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Gold Dust Croton


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The Croton Gold Dust is a magnificent plant with bright green foliage and splatters of gold spots accenting the leaves. Originating from southern Asia and the western Pacific Islands, this plant is simply stunning when in full bloom. The shimmering, gold-speckled leaves make you feel like you’ve uncovered buried treasure! The Croton Gold Dust requires lots of bright and indirect sunlight, daily watering to ensure its soil is damp, and a generous amount of humidity. Keep in mind that the Gold Dust’s leaves are toxic to both humans and dogs, so it is best to keep them in a spot where your four-legged friend can’t reach them.

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Gold Dust Croton

The Gold Dust Croton is a magnificent plant known for its bright, beautiful foliage and green leaves covered with dusted gold. Ok, it might not be actual gold, but its stunning off-white patches are still sure to impress. The Gold Dust Croton is truly a unique specimen and treasured addition to any garden. 

This bold, subtropical shrub makes a statement whether placed outside in the garden or as a lovely indoor plant. These plants tend to be a bit high-maintenance, but their beauty is unmatched. Let’s explore a bit more about the Gold Dust Croton, how to take care of this plant, why you should choose a Croton Gold Dust for your home, and plants that are similar.


What is a Gold Dust Croton Plant?

The Gold Dust Croton plant (Codiaeum Variegatum) is an exquisite tropical plant famous for its bright-green leaves dotted with golden-cottered spatterings. This exotic plant is native to southern Asia and the western Pacific Islands, which both have intense humidity levels. 

Because of its native environment, the Gold Dust Croton needs plenty of bright light and regular misting to thrive. But once you are able to meet this plant’s specific needs, you will reap in all the stunning glory that is the Gold Dust Croton.

croton gold dust



The Croton Gold Dust varies in size depending on the environment it is in. But generally speaking, this is a medium-sized plant. In its natural tropical habitat, the Gold Dust can grow up to 10′ feet tall. The plant will grow at a much slower rate in a cultivated environment and will likely reach about 3 feet. And if grown inside a greenhouse, the Croton plant can range somewhere between 4 and 10 feet tall.


This Croton plant does best in bright lighting and needs approximately 4 to 6 hours of direct light per day. This light helps produce bright-colored leaves and golden speckles. Without the appropriate amount of light, the Croton may begin to grow tall and lanky, and the leaves will change into a dark hue of green.


During its growing season, you should water your Croton regularly to ensure the soil is kept moist. However, make sure not to overwater because this plant does not do well with standing water. A way to avoid standing water is to plant your Croton in a container with drainage holes. If you begin to notice any wilting, it means that your Croton has too much water.


This plant does best in temperatures between 60° to 70° degrees Fahrenheit, but it can thrive in even warmer temperatures due to its tropical origins. When the temperature dips below 50° Fahrenheit, this is when you should move your Croton indoor to stay warm. When inside, it is best to keep this plant away from drafts and cold areas in the house. Additionally, this plant enjoys a high amount of humidity.


Using a general houseplant fertilizer should suffice for this plant, but an acidic formula fertilizer for azaleas may also be a good choice. Feed them once in the early spring, once in early summer, and one more time in the middle of summer. This plant does not need to be fed during the fall or winter months.


Why Choose a Gold Dust Croton Plant for Your Home?

As with any houseplant you choose, not only will you be adding to the ambiance of your home with natural greenery and life, but there are a handful of benefits that come along with it. Especially with the Croton Gold Dust plant, you can enjoy the benefits of breathing cleaner air, feeling less stressed, and increasing productivity.


Cleaner Air

While the body breathes oxygen into the lungs and releases carbon dioxide, plants do somewhat of the opposite. Studies have shown that having indoor plants can improve the quality of air inside your home by intaking the toxins in the air and redistributing it as clean air. Indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and release it as oxygen for us to breathe, making houseplants and people a great combination.

Stress Relieving

Along with cleaner air, indoor plants can also provide stress-relieving properties to help ease your overwhelming thoughts. A study done by the Journal of Physiological Anthropology found that a group of participants working on a computer task with an indoor plant present showed signs of lower stress levels as well as a decrease in heart rate and blood pressure.

Increases Focus

Having indoor plants around can also help increase your focus. Not only do plants help with reducing your stress levels, but they can also be a great way for you to concentrate on work, improve your memory, and stay productive.


Are Gold Dust Croton Plants Good Indoors & Outdoors?

With the proper care and attention, Gold Dust Croton plants can be great indoors and outdoors.

Coming from the tropical areas of southern Asia and the western Pacific Islands, Croton plants thrive in warm and humid weather. So if you live in an area similar to the tropical weather, a Croton Gold Dust would be perfect for your outside garden. This plant can blend in with the other lush and exotic plants in your garden, or it can be the star of the show with its glittery, golden-tinted leaves.

The Gold Dust can also be a wonderful houseplant because of its beneficial properties and dashing good looks. This plant matches perfectly with any decor, giving a splash of elegance in whatever room you place it in. As long as you can keep your Croton happy with enough humidity and direct light, indoor living should be a breeze.


Are Gold Dust Croton Plants Pet and Children Friendly?

When picking out any plant, it is always best to know if they are pet and child-friendly because some plants can be toxic if ingested. As for the Croton, this plant is moderately toxic to both pets and humans. 

If any part of this plant is ingested, it can cause mouth and stomach irritation and possible vomiting. The sap of this Croton may irritate the skin and cause eczema. If you’ve got pets or kids, be sure to either place your Gold Dust out of reach or choose a non-toxic plant.

gold dust


Gold Dust Croton Plant Family Relatives

Croton plants come from the Euphorbiaceae family. The Euphorbiaceae family of plants is also known as the spurge family and is one of the largest plant families. The euphorbias that originate from the tropics are usually trees or shrubs, like the Gold Dust Croton. But there are other euphorbias that resemble succulents and cacti.

The Codiaeum Variegatum linage of plants is known for their thick, leathery leaves, various colors of green, purple, and yellow, and their assorted leaf shapes.


Plants That Are Similar to the Gold Dust Croton Plant

Love the Gold Dust Croton and want to see more like it? You’re in luck! Here is a list of plants that may strike your interest. These plants are similar in aesthetic, maintenance requirements, and size.

  • Codiaeum Variegatum “Mother and Daughter”
  • Mammy Croton
  • Petra Croton
  • Eleanor Roosevelt Croton
  • Magnificent Croton
  • Red Iceton
  • Zanzibar Croton


Final Thoughts – Gold Dust Croton

The Croton Gold Dust plant is a fascinating specimen that can bring tropical fun directly into your home. With its golden sprinkled leaves and spectacular foliage, this Croton is an absolute treasure to have. 

Check out our shop for all your plant needs, and you’ll see some of the amazing plants we have available. Everything from succulents, ferns, palms, and much more, we have exactly what you are looking for!


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