White Anthurium


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Details :

Did you ever want to customize plants the way you can choose different colored shoes? The Anthurium lets you do just that! Choose between pink, white, red, and purple accent colors based on your style, mood, or home’s color scheme. The Anthurium White is like a breath of fresh air, which fits because it purifies the air as it just stands around! The white “flowers” aren’t actually flowers, but waxy leaves called spathes. They sit above the vibrant green leaves as if they were clouds over a lush forest. Instantly add some class to any space with the elegant Anthurium White!

Care :

Bright indirect light

Every 1-2 weeks (when the soil is dry to the touch)

65°- 85° F

Also Known As :
Anthurium andraeanum, Painted anthurium, flamingo flower, tailflower, painter’s palette, laceleaf.
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White Anthurium

People view their homes as their sanctuary away from the real world. It is a place where people feel like kings and queens of their kingdoms. A nice way to add a royal touch to your household is by decorating it with the enriching White Anthurium plant.


This amazing plant comes in different colors, with white being one of the most popular. This plant symbolizes welcomeness and hostility, while the color white represents clarity and positivity. This amazing plant is perfect as a gift for someone or yourself! Keep them close in your own home or workspace.


Before you order a dozen of these amazing plants, read on further to learn more about what it is, anthurium care tips, and more! Whether you are a first-time plant parent or experienced gardener, you will feel more than capable of owning and caring for a White Anthurium plant with this guide!


close up white anthurium in palms


What is a White Anthurium?

These plants are variegation of the Anthurium Andraeanum plant, available in a few other colors such as red, pink, and purple. It is a tropical flowering plant native to Colombia and Ecuador and has glossy dark green foliage. The leaves on this plant are heart-shaped and have creamy white spathes that are mistakingly identified as flowers.


The White Anthurium Andraeanum plant is part of the Anthurium genus, which contains over a thousand plants, and is the largest member of the Araceae family. The recognizable white spathe of this plant encloses a rising stem that holds the actual cluster of flowers. This entire fleshy stem of flowers is called a spadix and is known to stay in bloom all year.


When shopping for White Anthurium plants, it is common to see them referred to as Painter’s Palette, Flamingo Lily, Flamingo Flower, Lace Leaf, or Tailflower. This plant’s botanical name comes from the Greek words “anthos” (meaning flower) and “oura” (meaning tail, which refers to the spadix).


White Anthuriums are highly regarded for being low-maintenance houseplants. Here are some helpful tips to keep your plant healthy and blooming throughout the year.


  • Watering: Water your White Anthurium at least once a week or allow the soil to dry before you add fresh water. One of the most common problems first-time plant owners face is giving their plants too much water. This can lead to root rot but can be avoided by tracking a watering schedule and keeping your White Anthurium in a pot with drainage holes.
  • Light Requirements: Place your White Anthurium in a location that receives plenty of bright indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight for prolonged periods, or your plant may start to develop wilted leaves. The White Anthurium can also be kept in low-light conditions but may experience slower growth than indirect light.
  • Temperature: White Anthuriums thrive best when kept in temperatures between 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature coincides with the average room temperatures of most homes. The White Anthurium plant enjoys humidity levels above 50 percent, which can be mimicked by misting the leaves.
  • Plant Size: When fully matured, the White Anthurium can grow up to 12 to 18 inches tall and ten to twelve inches wide. The waxy dark green leaves can grow up to eight inches tall. The beautiful white spathes are a few inches smaller than the leaves, and the stem of blooming flowers is a little over 3 inches tall.


Why Choose a White Anthurium for Your Home?

White Anthurium plants are perfect for any occasion. Make them the centerpiece of guest tables at a wedding party, or make your employees feel at ease by keeping them in conference rooms. These are just a few examples of the versatility of White Anthuriums; why wouldn’t you want more than one in your home?


These indoor plants will not just be gorgeous botanical ornaments, and they can provide you and your family with a whole list of benefits. Here are some of the few positive effects these plants can have in your home.


  • Purifies the Air: Did you know that the Anthurium plant, or Flamingo flower, was used by NASA in a study on how indoor plants purify the surrounding air. There are more airborne pollutants indoors than outside. White Anthurium plants are effective in improving the air quality of your home.
  • Boosts Calmness: People tend to relax when they are surrounded by nature. Since not everyone can stop what they’re doing and take off to a forest, having a couple of these plants helps bring nature to your home.
  • Increases Clarity: White Anthuriums may help improve focus. The color represents clarity, and research has shown that plants are effective in increasing concentration. If you work from home or have children doing homework, keeping a couple of these plants may help maintain attentiveness.


Are White Anthurium Plants Good Indoors & Outdoors?

With the right resources, you can keep White Anthurium plants outside and inside. It is much easier to care for inside your home than outside in your garden.


Keeping and maintaining this plant outdoors might require a higher skill of gardening but can be achievable. It is best to keep this plant in a pot with drainage holes and somewhere shaded where it can still receive indirect bright light. Direct exposure to sunlight will eventually cause your plant to die.


One thing to keep in mind whether you keep this plant indoors or outside is to repot it at least once every two years. The White Anthurium will benefit from fresh soil and fertilizer. You can also keep it in a decorative pot to add a little more style to your home.


Are White Anthurium Plants Pet and Children Friendly?

These beautiful plants can be mildly toxic to both pets and people. Any part of the plant is toxic if ingested. It is best to keep it placed somewhere small children, or pets cannot reach it.


If accidentally ingested, your child or pet may experience unwanted side effects such as upset stomach or nausea. Contact your local hospital or call the Animal Poison Control Center for further assistance.


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White Anthurium Plant Family Relatives

This incredible plant species has over one thousand plant family relatives. We can’t name them all, but they are worth checking out if you have a passion for knowledge and plants. Here are a few to consider if you want to start a plant collection within your home.


  • Flamingo Flower (Anthurium Andraeanum): If you enjoy the White Anthurium, why not collect all of its colored variations. The Flamingo Flower blooms purple, red, pink, and other dazzling flower colors. A bouquet of these plants with heart-shaped leaves makes it a great Valentine’s day gift!
  • Peace Lillies (Spathiphyllum): They might look like the White Anthurium, but this plant is another species within the same genus as the Anthuriums. This tropical plant will also look gorgeous in your home.
  • Pig’s Tail Plant (Anthurium scherzerianum): This plant also has dark green leaves with a waxy texture like the Anthurium white plant. One feature that makes the Pig’s Tail plant stand out is the curly colorful spadix containing flowers.


bouquet of anthurium


Plant Types That Are Similar to the White Anthurium Plant

The White Anthurium plant is not the only houseplant you can keep that has white leaves. There are plenty of indoor plants that have dashes of white color on their leaves. Check out the following plants that will pair up nicely with your White Anthurium.


  • Pin Stripe Calathea
  • Spider Plant Vittatum
  • Polka Dot Plants
  • Pearl and Jade Pothos


Final Thoughts – White Anthurium

As houseplants are rising in popularity among many homeowners, finding a house without some plant ornament is hard. White Anthuriums will improve your home’s appearance without a doubt.


With the help of this guide, you should be more than prepared to care for more than one White Anthurium. Check out Planted Pot for other nice houseplants!


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