Pink House Plants: Get Your Living Spaces Pretty In Pink

pink house plants

Pink House Plants: Get Your Living Spaces Pretty In Pink

Whether you’re looking to soften your living room or add a touch of vibrancy to your office space, pink house plants are the way to go. Pink indoor plants are often a blend of delicate and extravagant, making them a one-of-a-kind centerpiece to place in a hanging basket around your home, no matter your aesthetic.


There’s a wide variety of pink house plants; you’re bound to find one that’s perfect for your style. From delicate, almost translucent, rich pink magenta hues in each leaf to bulbous succulents, there’s a wide variety of pink house plants that are waiting to make the perfect addition to your home. Here is everything you need to know about the mystery and beauty behind the pink house plant with dark purple edges and bright pink veins.



Why Are Some House Plants Pink?

There’s something special about a pink plant. Pink plants can evoke a lot of emotion and stand out in any decor. Is pink a natural color? How do they get their amazing color? So there’s a lot of science behind those pink petals! Pink coloration in plants comes from a group of plant pigments called “anthocyanins.” This is a pretty common plant pigment. It causes the blue in blueberries, the purple tones in autumn leaves, and the red in strawberries!


This type of bright pigment is common because it occurs when plants want to attract animals. Bright colors can draw animals in, allowing fruit seeds to be dispersed or helping pollen spread.


But okay, it’s not all-natural when it comes to houseplants. Many houseplants are purposely bred to be beautiful and bright because, well, we love looking at them! That means plant experts will purposely pick the pinkest specimens of a certain plant type to ensure the resulting plants are even pinker!



plant with purple pink leaves



Why Choose a Pink House Plant for Your Home?

The lovely appearance of pink plants alone is a great reason to add these special plants to your home. They are sure to be striking in any room, no matter where they are placed. Pink plants add a unique pop of color to any decor, softening harsher rooms or lightening up a darker interior.


Pink plants spark many emotions and feelings associated with love, peace, harmony, and affection. They can also evoke feelings of gentleness, happiness, and femininity. If you’re looking to feel calm and comforted, why not have some pink plants around? Want your guest to feel loved and welcomed? Add a pink plant to the guest bedroom!


Plants, in general, are lovely to house if you want to feel a spark of creativity and productivity. Place a pink plant on your desk to get some work done or start a passion project. Or put a pink plant on your side table in the living room to encourage you to finish housework or get through your yoga routine each morning.



Our Pink House Plants Common?

Pink is a pretty common color for houseplants! But the most common houseplant colors are green and brown. Still, that means there are many pink house plants to choose from, no matter what fragrance, style, shape, or care level you are looking for.



How Many Pink House Plants Are There?

There are easily over 100 popular pink houseplants you’ll come across quite often! According to Leafy Place, almost every flowering plant has a species producing pink flowers. So yeah, there’s a lot of pink plants — and way too many to count.



Popular Pink House Plants 

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the most popular pink houseplant collections around! 



There are multiple varieties of pink house plants under the Caladium, including the Pretty Pink, the Pink Splash, Thai Beauty, and the Florida Sweetheart. The Pretty Pink Caladium has large, delicate leaves that are sweet pink. The leaves are almost translucent, with dark pink variegation.


Pink Polka Dot Plant

This striking plant has splotches of pink, white, and red. This creates a very artistic flair that stands out just about anywhere. The Pink Polka Dot Plant stays compact, creating a striking shape.


Calico Kitten

This plant is one-of-a-kind thanks to its green heart-shaped leaves outlined in fuchsia and pink. For a succulent, the Calico Kitten is quite dainty. It blooms elegant white flowers in the Spring; the Calico Kitten is very hardy despite its fussy appearance.


Pink Jelly Bean

Here is another pink succulent that’s fun to have around. Soft, fleshy leaves create a spiral shape. Each leaf is pale green or pink. The more light this succulent gets, the pinker and more colorful it becomes!


Imperial Red Philodendron

This is a mind-blowingly striking plant that’s considered quite rare. But it’s often worth the hunt. The copper-colored leaves have pink variegation, making the large leaves instantly the focal point of any decor.


Pink Princess

Looking for more pink Philodendrons? This one has large, dark green leaves that are shiny and rich. Each leaf has a splotch of pink variegation. Some leaves are almost completely pink, while others have a streak. This creates a very artistic look that is only found in nature.


Earth Star

Looking for a unique plant that will instantly shock and awe guests? The Earth Star has foliage that creates a star shape, creating a futuristic vibe that’s tough to recreate. The leaves come in shades of pink, red, and white.


Pink Nerve Plant

This gorgeous plant has green leaves that are almost completely covered in a stunningly designed pink variegation. This makes the plants almost completely pale pink with dark green speckled in a scale-like pattern. Some compare it to a mosaic or stained-glass window.


Aglaonema Pink Anyamanee

This is a Chinese evergreen blend of dark and light green foliage, variegated with dark pink and chartreuse hues. There’s a reason this plant has won awards! The pink leaves are almost salmon-like in color, outlined in a very rustic green.


Beleaf Begonia

This pink house plant looks like delicate tissue paper found in a fancily wrapped gift. Each large pink leaf is a deep pink and is heart-shaped, and they have a wrinkled appearance unlike any other.


Pink Chaos Coleus

While “chaos” is in the name, this plant brings ultimate serenity thanks to its pink, mint green, and white leaves. The wavy leaves have a very unique and wild shape. The center is often dark green with pink on the outside with small white spots throughout.


Madagascar Dragon Tree

Thin, spiky green leaves shoot straight up, featuring beautiful pink margins. This plant may look very exotic, but it’s a great plant for beginners. It’s drought-resistant and can survive in low light. Place this pink beauty anywhere to add a special touch to any room.



beautiful pink leaves



Syngonium Pink Neon

This pale pink plant is very delicate in appearance. The heart-shaped foliage has pink-green variegation, looking almost like it’s made of paper. Keep them in brighter light to make them even more vibrant.


Pink Congo

Speaking of paper, this plant looks like it’s made of sheets of origami. The leaves are bright pink, white, and forest green. The pink is the result of a chemical, making the pink quite stunning. This artificial plant is especially subtle, elevating the look of any room.


Pink Mother of Millions

You’ll never come across another plant quite like this. This plant produces butterfly-like plantlets that line the outside of each leaf. The plantlets are a vivid shade of pink. This plant looks like it came straight from a coral reef, bringing the unique shapes and styles of the ocean to your living space.


Pink Charming

This delicate-looking plant looks like an intentionally charred piece of parchment due to its elegantly jagged edges. The leaves are a pale mint green spotted with a lovely pink.


Pink Moonstone

This cuddly-looking succulent features small, round leaves dusted in pink that look fleshy, juicy, and soft. This hardy plant is a great addition to any succulent garden needing a pop of delicate color.



Final Thoughts – Pink House Plants

Pink is a hard color to ignore, especially when it’s on the leaves of a plant. It’s colorful and vibrant yet gives off calming vibes that make them the perfect addition to your living space. Pink flowers symbolize peace, love, positivity, and affection. The emotions they make you feel instantly elevate any room. Add a pink house plant to your workspace to inspire creativity and comfort. Place a pink plant in your bedroom to boost the romance.


Pink house plants are a naturally occurring phenomenon that humanity can’t get enough of. From the delicate, paper-like leaves of the Pink Congo to the sea creature-like whimsy of the Pink Mother of Millions, there are hundreds of house plants that sport pink in their unique way.

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