Syngonium White Butterfly


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Details :

The Syngonium White Butterfly, also known as the Arrowhead Plant, is named after its peculiar leaves shaped like butterfly wings (or arrowheads, depending on who you ask). It has beautiful, ruffled green and white leaves that become whiter and more breathtaking as it grows. The vine-like White Butterfly can also be a climbing or trailing plant, making it a very versatile decor. Place it next to a pole and the plant will begin climbing, or place it on a shelf’s edge and watch the leaves drape over the sides of the pot.

Care :

Medium indirect light

Water before soil starts to dry

65° – 75°F

Also Known As :
Syngonium podophyllum
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Syngonium White Butterfly

Looking for a stunning and elegant plant that’s easy to care for? The White Butterfly Plant has arrow-shaped leaves that are light green and white, making it the perfect centerpiece to most rooms, no matter the decor.


Taking care of this beauty is quite simple. The most important thing to keep in mind is the lighting and water requirements. You’ll see below that this plant is quite versatile and easy-going. Find out if this is the right plant for your indoor garden!


What is a White Butterfly?

The White Butterfly (also known as the “White Butterfly Syngonium”) has beautiful, arrow-shaped foliage that’s a striking and dainty white. They get their name from the leaves resembling wings. These special leaves give the plant its nickname as well, the Arrowhead Plant. As the plant matures, the foliage becomes whiter and even more stunning.


Scientifically known as the Syngonium podophyllum, this is a semi-tropical perennial plant native to the climates in Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Mexico. They are fast-growing and easy to maintain, known for their versatility. This has made them popular indoor houseplants all over the world.


white butterfly


Plant Care Specifics

Every plant is unique, which is what makes them so incredible. These are some of the basic features and care requirements for the White Butterfly.


Plant Size

When properly taken care of and allowed to grow, the White Butterfly Plant usually reaches three to six feet. It has a spread of one to two feet. The length and direction of growth will depend on the plant’s support and how you choose to pot it. For example, this plant may grow compact and tangled when in a hanging basket due to a lack of gravity.


As the plant grows, you’ll realize that it changes in appearance. New leaves are heart-shaped but become the butterfly arrowhead shape as they age. The leaves will reach five to 14 inches long. Most of these leaves will be greenish-white, white, or silvery-white.


Water Requirements

The Syngonium White Butterfly grows best in moist soil. You don’t want the soil to dry up between waterings. You also don’t want them to become too wet, which will lead to root rot. During winter, the period between waterings will increase. That’s because the plant grows slower during this season. It also dries slower because of the colder weather.


As you get to know the White Butterfly Syngonium more, you’ll know exactly how much water will help them thrive. This isn’t a super finicky plant, but you want to make sure the soil is moist whenever possible (not soggy or dry).


Light Requirements

The White Butterfly likes medium light. It’s a bit sensitive to the light and doesn’t like areas that are too bright. Bright, direct light can dry out and damage the plant. You’ll notice the leaves falling off or curling and turning brown. Instead, try a north-facing window.


Temperature Requirements

Remember that this plant is from tropical, warm environments. They prefer temperatures between 61 to 70 degrees. The room where you’re keeping your White Butterfly Plant should never fall below 55 degrees.


The White Butterfly Syngonium also loves humidity. Dry air will cause its beautiful, delicate leaves to turn brown and crispy. So try to keep humidity levels above 60 percent. You can do this by misting the plant or putting a humidifier in the same room as your plant. Another popular method is putting the pot on a pebble tray. You’ll need to fill a tray with pebbles and add water. The pebbles will keep the pot from sitting right in the water.


Why Choose a White Butterfly Plant for Your Home?

The White Butterfly Arrowhead is a great addition to any home. One glance at the plant will let you know why. It has pale and striking leaves, usually white or very light green, with stripes throughout. This plant will immediately improve the decor of any room, adding a sense of elegance and vibrancy.


The Arrowhead Plant is also a mood booster. Studies have shown that having a beautiful plant around can positively impact your emotions. Adding a touch of nature to your home can significantly improve your creativity, positivity, and determination. That’s why a lot of people keep plants at their desks or by their beds.


Arrowhead Plants can also improve your physical health by purifying the air. NASA recently conducted an experiment that proved a plant’s leaves can improve air quality in your home or workspace. While some have a larger effect than others, all plants have this capability!


And what makes it even better is the Arrowhead Plant doesn’t ask for much in return! This is a low-maintenance plant that isn’t too hard to care for. You’ll notice that a simple watering routine and a good humidity level will keep the plant happy and thriving. In return, you get a beautiful plant that adds a pop to your room and makes you feel happy and healthy!


arrow syngonium

Are White Butterfly Plants Good Indoors & Outdoors?

White Butterfly Syngonium can thrive outdoors if you live in warm weather. Sometimes, outdoor White Butterfly Plants can even bloom flowers. The flowers are a greenish-white color that can sometimes look like the bloom of a Peace Lily Plant.


These plants thrive in USDA Hardiness Zones 6-11. In other words, these zones have the ideal weather for growing the White Butterfly. Let’s take a look at each zone, so you can know whether the White Butterfly is right for you.


USDA Hardiness Zone 6 covers a large portion of the United States. These areas have a mild climate, the average winter being -10 to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. The summers are mild-to-hot. This means there are a lot of growing options in Zone 6.


Planting Zone 7 includes 15 states, making it another large section of the United States. This zone has cool winters that never fall below 0 degrees. Most plants sold at nurseries and greenhouses will thrive in these states.


Zone 8 is the warmest plant hardiness zone for a large portion of the United States’ southern region. The average minimum winter temperatures are between 10 and 20 degrees. There are long planting seasons thanks to the mild winters and hot summers.


Zone 9 is a year-round planting zone. It includes parts of California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. The average temperature in the winter is 20 to 30 degrees. Zone 10 is southern California, southern Florida, and Hawaii. The winter temperatures are usually around 30 to 40 degrees. There are no freezing temperatures, but the summer sometimes has extreme heat. This can limit some planting options.


Planting Zone 11 is found in Hawaii, the Florida Keys, and Puerto Rico. There are also a few small areas in the continental United States. The winters are mellow, falling between 40 and 50 degrees. Cold hardiness is not a factor since there are zero frost days. But the impact of the heat can make some plants struggle.


Are White Butterfly Plants Pet and Children Friendly?

The White Butterfly Arrowhead Plant is toxic to cats. While it’s not considered a deadly plant, you’ll want to keep it away from your pets. Chewing on the leaves can make your pets have stomach aches, leading to vomiting and diarrhea.


Keep the White Butterfly in an area that’s off-limits to your pets and children. This could be a high-up shelf they can’t reach or a room that always has a closed door unless you’re in there. If your pet consumes the White Butterfly Plant, reach out to your vet immediately.


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White Butterfly Plant Family Relatives

The White Butterfly Syngonium is part of the Araceae plant family. There are over 8,000 plant species and 115 genera in this family.


  • Calla Lilies: Easy to grow and classy, these perennials have beautiful flowers that come in an abundance of colors. White, yellow, orange, pink, rose, lavender, and maroon are the most popular. The foliage is sword-like with white freckles.


  • Dumb Cane: This is a tropical flowering plant native to Mexico, the West Indies, and Argentina. They are often kept inside the home or used as ornamental plants.


  • Cuckoopint: Also known as Lords and Ladies, this plant is native to southern Europe and northern Africa. These plants contain bitter and sometimes toxic berries.


Plant Types That Are Similar to the White Butterfly Plant

White Butterfly Arrowheads are uniquely elegant. But there are other plants with similar appearances if you want to get some matching plants for your home. Sometimes you can’t get enough!


  • Hosta Patriot Plant: This Hosta has dark green leaves with wavy white lines, creating an exciting and striking contrast. It’s a large perennial that can reach 20 inches tall (and sometimes twice as wide).


  • Peace Lily: This beautiful indoor plant is easy to care for. It brightens up your living space with dark green leaves and white leaf bracts that look like flowers.


  • Fittonia: This beautiful flowering plant features dark green leaves with extensive, thin white lines. They are native to tropical rainforests in South America, mainly Peru. They are evergreen perennials that don’t grow too large.


Final Thoughts – White Butterfly Plant

The White Butterfly Plant may look exotic and elegant, but it’s a very hardy and versatile plant that’s easy to care for. As long as it has the water and light it needs, the White Butterfly Plant will thrive.


This plant can grow indoors or outdoors, depending on where you live, making it a great addition to any garden. If you’re hoping to brighten up your decor, the White Butterfly Plant is for you!


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