of the plant types available for your home.


Tour a Botanical Garden

Grab some friends and family and take a stroll through a local botanical garden. You’ll learn a whole lot more about plants from all over the world, as well as the history behind some of gardening’s most important supporters.


Beautify Your Community

Work with your town to create a day (or week) dedicated to improving the looks of a local space. This might be the garden outside the library or the yard in front of the town hall. Gather a group to sign up and dedicate time to beautify the space with landscaping, gardens, and planting.


Create a Community Garden

Discuss this concept with the community board in your city: build a community garden for local families to grow their own vegetables and fruit. This will bring everyone together to support something important: health and accessibility.


Run a Workshop at a Nursery

Talk with a local nursery to put together a workshop. The workshop can match this year’s National Gardening Week or could be something you are personally passionate about. Think herb gardens, picking the right flowers or succulents.


Read Up on Plants

There are a lot of gardening books available to learn more about different techniques and styles. You can also find books about specific types of plants. This is a great way to improve your own garden or find unique plants for your home.


Learn a New Skill

Lawn mowing? Tree pruning? Shrub art? There are a lot of new skills that you haven’t even thought of yet! Sometimes creating the perfect landscape and garden is more than just planting things. Why not spend National Gardening Week perfecting some surprising new skills that can take your garden to the next level?



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Popular Plants To Celebrate the Holiday

Thinking of picking up some new plants during National Gardening Week? From hanging baskets to vegetable plots to window boxes, there is an abundance of plants to consider when expanding your gardening this week.


  • Anthurium: Coming in a variety of bright colors, the Anthurium features heart-shaped spathes that pop against waxy, dark leaves. This stunning plant is exotic and unique, instantly elevating any living space.
  • Ficus Fiddle Leaf Fig: Shiny green leaves and striking veins make this delicate yet bold plant an exciting addition to your collection. They can grow up to six feet or more, especially in warm environments.
  • Money Tree: Looking for luck? This large plant is perfect for the living room or bedroom, adding a splash of color and a dash of good fortune. With deep green leaves and a twisted trunk, this is a glorious plant that oozes traditional vibes.
  • Bird’s Nest Ferns: This plant has a distinct look that’s tropical and reminiscent of the rainforest. Put this plant in your bathroom or kitchen, which has the humidity it desires. This plant is becoming very popular, so why not add it to your own home?


Easy Plants to Grow

Some plants are easier to grow than others. If you’re busy, you can still celebrate National Gardening Week with these simple yet stunning plants:


  • Calathea Rattlesnake: With wavy dark green leaves that come in deep green and royal purple, this is a plant that brings a unique look to your home with little care. Just water this plant a few times a week!
  • Monstera Deliciosa: This exotic tropical houseplant has one-of-a-kind, hole-filled leaves. The Monstera Deliciosa is great for first-time plant owners despite its stunning appearance. It needs weekly watering and a humid environment to thrive.
  • Golden Pothos: The Pothos is a very resilient plant that can survive in any light condition. Just water it every week or so! Pothos need minimal care to show off their large green leaves with golden specks.
  • Snake Plant: This is known as one of the hardiest plants of all time. You won’t find an easier plant to care for. With long, thick green leaves that boldly stick upright, this is an eye-catching plant that immediately improves your decor.



Final Thoughts

National Gardening Week is for passionate plant lovers and new gardeners alike, from learning new growing techniques to adding new plants to your garden. But what it’s really about is community. This is a week for communities to come together and learn more about plants or create an entirely new space for everyone to enjoy.


National Gardening Week can be celebrated in various ways, whether it’s visiting a botanical garden, reading a gardening book, or going to a garden-related seminar. Get your town together and come up with fun new ways to spread the leafy love!

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